USN Explains Benefit of Fitness Programme to Nigerians


CAP-L-R Executive Director Mikado Nigeria Limited, Mr. Rasheed Mohammed, Ultimate Sports Nutrition Ambassador, Kafaya Ameh, Managing Director Mikado Nigeria Limited Mr. Mike Ojema and Trade and Marketing Manager USN Nigeria Limited, Mr. Adewale Osiyemi during the keep fit event last Saturday at the National Stadium in Lagos.

The Executive Director of Mikado Nigeria Limited, the sole marketers and distributors of USN fitness products, Rasheed Mohammed, has stated that the USN Fitness for life programme held at the National Stadium, Lagos at the weekend was beneficial to all who participated in the event in Lagos and across Nigeria where such programme had been held.

He said: “The brand has been in Nigeria in the last 16 months and we actually had done fitness workouts in individual gymnasiums across Nigeria. The whole essence of this is about fitness, fitness for life as they say and we try to add our own quota in the fitness of Nigerians across board.

“Basically what we try to do here is to reiterate and reinvigorate the essence of staying healthy. It is not about eating what you want, it is about eating right. Our brands are based on supporting the micro-organism of the body and to ensure that the consumer get the best out of it. They are natural products made from natural resources, there is nothing like artificial stuff in it.

“This is our second coming to the stadium, we were here sometime last year and we were in Abuja the whole of last week to try and sensitise and get Nigerians to start to start to think about their health. The bottom-line here is about your life style. You have to be very disciplined for you to indulge in this kind of product, because it is not our daily food stuffs we can eat, so one has to be very fit.”

On the supplements for athletes, he said: “USN has the endurance range which is on sale. We believe that the athletes in Nigeria, especially the core athletes like the sprinters, boxers, wrestlers, weightlifters and the likes have the opportunity to use our products as it has been proven over time that it supports the well-being the totality of the body. It does not enhance performance, but supports your natural talents and just keep you on the platform.”

Mohammed, said the USN chose the National Stadium, Lagos for the fitness programme, because the complex was believed to have a wide range community where various consumers could be reached and have a better understanding of what the products are.

He assured that “USN products did not contain steroids and this has been proven over and over again. It is a major range of products used by the Springbok in South Africa (the South African rugby national team).

USN is a South African product that is recognised internationally. They are natural products and three quarter of our products are engineered to support the physical exercise that you have to do. You don’t take it and expect to perform better than others in sports, you have to follow it up with disciplined exercise and lifestyle.”