We should live a life of service and sacrifice

As millions of Christians around the world today mark Easter Sunday, it is a period that calls both for celebration and reflection. For adherents of the faith in our country, it is a day that offers hope that if we imbibe the spirit and essence of the season, no matter how difficult things may seem today, our nation will ultimately overcome the challenges of the moment to fulfill its manifest destiny.

Easter is particularly a feast of Christendom which teaches several lessons: From the greed of a disciple (and his eternal damnation) to the conviction of the innocent and ultimately the redemption of mankind through sacrifice, death and resurrection. That, in a nutshell, is the story of Easter for which Christians are enjoined to look onto Jesus as the author and finisher of their faith and solution to all their woes.

At such a time as this, the message for Christians in Nigeria is that they must reciprocate the sacrifice of their Lord and Saviour by caring for their neighbours while dedicating their energies to the promotion of the common good. It is a season that provides opportunity to identify common values from which to build a new national order where justice, service, peace, respect for human dignity and mutual understanding will reign in our country.

Therefore, in the spirit of the season, we call for a new moral renaissance in Nigeria. Those who hold public offices should learn from Easter a lesson of selfless service to the people. And the same should extend to the people in the private sector. To the extent that Christ came to serve rather than to be served, those who profess his name must begin to live by those ideals. They must imbibe the spirit of the one who lived among the people yet without sin, while sharing their anxieties, hopes and aspirations.

It is particularly noteworthy that this year, Easter comes at a most difficult period not only for our country but indeed, our world. Just on Tuesday this week, there were explosions and death in Belgium, the kind that millions of our compatriots in the North-east have had to live with for years. Yet it all reminds us of the danger posed to humanity by those who have taken it upon themselves to kill and maim in the name of God. But beyond terrorism, there are other challenges that we must come to terms with, especially in our country while the message of Easter remains a simple one: Ultimately, good overcomes evil and perfect love casts out fear.

Christ, after whom Christians ought to model themselves, brought divine wisdom to men and lived a life of unselfish love for mankind. He personified humility, service and other virtues that are in short supply in the world we live in today. This is therefore a period for genuine Christians to ask themselves whether they can be truly numbered among followers of Christ, based on the true desires of their hearts and the motives behind most of their actions.

Whereas it is true that Christ came because of men, and also died because of their sins, the Christian condition for salvation rests on the understanding that Jesus endured the cross to pay the price for their redemption. Easter therefore gives the Christian believer a unique opportunity to re-examine himself/herself.

As we therefore reflect on the true significance of Easter, it is important that all Nigerians, regardless of the faith they profess, resolve to become better citizens and better human beings. We wish all our Christian readers Happy Easter.

Quote: In the spirit of the season, we call for a moral renaissance in Nigeria. Those who hold public offices should learn from Easter a lesson of selfless service to the people