Yinka Olatunbosun

Finally, Feron nailed his VIP guests to their seats on Valentine’s eve with his best intimate apparel as a major spectacle at the COVA Lounge, a rooftop bar at Mega Plaza, Victoria Island.

It was a show that was expected to be exciting in terms of content with the promise of variety shows such as kissing competition, love ballads and steaming performances from various artistes. The stylish rapper, Elajoe was in the building with his artist, Nyelo who thrilled the audience with his single ‘My skele’.

Tagged, ‘The Art of Seduction’, the show features 50 lingerie designs by Feron, with the intent of keeping love aglow and passion aflame between couples and lovers. The show, being the second since its inception three years ago, is initiated as an annual event that targets women who yearn to keep the embers of their relationship burning. Rated 18, the lingerie fashion show was a motion catalogue of eclectic pieces that score high marks from the audience in fabric and styles.

Feron sought his fabric from lace and silk, unleashing desires in men who only had that luxury to “peek-a-boo”. He passed the originality test with his designs as he did not repeat any design in all 50 pieces. His designs show that he knows his way around the curves of a woman’s body. He incorporated the corset and bra trends in his art.

His collections include sensuous see-throughs, beautifully embroidered sets, floral print bra set, bold colours, bikini panties that exude playfulness, body suits that emphasise curves, mesh and lace that highlight body contours with a delicate touch. His show seems to be in sync with the Paris Fashion Week’s Fall 2015 trend of “lace is more”. And as it is often said, nothing is sexier than a hint of what’s underneath.

Feron has come a long way in being the first indigenous Nigerian designer to stage a lingerie show. Though he has no competition yet, as most designers still see lingerie as some mystery, one couldn’t help but notice his Achilles’ heel in this show.

Some of his models came on the runway with visible stretch marks and spots on their buttocks. A few of them didn’t fit well in their pieces while some had panty liners that were sharing the spotlight with them. The models’ weave-on, when weighed against the brand they represented, is way too cheap to be on the runway especially at an exclusive Lagos bar.
Also, the mode of presentation by the hostess, Pat Obilor left very little to be desired. Many of us have watched Victoria Secret, Paris Fashion Week and even the Lagos Fashion and Design Week, there is no part of the runway scenario where the compere keeps talking unrestrained as models strut down the runway.

The music does the talking. Traditionally, the designer comes on stage with all his models at the end of the show and takes a bow. He usually needs no introduction because his pieces had done the introduction. Perhaps, Pat Obilor needs to do more research about anchoring fashion shows.

Another bit that was out of place would be Oliver Duke’s jokes about disabled persons in Warri. There are some subject matters that are simply off-limits where jokes are concerned. Rape, disability and gender sensitive jokes have become controversial and mostly unacceptable. Stand-up comedians in Nigeria need to step up their game, get creative or simply be excluded from glamorous events.

They make the guests in the front seat to put up camera smiles with their poor, tasteless and classless jokes as they claim that if someone doesn’t laugh at their jokes, it is because that one is overwhelmed by life’s problems. Stand-up comedians should learn the art of witty speech from television hosts such as America’s Ellen DeGeneres and Nigeria’s Teju Babyface.
Back to the models backstage, before the runway show, they got prepped for the show with make-over by Belleza Classica. A model, Damilola Babarinde, who is represented by Xa Modeling Agency, was the first to share her experience.

“We started training this morning. We have been working all day with our heels and we were a little tired but that is the nature of our job. I am feeling very great because I love being on the runway,” she revealed.

Amy Odigia thought it was a wonderful experience though she had been modelling off-the-runway for two years. “This is going to be my first time on the runway. It is a challenging part of modeling. We were taught to give this fierce look. But in this one, we were taught to smile to blend with what we will wear,” she revealed.

For the gap-toothed Yvonne Anslem, who almost got kicked out of the audition for failing to wear the specified outfit, it was a dream come true.
“I am very excited. I have been a model in lingerie and it is crazy. I don’t feel shy anymore. I feel like doing it more than ten times in a row. And I look up to models like Oluchi and Victoria Secret’s angels,” she said, smiling.