Anita Oyakhilome is a woman to love. As you read, the estranged wife of Christ Embassy founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has overcome the grief of her broken marriage to rejuvenate, heal and give scent, like a fresh petal of flower, breaking out in full bloom.
Anita, like multi-coloured petals broke out of her misery, sporting revitalised aspects and prettiness to attend an event in London recently. Anita elicited catcalls and admiration from both married and unmarried men as they continually drooled over her at the event. Not too long ago, the traditional and new media portals ran amok with news of the celebrity couple and pastors marital crisis.

Anita filed for divorce at Central Family Court, High Holborn, London, UK, citing her husband’s “unreasonable behaviour” and inappropriate relationships with members of staff, an intonation of “adultery.” Anita has finally moved on after their messy divorce. The beautiful mother of two stepped out in an adorable dress looking every inch sensational for the event. Now that she’s single again, Pastor or Ms. Anita if you like, will never be short of male attention.

P-square Make-up…When will the Singing Sensation Grow up?
If they were livestock, the singing sensation, Peter and Paul Okoye, aka P-Square, would probably be peacocks. The singing sensations, like the improbable creature and flightless bird, are so stuck on fame and their success in the music industry that they have begun to over-estimate their own worth. Pundits dismiss their persistent bickering and threats to break up as a pathetic plot in their desperate quest to remain in the news at all cost.
It is becoming irritating to music buffs to see and read news about the duo’s ploys to break up. If the brothers do not retrace their steps very soon, it may eventually cost them the love and respect of their teeming fans. There is no gainsaying the fact that they are good at what they do. Since their marriages to their respective lovers, things have allegedly turned awry between the twin brothers.

Issues relating to money, property and management are reportedly at the root of their disagreement. Due to their beef with each other, Peter and Paul, who live just a building apart, rarely set eyes on one another, according to the ruse being spread by their publicity stunt managers. They’re no longer the inseparable duo everyone loves to love. They haven’t performed together since December 28, 2015.

This is not the first time this will be happening. Some years ago, the news of their separation spread like Harmattan fire and it broke the hearts of many fans across the continent. But the intervention of well-meaning Nigerians and influential persons in the entertainment industry caused them to bury their hatchets. Recently, the social media was awash with the news of their separation again.

But it seems the two brothers have embraced peace again, judging by their recent tweets. This may be good news to them, but the fans are getting bored with P-Square always running round the vicious circle of breaking up and making up again.

On Ladun Sijuwade’s Low-key 60th Anniversary
In the midst of her fountain of bliss, there arose something bitter, which stung her and moved her to tears. As Olori Ladun Sijuwade clocked 60, memories of her late husband, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, Olubuse II, the Ooni of Ife (1980 – 2015), dampened her joy.
But she would not yield to sorrow; rather the revered matriarch and socialite chose to honour her late husband by celebrating her milestone moderately. On Thursday, March 17, Olori Ladun scorned elaborate fanfare and opted for a low key celebration, as a mark of respect for her beloved husband who joined his ancestors last July, at the age of 85. Ladun was not so happy because her husband had planned to celebrate her 60th anniversary in a very grand manner.

But for her two children – Aderenle Fayose and Aderemi Sijuwade, who executed a well-planned “birthday coup” by hosting a modest dinner in her honour, Olori Ladun would have allowed the day to just pass by.

The duo of Adenrele and Aderemi, allegedly suspected that their mother would be opposed to a lavish celebration, so, they planned a surprise dinner in her honour. The birthday dinner, a black tie affair, was held at Angelika’s, the upscale restaurant on Akin Adesola, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The restaurant was the perfect backdrop for the intimate dinner with its glass chandeliers and pristine white walls. Besides being the most prominent wife of the late Oba Sijuwade, Olori Ladun remains the most glamorous and formidable queen of all time.

She flaunts an enviable pedigree as the only daughter of the late billionaire, lawyer, politician and businessman, Chief Adedamola Harold-Sodipo, and late society icon, Chief (Mrs.) Flora Olamide Harold-Sodipo (née Adefope).

Love Like a Fairy Tale…Bosun and Yinka Oredola ‘Killed’ it…
Love is never limited, and it is never complete; it is an immense sensibility, a kind of huge spider-web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of consciousness, and catching every air-borne particle in its tissue. It catches on with both the old and young, male and female.

It confounds the wise and it teaches even fools; thus when a sensible man like Bosun gets caught in its silken thread, the end result becomes truly fascinating. Suddenly, as rare things will, even true love vanishes. But not the type professed by Bosun Oredola, the oil magnate behind Petrobridge for his wife, Yinka Oredola. Besides showering unparalleled love on his wife, Bosun does practically everything and also shares joint bank accounts with his wife as a mark of unwavering love and loyalty to her. Bosun does not joke with his wife at all. The couples’ love story is indeed a lovers’ delight devoid of the vanities and foibles of the much hackneyed postmodern romance that have always been such an integral part of every couples’ story.

Their union is about something simple yet profound, something cosmic yet common. What cannot be denied is that in their union, there was majesty, that fascinating natural resource of the romantic enterprise, a gift celebrated by Jane Austen, one of the greatest bards as “a truth universally acknowledged.” Still, majesty is a concept that requires re-enchantment every generation or so – and in this time the spell was the couple.

Family Hosts Prince Bolu Akin-Olugbade to 60th Birthday Dinner in US
If Oladunni had her way, she would raise her husband, Bolu Akin-Olugbade, a dais of silk and fluffy feathers. She would ornament it with vair and craft it in gold and silver doves. She would spare no expense in hosting the love of her life to the grandest of treats as he attains yet another milestone.

Come April 2, Prince Akin-Olugbade, the Aare Onakakanfo of Owu Kingdom and the universe, as he is popularly known, will clock 60. The businessman and lawyer with PhD in Company Law from Cambridge University will be hosted to a dinner party at a Brazilian Restaurant called FOGO DE CHAO in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles at 8pm by his wife, Oladunni and their three sons.

Invitation cards with a dress code for guests have been sent out to a select few. The Akin-Olugbades are known to never do things in half measures thus the celebration promises to be a high-octane event that would be a talk of the town in Beverly Hills, the second home of the Owu born Prince.

Prince Bolu gets what he wants – not by flaunting airs, throwing tantrums or haughtiness, but with captivating shyness, an unfaltering courtesy and a conviction that convinces. However, his ascendance to the top was hardly borne on the wings of his privileged background; if it had anything to do with his pedigree, the details are probably too negligible to be noted.