Emem Ema
The Nigerian music industry was hit with a severe blow this past week. MuyiwaOsinuga who most people know as ‘Nomoreloss’ (another result of his creative side, he pronounced his English name backwards) passed on.
It was difficult for me to come to terms with his death because he was one of the ‘few good ones’ in the industry.

He had the ability to make you laugh and found a way to insert humour in even the most serious things, without being offensive. Above all he was a very creative and cerebral mind; Muyiwa could switch from ‘beta pidgin’ to pristine Queen’s English in a second. He loved to perform live sha!It didn’t matter if it was in a two by four room or an arena he would give his best and engage his audience.

I cannot believe for an effervescent being like Muyiwa, I will nowuse words in past participle. News of his death hit me and for the first hours after I heard, I hoped and prayed it wasn’t true, I didn’t want to believe it, I still don’t and as much as a lot of us would do whatever we can to change it…unfortunately there isn’t anything anyone of us can do about it.

When you meet Muyiwa or Nomoreloss you encounter a person; he wasn’t afraid to tell you as it is, to his friends he was every inch a friend, he loved music every totally and could discuss any part of the arts or its business; if he didn’t know something he wasn’t afraid to go learn about it. He was one of the few cerebral artistes I have had the pleasure of encountering in this world. He was selfless, his spirit infectious and helped his friends without making a big deal out of it. The most memorable one was being there for his brother OJB which most of us are witnesses to. To my knowledge, never expecting anything in return!

A consummate performer, true artiste, funny, loyal friend and he loved family from the little I knew of him. We had lengthy conversations when we ran into each other, his passion for the Nigerian music industry and live events scene was infectious. Nomoreloss was a walking encyclopedia on the Nigerian music industry and even when we had our disagreements on how certain things should have been handled, it was about protecting and promoting the very thing we love…Muyiwa, I bet you’re making music in heaven. Rest on Bro!
––Emem is the CEO of ONE Management. A Nigeria-based media strategy and support company. dealmaker@one1mgt.com