Yinka Olatunbosun

Most Lagosians yearn for wholesome entertainment outside the confines of their home but not too far from home. They worry about getting trapped in traffic, mostly caused by queues at filling stations, nowadays. And for economic reasons, the budget on such outdoor entertainment is little in most families. For those residing in Ikoyi, there is good news. The Studio of Mode inside Park View Estate has a monthly screening culture that is without charge. Studio of Mode is designed with architectural aesthetics using clay and modern fittings. It has three projectors with a total sitting capacity of 50.

The culture hub was opened in June 2015 to showcase talents and promote arts and culture. The CEO, Studio of Mode, Mode Aderinokun had dedicated the space to her late father, Chief Tayo Aderinokun, the former MD/CEO, GTBank who was also known as a very passionate art patron. Mode, who expresses her thoughts in words and illustrations, recently initiated a free monthly screening tradition in her studio to renew interest in outdoor entertainment.

“I started screening six months ago, once every month. It is normally the third or last week of the month. It is not your typical blockbuster film that we screen here. They are movies from independent producers. I want people to enjoy different cultures from movies from various parts of the world,’’ Mode said at the end of the Ondine movie screening last Sunday.

For her, the interest is not in huge commercial sales at present but to institute the cinema culture in a cozy atmosphere that is really home away from home.

“The people who come often say that they never knew that such movies exist and I have got some loyal followership as well. I screen all sorts of genres. For me, it is about the story. If the story is good and clean, then I am going to screen it. The story should speak some truths to the audience,’’ she said.

For instance, Ondine, written and directed by Neil Jordan, is a contemporary fairy tale with a plot that nosedived into reality. Starring Colin Farrell in the lead role, the movie, which was released in 2010, is a blend of romance and fantasy. At the screening, only a handful of people came to watch. Still, Mode was happy that there are always new faces at every screening.

“The audience size is not always predictable. Sometimes it is little, sometimes it is large. I am not making money from this. It is not exactly done for commercial purpose. It is more important to get more people to appreciate the cinema culture than making money. I believe the money will come afterwards. Let us have the culture of watching movies that are not just cliché or not just true,’’ she said.

Another winning point for the monthly movie screening at Studio of Mode is punctuality. The movies are usually screened just about the time advertised. It has become a norm in cinemas and even theatres to stall screenings or performances for half an hour for the sake of late comers. Mode thought the new cinema audience should respect time and arrive in time for movies. She also promised to screen a Nigerian movie but only on one condition: as long as the story is good.