Yinka Olatunbosun

Not every affair ends well. Some disintegrate for the flimsiest reasons while others get stronger. For Nigeria’s singer-songwriter, Isaac Geralds, his music game has just begun; the romance is not over. Though Project Fame Season Four is a long gone competition, it propelled Isaac Geralds from being just a cool singer to a hot performer. Wedding ceremonies in the city never seem complete without his name on the list of headliners. He is a happy-go-lucky-man who values music and friendship, in virtually the same proportion.

He was out to enjoy himself a fortnight ago at Freedom Park as a guest when he caught up with this reporter on the way out of the cultural hub. It was a good time to reflect on what he has been doing especially after giving a sterling performance at the opening ceremony of the British Council’s Lagos Theatre Festival. He spoke on how his brand is selling in a market where afro-pop is king.

“I believe that good music will always find a way even in a market where it seems otherwise. I always tell people that there’s a market for everything so it’s getting to identify the market and taking the product there.’’
After teasing him about being a busy bee, he explained how he juggles studio and quiet time to ensure that his song writing doesn’t suffer.

“There’s time for everything. Song writing comes to me naturally and no matter how busy I get I always find time to shut down from time to time to reach in and be in touch with myself. Besides, who says I can’t write songs about the busy life and the experiences,’’ he said.

It is not uncommon to see pop artists making hits from free-styling in the studio. Infact, most artists in Nigerian mainstream music scene drop vocals on the beat without writing, claiming that they want to make money, instead of making sense. Some hits had been made but some songs had hit the rocks with poor commercial success. Isaac was quite optimistic that song writing won’t fizzle out with the trend since the music industry is fast growing and with ground breaking efforts, there will be a proper structure that will make song writing viable. He directed attention to his latest effort, “Cross Your Mind’’ which features Eva and Poe.

“My new single is a song that’s dear to my heart. It’s me simply asking a lady if I cross her mind. It’s a classic R&B ballad that will get you thinking about that special someone in your life. It is inspired by true life event,’’ he revealed.

His smash hit, “Fall in Love’’ is a powerful cross-over love song that blew people’s minds away. Sometimes, it is argued that there is an element of luck in the music success because some well-arranged and nicely composed songs just don’t get popular, or to use the urban phrase, “they don’t blow’’. This is why Geralds is thankful in the case of “Fall in Love’’.

“I’ll like to believe that fall in love is a personal blessing to me from God. I just had fun recording and here we are. People don’t want to let the song go even after releasing new material time and again,’’ he said.
Geralds had featured a couple of artists such as Tiwa savage, MI, Omawunmi, Falz the bahd guy on his tracks. Despite his unique music genre, he finds a level ground with his contemporaries.
“It’s been blessings to have these guys bless my songs. The music is universal so it’s not a one man journey, you need friends.’’

At the last Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift, who cross-carpeted from country and folk songs to pop, cleaned the ceremony with a sweeping victory including winning the Album of the Year. Geralds said he is open to reinventing his music just as Swift.

“In all, I can say she always had it in her because she’s doing pop well and that’s why she can be recognised. In switching genres I’ll maintain the excellent spirit and excel at it. But like I always say, my music isn’t to be boxed. I’ll go wherever the music leads me but you can be always sure about the quality of my message,’’ he said.
Geralds is working on an album having drawn confidence from the success of his singles. He hopes to drop it in 2017. Before then, there are a few things he desires to see differently.

“I just wish the Nigerian music scene can be more structured because we have so much going for us we just need to have a proper means to channel the energy and resources in the right way,’’ he observed.
Stevie Wonder, Neyo and Jazmine Sullivan may have influenced him as a young singer, right now, he admires Sound sultan for his consistency as well as 2face. “I also admire MI a whole lot and a few other people,’’ said the 30-year old singer.