Alpha Beach

Nkem Oduah

This is a follow up to my previous story on Alpha Beach Ocean Surge that was published on the 3rd of Jan in the THISDAY Newspaper. As it is now, it appears I was hasty in assuming that all was well upon seeing the boulders put up at the oceans’ peripheries. I wrongly assumed that meant an end to the periodic surges that plague my habitation but alas the ocean reared it’s formless head again a few weeks ago.

And so I am now forced to ask, ‘what have those trucks filled with huge boulders, that have been loitering my area, been up to these past few weeks? Was there even a plan in the first place, intended to protect us, the inhabitants of the Alpha Beach Road from this menace? Is the government aware of the damages being incurred by these surges?

To add to this, the incessant power outage in the area is outrageous. And I must say, it has never been this bad! It’s almost as though we’ve been reverted to the dark ages! Sometimes we do not see electricity for weeks and even when it comes it is either for a few minutes or it will appear as an incredibly low current, one that is not high enough to power anything tangible except perhaps to charge my phone.

With the recent recurrence of the flooding of my house, the bad roads and abysmal power supply I have had to shake-off the easiness that beclouded my being with the swearing-in of this current Lagos State government and instead have geared up to the fact that the “change” promised have not arrived yet.
· Oduah is an Alpha Beach, Lagos resident