Being the daughter of a billionaire is enough fame already. When you are now the daughter of the richest black man in the world, the entire black race should literally worship the ground that you tread. Men should bow and women should genuflect when you as much as look in their direction.

If you were ostentatious, unruly and wild a la Paris Hilton, the world would wave it off as a non-issue; it comes with the terrain, they would say just to cover up for your excesses. But Dangote’s daughters are not moulded like that. They are unobtrusive and laid-back, almost Spartan and deeply religious.

We know Fatima who currently runs Cupcake Factory, Lagos, which is into special cake designs. There are also Zainab, Salma, Aisha and Sadia. But it is Halima, the billionaire industrialist’s second daughter that is gradually emerging from the overpowering shadows of her father.

Married since 2008 to Suleiman Sani-Bello whom she met while schooling at the American Intercontinental University, London, Halima is becoming more prominent on the business and social scenes. Though it was her wedding ceremony that actually brought her into the limelight, the simple, yet classy mother of two has been seen with her dad at several high profile gatherings.

Halima oversees some of her father’s businesses and also serves as Group Executive Director at her husband’s company, Sublime Group. She is currently putting up a world class diagnostics and laboratory complex valued at N7 billion at the Muritala Muhammed Specialist Centre, Kano.

Intrigues as Patience Jonathan’s Hotel and Spa Loses Patronage
Like a haunted necropolis, former First Lady, Patience Jonathan’s hotel and spa, is discomfortingly quiet. The relaxation spot, Aridolf Resort Wellness and Spa, owned by the former First Lady of Nigeria is virtually deserted; thus substantiating the popular maxim that power and influence attracts fair-weather friends and associates.

The spa was initially established as a humanitarian venture, but soon it morphed into the personal business of the former first lady. Further findings revealed that the relaxation spot was originally a pet project called Aruera Reachout Foundation, an NGO owned by the former First Lady. Predictably, when the Jonathans were in power, the hotel and spa became the haven of the country’s high society.

Not a few political and business titans patronised the spot in frantic bid to earn the favour of the former First Lady and her husband, former President Goodluck Jonathan. But no sooner did the Jonathans lose power than their hotel and spa suffered reduction in patronage. Friends and associates that patronised the spa stopped going there.

Celebrity Slug-fest! Why Fifi Ejindu, Biola Okoya and Ronke Ademiluyi MAY Never be Friends Again
Unlike the petty fools of strife, that shriek and sweat in pygmy wars, Fifi Ejindu seemed to court neither hatred nor discord with anyone. The ravishing socialite seemed to live for the sweet affection and warmth of comradeship with her friends, until she fell out of love with every one of them.
Consequently, Fifi Ejind

u is without friends. There is currently no love lost between Ejindu and her friends, Biola Okoya, Ronke Ademiluyi and Nkiru Anumudu. Since they got mired in the jungle of angst and vicious recrimination, Ejindu has not been on talking terms with Okoya and Ronke.

You couldn’t have forgotten so soon the well-celebrated fight between Fifi and Nkiru Anumudu. The bitter feud raging between her and Okoya has evoked series of questionable rhetoric. Could their quarrel be attributed to petty rivalry or high-priced ego? No tangible answers have been found to these salient questions even by the closest friends and confidants of the former bosom friends.

Hardly anyone would forget in a hurry, Ejindu’s promising friendship with Ronke Ademiluyi, the founder of Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) and Africa Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN). She started the Africa Fashion Week London in 2011, and at the 2014 edition of the show, she invited Ejindu to come serve as matron of the event. Things seemed to work perfectly between Ademiluyi and Ejindu; Ejindu attended her show and functioned in full measure as the event’s matron.

When Ejindu allegedly became too overbearing for Ademiluyi to handle, the latter ditched her and approached Biola Okoya to serve as matron to her annual fashion event. This infuriated Ejindu – she felt slighted for being passed over for Okoya. Her relationship with Ademiluyi has deteriorated since; yet hardly anyone knows what axe Ejindu has to grind with Ronke.