Election Violence

By Alex Enumah

The Director-General of the Electoral Institute, Abubakar Momoh, has said that the use of the military and order security agencies is not the solution to curbing and preventing the menace of electoral violence in Nigeria.

He stated this during a policy brief on Election Violent Mitigation Tool in Abuja. The meeting is to see how various scientific tools could be deployed in preventing and mitigating electoral risks in Nigeria.

Claiming that people usually deployed by the government to check violence during elections do not know the terrain as much as those living in the area, Momoh said, “Whether you deployed 50,000 military men, it may not mitigate violence as the soldiers are not conversant with the area as much as the people in the area.

 “You saw the level of violence in the Rivers election, and you will agree that the security agencies cannot penetrate most of the creeks like the people living there. So there is need to involve all stakeholders if we must curb the issue of electoral violence in Nigeria”.