By Konye Chelsea Nwabogor

Regardless of our size, age or body type, “fat days” happen to all of us. Sometimes, it’s the result of a little weekend overindulging, others times it’s really all in our heads. But no matter whether you’re feeling bloated or just want to look your very best, there are tons of style solutions that can help you look instantly slimmer in seconds. More often than not, it simply boils down to picking the right pattern, cut and fit for your unique body type—and then, of course, a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Use a belt
You’d be hard-pressed to find an item of clothing that isn’t suddenly more slimming when belted at the waist—a woman’s naturally thinnest point. For best results, keep a variety of cinchers on hand, from wide versions with bold buckles to skinnier numbers in bold hues.

Kaylah oniwo (2)

kaylah oniwo

Flaunt Your Assets
A large part of looking great in clothes involves playing up your positives. Love your shoulders? Then off-shoulder-cut tops and dresses will look amazing on you. Legs for days? Try a slit-front pencil skirt or short dress. Got great curves? Flaunt them in a wrap-front dress or fitted pencil skirt.

Temi Dollface
Temi dollface

Heels Help
High heels are incredible for a number of reasons; not only do they inherently improve your posture, there’s also no better way to flatter and lengthen your legs.

Marcy Dolapo Oni (7)

Dolapo Oni

Embrace Shape wear
Supportive, super-stretchy undergarments can erase visible panty lines, smooth problem areas and banish muffin tops and love handles—something women at any size can benefit from.
And speaking of undergarments, make sure you’re wearing the right size bra while you’re at it—many women aren’t, and an ill-fitting bra can leave you with weird bulges or lines.

fade ogunro 1

Fade Ogunro

Join the A-(Line) Team!
I have yet, however, to find someone who doesn’t look absolutely amazing in a simple A-line skirt or dress. If you’re curvy, these wardrobe workhorses emphasize a small waist. Pear-shaped? They subtly skim over your hips, thighs and backside, creating a beautiful, elegant line. Built straight up and down? That flare will give you the illusion of a more dramatic waist-to-hip ratio. Plus, no matter what your figure, you can’t beat the twirl effect.

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa

Go High-Waisted
The benefits of a high-waisted skirt (pencil or A-line) or pants are twofold: not only does it lend the illusion of longer legs, it also cinches you in where you’re naturally the smallest. For an instantly chic and pulled-together look, wear your high-waisted bottom of choice with a tucked-in top—it’ll show off your middle in all the right ways and make you appear extra-lean.

veronica odeka

Veronica odeka