I am compelled to write this piece, after reading the aforementioned article, on your online newspaper- This Day Live.

After reading through your article, I said to myself…’here they come again’. Those who write, to run down the image of the Governor of Rivers State, Barr Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike (CON). It is coming from someone who, in my assessment, does not know or understand the political situation in Rivers State. Yes, Eniola does not know who is doing what in the present situation in the state.

Some journalists are not investigative in their writings, they nurse parochial sentiments. The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword but I tell you, rest assured; that your pen in not sharp enough, to destroy Gov. Wike because you have written nothing new. Almost everything in that piece, is what Sen. Magnus Abbe had said in a radio programme in Port Harcourt (Rhythm 93.7 View point). The same Senator, who LIED to Nigerians and indeed, the world, that he was shot with rubber bullets by the Mbu led police in Rivers State. Let me state here, that the opposition is no longer popular in the politics of Rivers State that is the basic truth on ground.

They have milked the state dry and so, the people of Rivers State are angry and do not want them anymore. We know our leaders and nobody can distract the masses of Rivers State…not even your rhetorics. Nyesom Wike is Rivers State Governor! A TRUE Rivers Son, who will not betray Rivers people…will not spend N82m of Rivers money, buying SNACKS to celebrate an old man’s birthday.

To put the records straight, Rivers State, had been embroiled in cult activities, long before Wike became Obio/Akpo local government Chairman. During the 2015 electioneering campaigns, Wike told a large crowd of supporters, that he has never been a cult member in his life. He challenged anybody with a contrary view, to prove his or her case. Nobody did. This is what no other party flag bearer did. I wished they could (I stand to be corrected).

The State had suffered political killings in the past and everyone knows the caliber of our Sons that were killed then. Do you want names? There is no misnomer in that list.

What on earth, will prompt a Governor, to kill someone whose presence could not stop him from winning the election in 2015? Haba! this is cheap blackmail and a sign of hatred for Wike. Even if you do not like him, what about it? Is he your Governor?

Journalists, should ask themselves this simple question. When Sir Celestine Omehia was removed from office via a supreme court ruling in 2007, did Omehia cause any problem to the government in power? The gentle KNIGHT, simply went his way and the so-called peace you now ascribe to Amaechi reigned. Even when Omehia, re-launched his bid to occupy the Brick House through APGA and failed, he did not abuse the winner, neither did he incite anyone against the government of Chibuike Amaechi.

For the records, there were killings, armed robbery, kidnappings… during Amaechi’s watch as Governor of Rivers State. It was during his regime, that four students were gruesomely murdered at Aluu, near Uniport. During Amaechi’s reign, some Youth corps members were kidnapped at Rundele in Emuoha LGA. During the same regime, HRH Eze B. A Nwogu of Nnihi Etche was killed in his palace. May I continue?

Yes on January 11, 2013, Anyu Community, in Abua/Odual LGA, was invaded by the military, following an earlier invasion in 2012, in which two persons died.

Remember the bombings of court premises outside Port Harcourt? I can go on and on….

‘When the hood makes the Monk’

The writer states; ‘total education and upbringing’ of Wike, ‘was limited to the confines of a single community.’ Childish arrogance! It is not how long, but how well. What does it pay, to move from state to state, country to country; in search of what you could find at home? By the way, could the writer name how many places his LORD, Amaechi either travelled to or worked, before Dr Peter Odili, the Ogbuagu 1, of Orashi kingdom; TOWED him into politics?

But for this same man you have credited with violence, militancy between 1999 to 2007, in Rivers State; the writer would not have got a friend in Port Harcourt, because Amaechi was a nobody in Rivers State. I’d like the ebullient journalist, to tell his readers what the erstwhile Governor has done outside politics.

Wike, has ‘no pedigree’ Amaechi is neither! By the way, do you have to come from a wealthy family or be a BIG MAN’s son before being a governor? If so, where are the children of the Azikiwes, Awolowos, Balewas etc?

‘When politics is personal’; sorry, for your information, Wike does not think of Amaechi at all. I see nothing wrong in responding to unguarded comments from the opposition in order to correct the mischievous lies of the defeated opposition. Church prayers? Yes, in Nigeria, Christians pray for the death of their enemies – not Wike alone. If you are not a Christian, better know that; ‘Anybody wey no wan Rivers State to survive unda Wike…. Holy Ghooost Fayaaaa!!! – that’s what you’ll hear in many congregations. Find out!

The people of Ogoni nation know who their enemies are. No need to pretend, they know those who masterminded the military invasion of Yeghe and Bori. But why now? Solomon Ndigbara was and had been in Yeghe community, since he surrendered his arms to Mike Okiro’s panel. He was there, during the 2015 elections. Why is he a threat to Magnus Abbe now? If Ndigbara still indulges in criminal activities, shouldn’t the King of Yeghe be the one to raise alarm, rather than a Senator, who lives in Abuja with RUBBER BULLET scars?

I have so much respect for the Nigerian military; but I do not support any idea of having civilians to command military men. Must you bring down a whole building, just because you want to kill a rat? The Nigerian military is a professional institution, with a reputable intelligence unit. They can fish out any criminal at any time.

Finally, why are all eyes on Rivers State? Maybe because some reckless Sons of the State, have betrayed the land. They have decided to wage war on Rivers people. He who invites war to his home, must be prepared not to have a home after the war.

Political violence – this is not peculiar to Rivers State, as it did not start here, in the history Nigerian politics. Recall the political violence that engulfed Western Nigeria in 1962, that earned them the appellation ‘Wild wild west’. I also have knowledge of what happened during the 1983 general elections in Lagos, where Chief Omoboriowo and his family, were swept into extinction by blood thirsty politicians. Still fresh in my mind, is the brutal murder of one of Nigeria’s best brains in the bench; Chief Bola Ige – Nigeria’s minister of power in the Obasanjo’s administration. The two mindless killings occurred in Lagos; the centre of excellence, with all their education and civilization. I love life and would not in anyway, support bloodletting in the society. Find out who is doing what, before running into conclusion. You might be surprised who is doing what!

One day, Rivers people will be wise, love their brothers and sisters and STOP this satanic act of killing one another. Long Live Rivers State, together; for better!

•Ilami writes from Port Harcourt