Republican presidential candidate, Mr. Donald Trump is one mistake America cannot afford at this material time, writes Goke Omisore

Drunkenness and madness are the same, only that madness is longer. This political spring of presidential debates is poisoning and gathering ill storm of hatred; and when it rains, it pours! A one man character and characteristics is corroding and somewhat infectious for all bad reasons on the podium, where great knowledge of discussions are expected to expose the best of American values, hopes, dreams and best ways forward to the future growth of a great nation. Self-sponsorship should be a moral asset not a liability in a presidential campaign.

The whole world is watching this mellow-dramatic madness in astonishment, bewilderment, shock and disbelief in an almost no-holds-barred trading of personal insults, do-or-die politics in this 21st century. Mr. Donald Trump, You have personally, passionately over-driven this political debate to the realm of lunacy, which even your own children, grandchildren should be ashamed of when this insanity clears and reality dawns, even if you win!

Listen to your daughter – start acting presidential. But then that will be denying your human beings’ constitutions, running against the grains of your real-self. Mr. Donald Trump, this is only a presidential party nomination! If gold should rust, what will iron do? Be presidential, Jack! Posterity reserves the worst for your candidacy. This is nothing short of corroded liberty.

America, this Republican debate is debasing the presidency sought for in a leader of the free world? Mr. Donald Trump, enough of these theatrics and vituperations! The Apprentice was a show of glamour per excellence; this ain’t one for its entertainment variants, but best of exposition for great virtues need to be exhibited with uncommon discipline and suppressed malice, if any. The truth is, you are a nobody’s Boss on this world stage and in this most exalted reality show, your brand stands the worst from this republican debate performance.

Americans, if this is a joke, the world is laughing hysterically at you. Mr Trump, your temperament, demeanor, convulsion and a most erratic display of immaturity on this political stage smacks and reeks of a man full of rough edges and drowning intrigues of a Banana Republican! I am sure it offends a great chunk of decent conservatives. I am also sure, both parties – Democrats and Republican – might need an overhauling of their selection processes and will definitely need a revisit to a pre-qualification, including financial, medical (mental) and probably, legislate morality in party constitution on nominations.

America, home of liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, yes Mr. Trump has all the rights and liberty well rooted in freedom of expressions, but not in this spirit of wallowing in muddy water.
However, your rights in this unwholesome expression might turn into a grand delusion, regrets, liability and national calamity on the world stage and the order of protocols and diplomatic ways destroyed beyond recognition. He Brags and basks in the euphoria of a chronic drunk gambler! Nations don’t find themselves in situations. Leaders of his ilk – Hitlerites – often trust their nations in situations of delusion.

Hyping and gloating on self-evaluation and a glorified common sense business of Real Estate and such mundane enterprises that grew from a well-funded inheritance that should count very low on the rung of presidential yardsticks of best man for this most revered job. That is no Rocket Science but an American dream comes true!
Donald Trump, stop being bullish before the youthful ingenious Mack Zukerburg of Jewish extraction, who has left a supreme legacy, which has positively changed the whole world. Yet, he ain’t bragging! His achievements stand tall, dwarfing your self-centered all American dreams earnings and fame.

He alone can call your bluff! I pray you catch my drift! Left alone Mr. Humility, the very humane Bill Gates towering achievements and that of the ingenious late Steve Job of blessed immortal memories live on, treasured by millions. Growing a greater American nation is not about Red, White, Black Americans – apology Barack Hussein Obama of African descent has spoken about all of us – watch posterity crown his chains of achievements in your life time.

Mr. Donald Trump’s victory will breed mitigated quagmire or an awkward, complex, or hazardous political, economic and religious conflagration of immense proportions. If a President Donald Trump wins this highly coveted seat…Americans, the most patriotic citizens of any nation on planet earth, please don’t put a Trump Bull in the China shop of The White House, that might result in a reckless and very costly politically flawed decision of all times.

His dream is pregnant with hydra-headed monster that might defile all ailments. He should not be trusted with the nuclear botton, period! If Donald Trump is elected, there may be a chain of unpredictable variables of immense calamity. Even though American system of government is firmly rooted in checks and balances, there are enormous powers to be wielded in the presidency. A keen observer in this political race will note.
Donald Trump is sending a very strong, wrong but subtle and powerful, unabashed subliminal foul message of White supremacy ringing through Mr. Trumps divisive plots to conquer and divide Americans. In these times, in this world of today begging for wholesomeness in unity in her diversity, one privileged wealthy American is toying with America’s greatest assets against the strength of a disordered world’s growing hostilities, laced in religious intolerance, insurgencies and madness.

Will someone please help bell this cat – “Mr. big stuff, who do you think you are? Mr. big stuff…..” That peace should reign in the world is our collective responsibility and honourable duty and mark of wisdom in our leaders. America, please live up to the billings as leader of the free world. The world expects no less and to think otherwise could be very, very costly.
Generally, America is usually perceived as tough, aggressive, eagle-eyed sole predator and more so, strengthened by a resentment of America as worlds’ Chief Superintendent of Police by her enemies, yet there are very few, kinder, generous and caring people of other nations than Americans in today’s world. America is caring but daring under justified provocations.

Please don’t fail the free world in your choice of this most revered vacancy, your next President, as we are waiting in anticipation and bated breath. The thought of kim Jong-un, the eratic, unpredictable, youthful North Korean leader, backed by an almost deity devotion and zealousness of his nationals in a conflict with American President Donald Drunk, sends chills down the spine of all sane men. Don’t even think of it, please, like you Americans are wont to say.

Here is a lesson of strength in humility to Mr. Donald Trump. On a political campaign trail in the late 70s, if my memory bares me right, President Jimmy Carter was in a reelection bid. He was pelted from the crowd in the audience with an Egg by a one-man protest. Expectedly, the FBI moved in swiftly and subdued the assailant with marked precision. When President Cater regained his composure, he flashed his famous grim smile and said, “I guess that is one American vote I cannot count on and a roaring applause greeted his maturity, wisdom and statesmanship.

A profound, most significant admission from a Statesman of immense substance! Donald Drunk, where were you when this lesson was taught? The Assailant seeking a fifteen minutes of fame; the FBI, who did their job and former President Jimmy Carter in that incident demonstrated the true spirit of liberty and freedom – stood America proud in that simple but challenging situation on her Constitution.

In other climes, the assailant may not live to tell the story or he will rotten in jail. Fact! Donald Trump’s campaign is intrinsically powered by values of racism, a very low note on humanity, now or never when we need America most in world leadership positions.
Donald Tantrum? Please stop tripping in a fit of irritability in every campaign, stops! Learn the impregnable, resilience of Barack Hussein Obama. He wrote the book of manliness under pressure – cool like a cucumber. Imbibe the strength of Hilary Rotham Clinton under intense veracity to extract facts and fiction of her email-gate, damning but she stood her forthright ground firmly, when she was gruesomely grilled by the US Senate on the email scandal for hours and days! Where were you?

Hilary Clinton, a woman of immense substance with steely hearts you are paradoxically propelling to victory as the next President of the USA or better yet, the Commander-in-Chief! She is an American first eleven intellectual material, nurtured and grilled in the arts and science of government with strings of successes. Her victory may be indebted to your tons of tantrums! I can’t wait to see both of you one-on-one on the debate podium, when her ruthless but with finesse attacks will provoke the worst tantrum in you manliness egoistic-self, from her depth of Ivy league intellect, that would drown your ego and pedestrian knowledge of your positions on issues.

Her positions on issues are the true ingredients of a strong Commander-in-Chief, not brawns and rascality. Mr. Trump, you will be roasted sweaty on the debate podium. Then, the real Donald Trump will then stand out like a sore thumb.
The Republican party and a host of his conservatives, White Americans are still wound-gathering on the Victory of President Barak Hussein Obama’s election as first African American President and a more resounding second term victory topped by a great performance billed for posterity to judge! Please, fellows, stop hurting; Obama is now in the leagues of great legendary chains of Presidents in America’s history.

My final take on American 2016 presidential election: The world behind you Americans today is much more a saner world than the world ahead of us all, indeed, very cloudy times of ISIS.

God bless America and may the Lord have mercy on the entire world! I humbly submit.
-Omisore wrote from Lagos