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•Fatherhood according to a billionaire dad
Like most billionaires of his ilk, Femi Otedola, Chairman of Forte Oil, has got the money habit. But, unlike most billionaires of his ilk, he caught the fatherhood bug sometime between his ascension to fatherhood and entrepreneurial acclaim. Otedola adorns the cloak of fatherhood with unprecedented pride hence he never shies from performing his fatherly roles to his wards.

The Chairman of Forte Oil cuts a contradictory picture to the random portrait of the billionaire as a bad father because of his obsession with money and acclaim. Otedola effortlessly proves that affluence and child-rearing often go hand in hand, under the watchful and compassionate guardianship of a model father.

Otedola creates quality time to be with his daughters. The billionaire oil mogul has successfully raised his daughters to be his source of joy and abiding peace. And to guarantee their evolution into full-fledged adults and total women, he creates time to celebrate every aspect of his daughters’ lives; he is part of their progress every step of the way; thus he spends vacations with them in exotic locations across the world, and he is there to celebrate their graduations, birthdays and other success stories.

Thus, it is hardly surprising these days to see the happy father and his wife, Nana, pose for pictures with their daughters, Florence (DJ Cuppy) and Temi, the celebrity Fashion and travel blogger. In a recent picture posted by Temi Otedola, the London – based fashion and travel blogger, the billionaire oil boss was being taught how to take a ‘selfie’ by her. She captioned it ‘“Teaching how to take a Selfie 101 to dad”. Although he raised his children to be rich and taught them the smart money habit, the billionaire businessman, also instilled in them that it’s okay to pursue your heart’s desire even if it veers off the path of the money terrain. And in the business sphere, it was another exciting news as Otedola and his wife, Nana, were hosted to a dinner in London by the world’s richest man and founder of the largest software business, Microsoft,Bill Gates, weeks ago.

The billionaires during the dinner cut an enthralling picture as they laughed and enjoyed the merriments of the evening. No doubt, for Otedola, there are no new worlds and fresh battles to conquer. Very few men excite interminable tribute of clamorous cheers in the wake of their most glorious exploits and attainments like the Chairman of Forte Oil. Otedola commands the homage of unending cheers by his dazzling exploits.

It’s love actually! Osinbajo’s marital secret
How Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo’s brother, married his wife
It is often said that “A man marries to please his parents, a widower to please himself.” Ask Akin Osinbajo, he knows. Interestingly, however, the hum of life begins again, soon after the last condolence has been declared for the comfort of the bereaved; women mourn their late husbands but men replace their departed wives – The gender gap in late life remarriage, where widowers are more likely than widows to remarry, has been explained by the adage ‘‘women mourn, men replace”.

Years ago, death invaded the world of Prof. Akin Osinbajo like a medieval ogre and snatched away Oluwatoyin, the love of his life in her prime. There is no gainsaying the grim reaper created an emotional void in the life of the respected man; in the wake of the tragedy, he felt his world had fallen apart and he almost lost faith in his capacity to fall in love again.

Today, HighLife authoritatively reveals that Prof. Osinbajo has rediscovered love in the arms of Moriyike Omololu-Osinbajo. Indeed, time and fate has a way of healing even the deepest wounds. This is because the former Ogun State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice has put the death of his first wife, Oluwatoyin, behind him. He has found solace in the arms of his darling and sweet-natured wife, Moriyike. The couple allegedly met while Moriyike observed her mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme at the Ministry of Justice in Ogun State. The Professor was allegedly swept off his feet by Moriyike’s beautiful personality and one thing led to the other; the rest, as they always say, is now history. The couple are reportedly head-over-heels in love with each other. And they have sealed their union with beautiful kids.

The charm and class of Greg Uanseru
GCA boss’ love for Rolls Royce and why he is loved by women and envied by men
Greg Uanseru’s wealth charms at first sight but it is his merit that wins the soul. The billionaire businessman and CEO of GCA Energy Limited, operates at an advanced frequency of good life. Every day presents new opportunities for him to fulfill his hankering for success and impeccable taste for luxury. At every public appearance, Greg becomes the cynosure of all eyes; he is widely envied by his male peers. Greg’s penchant for excellence, his stupendous wealth and culture of class and luxury makes him attractive to countless women even as he is envied and secretly revered by his male peers. The boss of GCA Energy’s love for the good life is reflective in his taste for luxury cars. Greg loves the grandeur of Bentley and the royalty of Rolls Royce. At every point, he cruises around with two Rolls Royce automobiles.

Ladies love him for this and men worship him. At the mere mention of his name, the faces of many women break into infectious smiles, their hearts melt and silent laughter dance on their lips- particularly the women whose world the generous man has rocked by his generosity. He is the darling of many ladies at parties as everybody wants to have a word with him. However, unlike most of his peers, Greg’s journey to affluence is not shrouded in mystery. He is a man that knew what he wanted very early in life and he pursued it. His company, GCA Energy Limited was registered in the late eighties as Greg Continental Agency Limited and acted as an Agency Company to Siemens Building Technologies UK Limited, providing support services to Nigerian Refineries & Petrochemical Industries in the area of Spares, Fire Engineering and Gas Chromatography.