Dehinde Fernandez is not here; he is dead. But the noise of life begins again, stifling within the heart of his loved one, Halima. Despite her outward show of grief and devastation over her billionaire husband’s death, Halima, widow of late Fernandez has discarded her grief to embrace joy and the good life. Indeed, no one wishes to be buried with the corpse of a loved one, no matter how deeply they were in love with each other. At the end, after the crying and mourning is over, everybody moves on; like Halima has moved on.

Having mourned her late husband for a while, the beautiful socialite is back on the grind and she doesn’t look like she would lose steam or quit anytime soon. In the wake of her husband’s demise many months ago and the subsequent tiff she had with her stepdaughters, Abimbola and Antoinette, Halima retreated into her shell. But she recently re-emerged on the social scene courtesy a surprise birthday party thrown in her honour by her closest friends. The party, according to a source, was a high-class event where the Fernandez widow loosened up. She had so much fun that anyone would be forgiven for mistaking it for her wedding bash, said the source.

The beautiful widow allegedly glowed and radiated joy as she danced and laughed forgetting for a moment, the rough months she has survived. However, mischief makers are at it again; they are behind the malicious rumour about Halima’s purported newfound romance with an undisclosed hunk. Contrary to the rumours being circulated about her, sources close to Halima argue that she is not set to wed any time soon. It can be recalled that Halima Fernandez cried her eyes out at the demise of her husband. Thus mischief makers, on sighting the new, reinvigorated Halima, went to town with what her closest friends and associates have dismissed as a spiteful and unfounded rumour about her impending marriage to a newfound hunk.

Royal rumble! Rift deepens between Awujale of Ijebu and Alake of Egba land
It is a shameful sight to see two paramount rulers and custodians of Yoruba cultural heritage, bicker and fight, like cantankerous teens jostling for the love of a mutual crush. But unlike the anecdotal teens, Oba Sikiru Adetona, the Awujale of Ijebu land, and Oba Adedotun Gbadebo, the Alake of Egba land, are not at loggerheads over some teen crush; both traditional rulers are at war over issues of prestige and seniority.

Oba Adetona recently threw caution to the wind and publicly lambasted his royal peer, Oba Gbadebo, over what he termed a misrepresentation of history and facts. The Awujale ridiculed the Alake of Egba land, calling him a junior King. The Awujale reportedly lost his cool over the controversial ranking of the Yoruba Obas by the Alake of Egba land. However, Rauf Adebowale of the Okukenu ruling house from which the Alake emerged stated that, “Both the Awujale and the Alake were inaccurate in their analyses of the history of the Yoruba race.”

As the issue lingers, it has been revealed that those who are supposed to settle the dispute between the Obas are the ones fanning the embers of discord, thereby adding fuel to an already raging inferno. The Obas are supposed to be leaders by example and to bring peace in time of discord among their subjects, but this festering dispute portrays them otherwise.