Nigeria Police

By Chiemelie Ezeobi

The Lagos State Police Command on Tuesday arrested and paraded a 44-year-old radio technician, Obinna Anike, for repeatedly raping a seven-year-old girl (name withheld) entrusted in his care.

The Enugu State indigene, who admitted to the crime while speaking to newsmen at the command headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos, said he did not do it for any ritual purpose as was alleged.

He said, “I have already condemned myself before anybody condemns me. I am a Christian, so I would not wait till I am condemned by law enforcement officers. I beg everyone who is aware of this case to forgive me.

“I did not know the forces that pushed me into this devilish act. I don’t want my church to know about this please. I cannot question God, I don’t know why this is happening to me.I did not take alcohol or any drugs before I engaged in the act.

“The parents of the children brings them to my house since they leave for work early in the morning because I am a radio technician near their house.

“The children attend the same school with my children. One day, I asked the girl to come close to me and when she did, I shifted her pants and put me penis but I did not penetrate. I poured my sperm outside.”

However, the victim who is a minor contradicted his claims, adding that the suspect has done it severally.

She said, “He likes calling me fine girl. He did it severally. Last year before the christmas celebration, uncle Obinna called me into his room and warned me not to tell my parents whatever he was doing with me.

“He said he would kill me and my parents if I ever said it. He would constantly question me if I wanted my parents to die, but I would say no. He removed my pant and put his thing  inside.

” He poured his spit into my thing and put his thing inside me. It was very painful for me. He ‘wee wee’ inside and warned me not to tell my parents. The man used to tell me to turn my back and he would put it through the back.”