Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode

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Like the fabled musketeers, they never said ‘farewell’ when the road darkened. Rather, they girded their loins and steeled their spirit to brave the long haul with their friend, brother and co-traveler in Lagos’ political wild lands. Eventually, their loyalty paid off and Akinwumi Ambode emerged as governor, Lagos State. Predictably, Governor Ambode has chosen to reward loyalty, comradeship and merit in his modern day quartet of the legendary musketeers, thus Bunmi Ariyo, Adeniji Kazeem, Ademola Abass and Deji Williams have emerged as the most powerful and influential figures on his watch as number one citizen of Lagos State. Governor Ambode, according to HighLife findings, is particularly impressed that the foundation stones for balanced success which include honesty, character, integrity, love and loyalty are clearly evident in his four friends and henchmen.

Therefore, he keeps them extremely close to him so that they could continue to serve him in running the government, behind the scene. As a result, the quartet currently enjoy the attention and respect of the governor and are highly influential in his government that they determine who sees the governor and who does business with him. Bunmi Ariyo, though publicity shy, is gathered to be the main man with a decade of service as Personal Assistant (P.A) to Governor Ambode since his days in Lagos State Civil Service. Adeniji Kazeem, he is one of Governor Ambode’s closest confidants. Adeniji has served with Ambode for a long while even before he became governor hence it was hardly surprising that the latter decided to appoint him as the Attorney General for Lagos State. Dr. Ademola Abass is another man in Ambode’s government that is highly placed by the governor. The Professor of Law with specialty in International Law is the guy through which everything is signed out for approval. He also has the ears of the governor and has remained loyal to him.

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Dear mother, get a life! Adaeze Yobo disses mom on Instagram
A nosy mother in the end, attracts the spite of her loved ones; like a tiresome, hairy hog, forever trampling the mounds and drawing the ire of the peasant farmer. This perhaps explains Adaeze Yobo’s undisguised beef with her mother, Abigail. The former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (2008) is unhappy with her mother for her unhealthy interest in her marriage and that of her siblings. Married to international soccer star, Joseph Yobo, Adaeze is unhappy with the way her mother follows her online communication and that of her siblings. Recently, she claimed that her mother had been stalking her on the internet.
As the beautiful mother of two puts it in an Instagram missive, “Dear Mother, it is quite creepy when you stalk me on every social media. Wetin you wan see? This is from all of us (since they are too scared to speak up). Can‘t even post pictures with guys in peace anymore. Mother thinks anyone is the one. She commented on my brother’s post, asking, “Who is she?” Apparently advising her mother to get a life, the Awka Etiti born former model ended the post with “Abigail, please please face your work eh!”

Tied to daddy’s strings! Ladi Adebutu seeks father’s blessing for Ogun governorship seat
A bull has the greatest influence on its own dunghill. In the same vein, a covetous politician seeks power where his name and his deeds excite the loudest cheer. Little wonder Ladi Adebutu, the son of Chief Kessington Adebutu, carves his path to power aided by the blade of a sturdy benefactor. Among the ruling class of Ogun state in particular, many believe that the governorship position should be held by a candidate who is man enough to dig a fresh fount, not the one who continually draws from estuaries dug by his father.

Although we are still in 2016, the quest for the 2019 general elections has already begun as politicians and men with ambition are secretly and openly declaring their intentions. Hon. Ladi Adebutu, son of popular billionaire, Chief Kensington Adebutu, is one of such men. Ladi intends to contest the governorship election in Ogun state come 2019. Already, Ladi has a contender for the post in Senator Kashamu Buruji. The two lawmakers representing Ogun state at the National Assembly intend to govern the state come 2019. Even though they belong to the same party and they both hail from the same area in the Ijebu axis of the state, Ladi and Kashamu are not ready to back down for each other.

While Kashamu is banking on his wide influence in the politics of the state, Ladi is banking on the wealth of his father as well as the support of former governor of the state, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, who is a strong associate of Chief Kensington Adebutu. Though the Adebutus are known to be from Iperu, in Remo area of the state, it was gathered that Ladi would be flying his ticket from Odogbolu, since the zoning formula won’t favour Iperu Remo in 2019. Pundits however believe that despite Ladi’s present status as the Chairman, House Committee on Rural Development, he does not have the guts and outstanding track record to lead a sophisticated state like Ogun. He reportedly depends on the clout and wealth of his father to actualise his ambition. That is why the political power blocs in the state are wary of throwing their weight behind him. They do not like the way he brags about the wealth of his father, “That is a major put-off,” according to a highly placed politician in the state.

Segun Fowora to give father a funeral to remember
Nobody ever makes a lovely corpse but when he was alive. Segun Fowora’s father characterized the essence of loveliness and more. Pa Eric Fowora could not witness his funeral; nobody ever does. And if, somehow, he earned a sneak peek, no one could know what he thought of it. All those flowers and all those wishes; the pageant train and wreath of sorrows unhesitatingly cast for a full life coming to a close. The wistful wishes and pomp of homage probably elicited from his soul, the hapless tribute of a sigh and perhaps a gleeful tear. But whatever feelings his funeral ceremony evoked in his heart, the father of Segun, would no doubt find little or nothing to fault about the farewell rite given him by his children. Now that he has passed on, Segun, the estranged husband of Senator Gbemi Saraki, would fight the battle of his life never to let go, the wonderful, sweet memories bequeathed to him by his father. In few weeks, Segun will give what is in all respects, a befitting funeral for his late father, Pa Eric Ademola Fowora, the Fesogbade of Ikija Ijebu, on April 14, in Ijebu-Ode. Until he died at 86, Otunba Ademola Fowora was a well-known Engineer who bagged his electrical engineering degree in 1955 from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Since he graduated he worked on many notable electrical projects and has been part of the designs of many Engineering systems

Is something wrong with Kemi Olunloyo?
Intrigues as former governor’s daughter calls her father monster and occultist
It is her rational banter which mostly frightens us in a mad woman but does stark, raving mad actually describe Kemi Omololu Olunloyo? The daughter of former Oyo State governor, Victor Omololu Olunloyo, seems to suffer from a greater sort of affliction, according to several of her fans and critics in the social media space. Outspoken and unapologetically blunt, Kemi’s demeanor, many a time has attracted flak and virulent criticism from folks who can’t stomach it. Her critics have even accused her of being mentally unstable in time past. The controversial native of Ibadan, Oyo State, is in the news again following her recent revelation that her father is an occultist. Kemi who has engaged virtually every member of her family in a verbal war of sort, particularly when she thinks they have exceeded their bounds, has redirected her caustic tongue this time around, to her father.

In a free podcast, Kemi recently claimed that her father, who had been a recipient of her praise various times in the past, is an occultist. In the podcast, Kemi spoke about rituals, people dying and a whole lot of unprintable things that no sane person should ever say or reveal about his or her father. Kemi hinted at her announcement in a press release. Not a few people have described her latest revelation as another antic from her bag of tricks but many more are saying she may be unstable. Whatever the case, Kemi certainly deserves the prayers and support of her friends, family and virulent critics. This is no doubt beyond a publicity stunt. Something is wrong with Kemi Olunloyo.

John Fashanu falls in love with TV Girl Rachel Bakam
Ex-soccer star madly in love with broadcaster
Again, John Fashanu has fallen for the lure of supple thighs, ample busts and dazzling eyes. As you read, the serial divorcee and estranged husband of Abigail, ex-Super Eagles defender, Joseph Yobo’s mother-in-law, is singing the song of the merry man and pliant maiden. He is belting the notes of the moping mum whose heart is heavy and whose soul is sad. Fashanu, ex-international soccer star, is singing the melody that conquers the heart of the soldier whose glance was glum, who sipped no soup, and who craved no crumb, because he pines for the love of a maiden. Fashanu is in love, for the umpteenth time, and the object of his affection is none other but ravishing broadcaster, Rachel Bakam. Nobody knows where or how they got together but the lovebirds, who both reside in Abuja, are currently painting the town red with their love. They look inseparable as they attend events together in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT); they even embark on trips together and anchor television shows together. It would be recalled that Fashanu and Abigail separated when their love turned sour; things got awry between the two and they broke up over allegations of infidelity.

With Ocholi’s death, fear grips ministers
Terror is the fiercest emissary of death. It is what the grim reaper sends to cow the most valiant of men just before it delivers its masterstroke of anguish and interminable torment. This perhaps informed the mad scramble for life by late James Ocholi’s peers. Soon after the death of the former Minister of State for Labour and Employment in a gory accident, his colleagues in President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet have started running helter-skelter, in search of spiritual protection. Like starved greyhounds jostling for mouthfuls of fetish sacrifices placed at communal crossroads. And the reason is not far-fetched. Ocholi’s demise occurred few months after a Nigerian pastor predicted the death of a top minister in President Buhari’s cabinet. The pastor made the prediction during the Yuletide, when many pastors seeking to make a name, reveal their prophecies for the new year.

When the pastor made the prediction, many people dismissed it as the desperate antic of a pastor seeking cheap publicity and acclaim; ministers in the presidential cabinet scoffed at him calling him a charlatan. However, immediately James Ocholi died in an auto crash along with his wife and first son, President Buhari’s ministers became jittery. Immediately, they believed that the Ocholis’ death is a fulfillment of the pastor’s grim prediction for 2016. Highlife findings revealed certain prominent ministers in the presidential cabinet are now consulting senior pastors in the country, as you read, for prayers for their safety at work and at home.

Whither the ‘First Ladies’ of banking?
Like wilted roses, the wives of certain bank chiefs have faded in charm and grandeur. Just as the droopy rose fades off the green meadow, these powerful women have virtually faded off the social scene. Despite their past acclaim, these beautiful wives of top bank MDs have disappeared from the social scene thus prompting questions about their whereabouts. Prominent members of the pack: Elizabeth Atuche, Ebele Mike-Chukwu, Kate Nwosu, Tolu Akingbola, Dudun Peterside, Omotayo Akinfenwa, Adenike Jacob- Ajekigbe, Ayoade Adebisi-Omoyeni and Amaka Mbonu were notable for their capacities to assert themselves and impose their worth in the global stratosphere while their husbands held sway in the banking sector. It is indeed shocking that these society ladies cum party freaks who bestrode Nigeria’s social scene like diehard amazons could suddenly fade away from the limelight. No more do they cruise about town in exotic cars with customized plate numbers. No more do they traverse European cities like Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin while they make London their second home. And no more do they excite enviable eulogies from various local musicians. These former ‘first ladies’ of banking, like snow men at sunrise, are no longer the darlings of high society. Loyalty and acclaim are indeed transient.