Ebere Nwoji

Issues bothering on reorientation of values among Nigerian youths, especially those aspiring for future political offices, in order to drive the type of transformation that will lift Nigeria to the much desired developed nation’s status, topped discussions at this year’s edition of annual lecture organised by the Women in Management,Business and Public Service (WIMBIZ).

This year’s edition of the lecture which also marked the 15th anniversary of the group, featured women occupying top and middle class positions in different sectors of the economy.

According to them, the theme of this year’s lecture ‘Crisis of Values: Reclaiming our Society’, was highly inspiring and chosen “because Nigeria, needs to reclaim its lost values.”

They said efforts in this direction should start from schools, by giving students instruction on relevant subjects that will make them see good moral value as relevant aspect of their lives.

Speaking at the lecture, Minister for Mines and Solid Minerals, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, who delivered the key note address, regretted that good moral values among Nigerians is fast declining.

He noted that successive governments in Nigeria have fought moral decadence both in Nigeria’s polity, business class and among the youths through various programmes like War Against Indiscipline (WAI), Mass Mobilisation for Social Justice and Economic Recovery, war against corruption among others but failed to achieve success because among other reasons for their failures, the programmes were poorly implemented and those championing the course did not lead by good examples.

He said in this era of change, Nigeria needs not only good morally conscious public office holders but men and women who cherish good moral value for their children.
He said the contributions of Nigerian women are earnestly needed, as he urged them to always lend their voices in government policy programmes every year.

The minister said without active participation of women in political decision making in Nigeria, goals of all democratic processes cannot be achieved.
According to him, their skills and experiences are needed by every regime in power as he encourage them to continue to contest for political positions irrespective of obstacles to their success.

Fayemi, also said reclaiming of lost values in Nigerian society, should start from a total review of educational curriculum in Nigerian schools, to carry the youths along in the exercise.

He regretted that curriculum of schools in the present time, has left behind important subjects like History and Civic Education, questioning how a youth would know the values of his society ,if he does not know the history and norms of that same society as well as his civic responsibility as a good citizen of the country.

Also speaking, WIMBIZ Chairperson, Aisha Ahmad, said the theme of the year’s lecture was informed by the obvious need for change in our value system especially among youths.
She said most youths now think that unless they engage in immoral behaviors, they cannot achieve success.

She said why WIMBIZ has chosen person like Fayemi to deliver the address to prove that people can abide by good moral values and still achieve success.

Ahmad called on parents to join hands in shaping the minds of their upcoming youths in this direction while educational institutions in Nigeria should review the school curriculum