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There is no end to the mischief of hideous hearts. Like trout that must be caught and silenced by tickling, they incite contempt and ire by their hideous plots. As you read, rumour mongers are spreading falsehood about former billionaire, Jimoh Ibrahim. They allege that the media mogul and hospitality entrepreneur is flat broke. According to them his private jet is currently grounded and unable to fly due to his inability to pay for the millions of dollars required to service it and get it back in the air. Consequently, the aircraft which stopped flying in October 2015, is parked and rotting away at the prestigious Evergreen terminal in Lagos. According to Jimoh’s detractors, he is currently experiencing extreme financial problems. They claim that besides his grounded aircraft, the brash and loquacious former billionaire from Ondo state is unable to salvage his NICON luxury hotels and NICON Insurance from decline. The hotel is reportedly experiencing declining patronage.

And to make matters worse, the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) officials are also on his neck; they are allegedly investigating him for tax evasion.
Staff of NICON Insurance recently revealed that officials of FIRS invaded the company’s premises recently to paste tax evasion papers on the front and back of the office and up till now, Jimoh Ibrahim has not paid the tax. The workers added that he now sneaks into Abuja and has been trying to see President Buhari without success. Also, he has not paid back the huge Aviation Intervention Fund Loan he took from the Federal Government on behalf of his moribund airline, Air Nigeria. If these claims and revelations are anything to go by, these are indeed not the best of times for Jimoh Ibrahim.

Has Professor Viola Onwuliri Crashed Son’s Marriage?
But for idleness, Professor Viola Onwuliri may command the awe of the academia and undergraduates seeking a taste of her Pierian spring. However, the former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs during Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, instead, incites anger and vitriol from her daughters-in-law. This is because she parades herself like a painted goddess, doling unequal wrath unto her weary clan.

Since, Onwuliri and her former principal, Jonathan, got booted out of power by All Progressives Congress’ General Muhammadu Buhari, she has devised a mean way to preoccupy herself; Onwuliri currently busies herself by interfering in her sons’ marriages. Although she is supposed to be in lecture rooms imparting knowledge into young undergraduates, instead, she imposes herself in her son’s lives, poke-nosing into their marriages, like a busy body.

Consequently, the marriage between her son, Chukwuemeka Osmond Onwuliri, and his wife, Christiana, has hit the rocks. Sources within the family alleged that her son’s marriage crashed because of her unhealthy and persistent interference. Narrating her ordeal in the hands of Onwuliri, Christiana, her former daughter-in-law, revealed that she (Viola Onwuliri) subjected her to both physical and mental torture.

The former minister reportedly kicked against Christiana’s emergence as her son’s wife for reasons best known to her. Consequently, she allegedly worked tirelessly to break up her son’s home and destroy his marriage with Christiana. By the time Prof. Onwuliri succeeded with her plans, Christiana was stripped of her certificates, her travelling documents and her children. Although Christiana reported the issue to the Nigerian Police in Imo state, the State Commissioner of Police withdrew his men from handling the case, tagging it a marital issue that his commission could not handle. Sensing foul play, Christiana called on the National Human Rights Commission to thoroughly investigate the matter.

Barbedos! On the Trail of Kashim Bukar
Like a human giraffe, sniffing down his nostril at mortals beneath his gaze, Kashim Bukar Shettima, affected the poise of a beautiful bride when he was making huge money. He paraded himself as the nearest thing beyond a tin-god so much so that friends, political and business associates worshipped the ground upon which he walked; albeit reluctantly.

Eventually, like all man-made deities, he stopped resembling a ‘god’ or something like one; he began to lose worth like the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat. Curiously, like a fading rose, Kashim Bukar Shettima quietly disappears from the social space even as you read.
The owner of Sky Jet and the Barbedos Group of Companies, one of the largest business concerns in Nigeria has suddenly gone underground. Before he went underground, Kashim dominated the social scene and corporate business sector. His enterprise, Barbedos Group, flaunted a sound reputation and solid work ethics that is epitomized by the owner.

Known as a relatively soft-spoken and straight-talking man, it’s surprising to learn that Kashim emerged from very humble beginnings. But he attained success and eminence by dint of hard work. Subsequently, he nurtured many protégés and big players in the Nigerian social and business scenes. Some of them are still loyal to him while others have dumped him like a bad habit. The latter are the reason Kashim currently beats a retreat from the social arena; he is angry that people he helped to the top of the entrepreneurial ladder do not give a hoot about him. He tried to bounce back in the last government but all he could muster was a futile and feeble attempt.

Are Musa and Caroline Danjuma fame junkies?
Critics accuse them of masterminding rumour of their failed marriage to court media attention for ‘Stalker’
Caroline Danjuma probably thought of marriage as a fantastic sojourn malleable to her dreams as an intractable spinster. But she has awaken to a rude shock; marriage is actually not all that she imagined it to be – it is not a fantastic sojourn into Neverland and she would never always get to have her way. However, the icy fog that beclouded her world is gradually thinning out.
Musa and Caroline Danjuma are indeed an interesting pair. Like fame junkies lusting for a fix of the proverbial 15 minutes in the limelight, Musa and his wife, Caroline, allegedly hustled the media and high society for negative attention, last week.

Following rumours about their break-up last week, pundits claim that the billionaire brother of retired Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, and his wife Caroline, masterminded a very dirty and desperate ruse in their frantic bid to attract media attention for Caroline’s recent movie project, Stalker. Entertainment pundits are of the opinion that the couple resorted to such desperate measure as faking a marital crisis and break-up because they needed to get Caroline back in the news. It is an open secret that Caroline who used to be a successful movie star is currently struggling for recognition in the media and movie industry. But no sooner did news filter out about tumult in their marriage than Caroline began to enjoy media attention once more.

In line with their alleged plot, Musa Danjuma was in the news in the past week and it was even alleged that Caroline had moved out of their matrimonial home.
It was further reported that the couple were already filing for divorce to go their separate ways. While the divorce rumours made the rounds, neither Caroline Danjuma nor Musa debunked the story. Rather they allowed the story to go viral on the social media and in the print media thereby misleading the general public.

However, going by a recent video posted on Instagram by Caroline Danjuma, critics of the couple may be right. In the video, Caroline is seated in a club house laughing hysterically as her husband rubs her derriere. This, according to pundits, is evidence that the couple may have deliberately released terrible news about themselves to gain media attention. Though there is no caption on the video, it effectively shuts down rumours of their failed marriage. The things people do for acclaim.

Why Amosun goes everywhere with Buhari
Somewhere between Oke Mosan and Aso Rock, Governor Ibikunle Amosun confused his office and job specification. The Ogun state governor, according to his critics, does not know if he should remain governor or quit the State House to play man Friday and side-kick to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Prominent citizens and groups within the state are complaining bitterly about Governor Amosun’s incessant desertion of the State House and his office to spend time with President Buhari in the presidential villa in Abuja. According to his critics, Amosun hardly stays in Abeokuta to work. According to them, Governor Amosun imagines various reasons and excuses to be with the president thus he is always with Buhari. During Aisha Buhari’s birthday, he flew to the presidential villa to celebrate with the Buharis. If he appoints a new staff, Amosun will take the next flight to Abuja to celebrate with him. Even if Buhari enters a new month, Amosun will fly to Abuja to celebrate with him. In response, Amosun’s loyalists argued that the governor’s closeness to Buhari go way back.

According to them, Amosun and Buhari’s relationship date back to the past 15 years. Both have been close since their days in the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP), when they were struggling for political office. Buhari had wanted to be President on ANPP’s platform, Amosun too had tried all his best to win the governorship seat in Ogun State but they were both unsuccessful in their attempts. Thus it is understandable that Governor Amosun would spend a lot of time in Buhari’s company following their victory at the polls. Since May 2015 when Buhari became President, Amosun has spent a lot of time in Abuja giving support to Buhari’s administration. He has registered his presence at most occasions in the presidential villa. He has also been involved in virtually all the various trips that the President made abroad.

President Buhari in turn, likes Amosun’s toughness and candour. And the fact that they are both Muslims who deeply value their faith endear them to each other, according to very close sources to the duo. Buhari who is not quick to trust, believes so much in Amosun and trusts him. That is why Buhari feels comfortable putting up in Amosun’s house in London. Anytime Buhari visits London for medical checkups, Buhari stays with Amosun and the Ogun governor makes his stay comfortable.
It can be recalled that when Buhari set up his cabinet, Amosun made great impact as some of his candidates were made Ministers to the chagrin of certain power blocs within the APC. Let’s hope Amosun will exploit his closeness with President Buhari to add value to the lives of the people of Ogun State.

Tinubu’s TVc sacks top executives
Only socialism could put up with it for so long; that is, the way Television Continental (TVC) was being run. A media establishment allegedly owned by All Progressives Congress (APC) big wig and two-time governor of Lagos state, Bola Tinubu, TVC, like most media outfits, is not finding things easy at the moment. Findings revealed that some of the company’s top shots were recently eased out. The casualties include Richard Dayo-Johnson, a Director with Radio Continental, Kunle Adegboyega, Director of Finance and Motunrayo Afolabi-Brown, Director of Programmes (Terrestial Section).

The last person is said to be the daughter of late activist, Alao Aka-Bashorun and was reportedly doing very well with her programme, Your View, before she was booted out. Equally affected is one Mayokun, the MD of Consat, who had earlier been poached from DSTV. An insider revealed that this is to downsize and reduce the company’s wage bill, which is said to be over N200 million per month. “They were paying those guys expatriate salaries of around N1.8m to N2 million. They also lived in Magodo, with brand new Prado SUV as official cars. But now, the company doesn’t ‘see’ money like before. So, it’s a reflection of the economy. And even Tinubu is also cutting cost,” according YES magazine sources.

Shattered life! How Maheeda was allegedly raped by her father at the tender age of 11
At the tender age of 11, Maheeda was not a girl but she could not be called ‘woman.’ Girl-interrupted best defined her piteous state. Her hymen was brutally ruptured and her innocence was cruelly taken away in a fit of lust, allegedly by her stepfather.
Maheeda is a broken soul after all. It finally makes sense. That wanton streak of deviance and sexual delinquency that colours her psyche and mars her character can be traced to a horrific trauma rooted in her childhood. If you take good care to explore the pains within her soul or her best kept secrets if you like, you would be horrified by the grisly catalogue of psychopathological phenomena—the murderous, incestuous, and perverse tragedies which lurk in the back bedrooms of her mind. Maheeda may be a sex vixen today, but she is emotionally destroyed and it took an innocent display of camaraderie by one of her fans to reveal all that.

When the world celebrated fathers’ day, Maheeda wrote: “Happy Father’s Day? Which father? The father that left me from five months old? Or the stepfather that raped me growing up? F**k the Father’s Day!! Not for me huh? Keep your wishes.” Maheeda’s outburst brings to the fore once again the brutal impact of childhood rape on the victim. It is acknowledged world over that father-daughter incest occurs on a large scale around the world. Consequently, sexual abuse has now been included in child abuse legislation around the world. One of such victims is controversial singer and nudist, Maheeda. She alleged that while her real father died five months after her birth, her stepfather started raping her when she clocked the tender age of 11.

The silence of Ramaniyya Oil and Gas boss, Abdulrahman Bashir
Abdulrahman Bashir is imperceptible now. He has become like the languid breeze blowing listlessly across withering meadows. But he is no breeze; he is actually keeping a low profile. Back when he was a hunk and A-list oil mogul, he attracted loyalists, colleagues and friends as the pollen nectar attracts butterflies to sup from its sweetness.
Then Bashir morphed into a haughty hunk of sort, presenting a perfect portrait of the power-drunk and currency-activated businessman who brooked no opposition to his views and was ruthless towards perceived enemies or opposition.

However, Abdulrahman Bashir knew that to catch a tiger cub, he must enter the tiger’s lair; whatever danger that portends. Thus like a knight destined to win glorious triumphs and the love of the woman that charmed his heart, Bashir sought the affection of Aishat, the beautiful last daughter of late President Umaru Yar’adua, even as he vied for an enviable spot in the pantheons of Nigeria’s high flying businessmen. That was supposed to be a great feat if he could pull it off. But sadly, he couldn’t. In his quest, the MD/CEO of Ramaniyya Oil and Gas, forgot momentarily that the Yar’Adua girls were meant for the love and attention of serving governors.

Although the older two, Nafisa and Zainab, were married to former Governors Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State and Saidu Dakingari of Kebbi State respectively, Bashir wasn’t daunted. He kept faith in his love for Aishat hoping that by a twist of fate, he would win her heart. Love however, turned awry for the starry-eyed Romeo when a popular billionaire businessman showed interest in the svelte young lady then. It was a big battle between them at that time. But that is not Bashir’s only claim to fame. The MD/CEO of Ramaniyya Oil and Gas attracted public attention when his name featured prominently among those whose non-performing loans brought many Nigerian banks to their knees. That was many years ago. To say that Bashir was badly bruised and shaken by Sanusi’s sanitization policies is to understate his plight. However, despite his past misadventures, Bashir is optimistic about rising up again. He has certainly learnt valuable lessons from his past challenges. Now calm, cool and collected, Bashir, goes about his businesses in the most humble and strategic manner. He has grown to become gentle giant and promising entrepreneur of the future.

Folorunso Alakija’s in-law, Kafilat Ogbara’s unexpected goldmine…
Even the devil watches all opportunities seeking those which he could profit from hence let no one blame or crucify Kafilat Ogbara. The former Managing Director (MD) of National Mirror would rather be an opportunist and float than go to the bottom with principles tied around her neck. Ogbara, popular socialite, was on to a big gig in the last administration. Ever since her unceremonial exit from Jimoh Ibrahim’s National Mirror, Ogbara had allegedly been on the lookout for any venture or opportunity that she could profit from.

No sooner than she quit National Mirror, Ogbara, who is very close to people in the corridors of power, chanced on a profitable gig repackaging former President Goodluck Jonathan to the Nigerian youth. For those who do not know, Ogbara was the brain behind President Jonathan’s meeting with several political and civil society groups, including the young entrepreneurs, online bloggers, the meeting with the 5000 youths and others that took place in Lagos. She certainly had a blast with her inclusion in Jonathan’s re-election campaign team.

Love actually! Lateef Belo-Osagie savours 3rd wife
Few women ever get over their first husbands, and few men, their first wives. Many ‘move on’ and pine eternally over soul mates they carelessly let go. But a few smart men simply choose not to sulk hence Lateef Belo-Osagie has remarried the third time. Lateef probably had good reasons for refusing to salvage his last marriage to Toyin before it hit the rocks. Perhaps it was for love’s sake that Lateef dished his last wife, Toyin for Trixie.

At high profile parties and events, they cut striking poses as a loved up couple. When they made an entry into Alade Williams’s wedding ceremony in Vietnam not too long ago, all eyes were on them, not for their clothes but for the love they radiated. Scarcely leaving each other’s company for a second, Lateef and his new wife, Trixie clung unto each other like their life depended on it. However, if Trixie is a culturally-entrenched person, she would understand that the whip used on an elder wife is in store for the new bride.