The Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Carlos Troja Sosa, has registered his presence as one of the high profile personalities to visit the court of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeleye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II. The new king of the Yorubas has embarked on promotion of cultural tourism with Ife as the new destination, since he assumed the throne.

The envoy was accompanied on the visit by his wife, Trejo Sosa (Oshunyinka) the deputy envoy, Ms Miriam Morales Palmero (Yemoja) following a royal summon by the Ooni.

The visit spanned two days with the first day witnessing a grand reception for the visiting envoy and his team at the Enu Owa palace where he was treated to musical and cultural entertainment with Osirgi dance group, Abubu Ola and the Elewo Agogo Group and the duo of Olo Midan Bata and Anu, the lady Ekwe from the stable of Atunda Entertainment as well as Sango Oba Koso, which is known in the Caribbean as Shango.

This was later followed in the evening by a private dinner hosted for the visitors by the Ooni, who is also the grand patron of Motherland Beckons, an organisation founded by Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, who is the president of La Campagne and also the consultant and adviser on tourism to the Ooni, who has on assumption of the throne declared his intention of turning Ife into a tourism destination.

The night ended with tour of Omi Yeye Moolu, a mysterious river within the inner recesses of the palace while on the second day of the visitor, the team was at the Ile- Ife Grand Resort and Leisure site, a 156 hectare of land, which on completion is to house a N7.6 billion resort. The project is floated by the Ooni to provide employment and open the tourism economy of Ile-Ife.

Thereafter, the team visited Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) where the Cuban envoy held court with the students at the amphitheatre. He also visited the Natural History of Museum and the Institute of Cultural Studies.

Ambassador Sosa was impressed by the tourism dream of the Ooni especially the Ile-Ife Grand Resort and also the planned declaration of Ife as a tourism zone. According to the envoy, these are laudable projects, which he is happy to be associated with and run his weight behind even as he promised the Ooni and the people of the unalloyed support of his office and that of his country.

Oba Ojaja II also took time to educate and expose his visitors to the rich history and tradition of his people and the supremacy of Ile-Ife. He debunked the migratory theory about Ile-Ife and declared that Ile-Ife is indeed the cradle of mankind and not only that of the Yorubas alone.

He further delved into mystic and esoteric belief that Olodumare, the creator of the universe, controls the world from Ile-Ife, as evidenced by the mysterious Igi Nla, White Forest, Ark of Noah and Tower of Babel, all domiciled in Ile-Ife. He elaborated on the significance of the 201 deities created by Olodumare and their relationship with mankind.