Following threats of insecurity within the cyberspace and its effect on businesses across the  globe, mobile communications giant, BlackBerry Limited has launched a Professional Cybersecurity Services to help organisations combat the scourge of online insecurity.
By this, organisations are open to new choices of   consulting services, tools and best practices to assess and thwart ever-changing cybersecurity risks.
According to reports, data breaches across the globe was estimated to cost the global economy  more than $400 billion every year with organisations that  depend on mobile endpoints to connect through networked and cloud-enabled platforms mostly affected.
The challenge of insecurity in the cyberspace coupled with increased internet connectivity has brought about greater demands for a more robust defensive tactics to combat these risks which   BlackBerry’s Professional Cybersecurity Practice seeks to address according to market demand.

For the company, its new cybersecurity consulting services and tools, combined with its existing security solutions to help customers identify the latest cybersecurity threats, develop risk appropriate mitigation strategies, implement and maintain IT security standards, techniques and defence against the risk of future attacks.
In addition, it also  acquired UK-based Encryption Limited, which brings years of cybersecurity consulting experience to the organisation to deliver on its core emphasis on securing mobile communications across all platforms.
Encryption’s specialties range from deep technical skills in software security to hardware capabilities. This includes industry-leading assessments in penetration testing, mimicking the techniques of malicious hackers to ensure organisations are aware of cyber risks posed by criminal hackers and how to address them.

Commenting on this development, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackBerry, John Chen said “BlackBerry is the gold standard when it comes to security and we’re always evolving to maintain this high standard as the complexity of enterprise mobility and security increases, we recognise that security vulnerabilities are a top risk concern for public and private sector organisations alike. The creation of our Professional Cybersecurity Services practice and acquisition of Encryption reinforces our commitment to providing customers the industry’s most secure mobility solutions and helping them to assess and mitigate risks”.