Emma Okonji

The Chief Executive Officer of MainOne, Funke Opeke, has reiterated the company’s intention to enable broadband internet access for all Nigerians, as well as provide full development training of technology startups that would in turn develop software applications that will enhance internet access and connectivity.

Speaking on the plans to connect Nigerians to virtually all electronic devices through the Internet of Things (IoT), Opeke said: “Today we are already playing in the field of eCommerce, wearable technology and all these are integrated into our enterprise network. With more Nigerians connected to the internet, they will have more access across the universe.”

More technologies are also being deployed for the control of vehicular movement and tracking and this will reduce traffic congestion on our roads, and we will continue to support young technology start-ups, who will become future software developers for Nigeria, Opeke said in Lagos, during the recent hosting of IT professionals, IT enthusiasts and other technology players at the second edition of its annual Nerds Unite Technology Conference.

Speaking on Cloud Computing as the modern technology that will enhance global connectivity and data security, Opeke said: “More than 50 per cent of organisations are already in the cloud, connected to cloud services, and it will bring about better connectivity and outreach to more people and customers. It will help organisations to gain wider resources in business. As connectivity continues to grow, with increase in economic of scales, it will enhance businesses in Nigeria and the globe.”

Created for IT professionals, Nerds Unite is MainOne’s technology platform to bring together its customers and partners for impactful knowledge sharing sessions and social networking.

With topics ranging from best practices to address emerging challenges facing Enterprises in Connectivity, Data Centre, Cloud and Security, Nerds Unite delivered a wealth of new content, unparalleled networking opportunities and key insights to enrich the technical audience.

Speaking on “The Shape of Things to Come”, Opeke, analysed latest trends including the Internet of Things, Data Centre and Cloud Services, Managed Security and Social Business and urged IT professionals to adopt new technologies for enhanced operational efficiency for their organisations. She noted that the IT space is highly competitive and early adopters and pioneers stand to benefit more from new technologies.

“In light of economic realities, it is important for businesses to take a closer look at their operational costs and take advantage of Data Centre, Cloud and Connectivity solutions to manage costs and drive improved operational efficiency during this challenging period”, she said.​