Fanta bottle

Fanta, a product by the Coca-Cola Company, has raised the bar of competition in Nigerian orange drink market with the new launch of ‘Play it Better’ Campaign. The unveiling of the campaign was recently done in Lagos.

The campaign tagged ‘Play it better’ is expected to run till the end of 2016.

Speaking at the event, the marketing director of Coca-Cola Nigeria Ltd, Patricia Jemibewon, said: “Fanta personifies play, fun and excitement. As such, we continually seek ways to engage and excite our consumers. Leveraging the ‘Play’ campaign platform, it is natural that the campaign has evolved into the next level which is ‘Play it better”,

“Since 2012, the Fanta campaign has revolved around the ‘Play’ theme and featured the Fanta characters – Maude, Tristan, Gigi, Floyd, Andy, Todd, Lola and Sun. Now, these characters have gotten older and are now in their early teens.

“The new campaign prominently features the well-known Fanta characters who are now aged up and in their teens. In the different executions of the campaign, we see their playful, fun personalities come through as they navigate through typical teen tension moments. You will observe that they always take advantage of opportunities to engage in their fun interests anytime they meet up with their friends”, she said.