Orji Uzor Kalu
Kalu...time to let go

Ahead of tomorrow’s rerun poll for the Abia North senatorial seat in Abia State, Ebere Wabara canvasses for last minute support for former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu

This Saturday, March 5, 2016, history should (please note my optimism) be made as humanity troops out to vote the former governor of Abia State, philanthropist extraordinaire and one of the most popular politicians of our time, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, as senator representing Abia North senatorial zone in the Appeal Court-ordered re-run.

Voters had last year, March 28 specifically, given the mandate to Dr. Kalu, whose election on the platform of the Peoples Progressive Alliance (PPA) was manipulatively upturned by a cabalistic bunch of amnesic ingrates and rapists (of democracy) through the criminality of election result mutilation, among other unprecedented governance dubiosities.

The moment Dr. Kalu, who is also the Chairman of Slok Group of Companies, won at the Court of Appeal, I knew the mantle of credible representation of the district had inevitably fallen on the erstwhile action governor.

What will happen this weekend is the formalisation of the revalidation of his pyrrhic victory, which was stolen in 2015 by sadistic local agents of the fossilizing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Umuahia, comprising the ad hoc Patriots, self-acclaimed Abia Elders (now Ukwa-Ngwa Elders) and the latest creation called Abia Guardians of Equity – all consisting of the same membership with mere nomenclatural mutations! Where is the equity when one of the three senators in the state and the governor come from adjacent hamlets?

In terms of mass appeal, support and endorsement, contributions to human capital development, national and supranational economic transformation, Dr. Kalu’s opponents in the re-run put together cannot come near the preface of his profile – which is also the most critical point of disenchantment between him and those opposed to his idiosyncracies and alleged disrespect for elders and holistic haughtiness. As Dr. Okey Ikechukwu pointed out sometime ago, the fact is that Dr. Kalu is an asset, who is inexplicably misunderstood and mismanaged endlessly.

What Abians and South Easterners need generally is someone, who has the influence to effectively represent them through strategic adumbration of the challenges confronting the geopolitical zone and getting them addressed as is typical of him. The zone has had enough sleepy and docile senators, who just warm up the seats as part of the statistical record of the upper chamber. With Dr. Kalu, everyone knows that pussyfooting by South East senators is over.

He did it to a great applause as a governor and in the process distempered the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, who could not stomach Dr. Kalu’s boldness, nay effrontery, to challenge the status quo neglect and abandonment of the South East geo-polity by his administration and his consistent demand for the correction of the anomalies in his zone. This is even a better platform for Dr. Kalu to address the federal neglect of his territory, a systemic drawback that had bothered him and taciturn South Easterners over the years.

With his entry into the Senate, if Abians expectedly vote correctly once more as they did cast their votes for Dr. Kalu last year, the era of mismanagement of this master strategist will end. I can assure Abians who are solidly behind Dr. Kalu for multifarious reasons that there cannot be any mutilation of election results as happened in 2015. This time round, nobody or group of usurpers from any Government House can storm INEC office to intimidate or compromise electoral officials as people have now wisened up to such antitheses of democracy.

Overall, the fundamental responsibility of Dr. Kalu in the Senate is to defend Abians and represent them utmostly because voters want a senator that will resolve issues affecting the, not the one who will be engrossed in selfishness or timidity. Fortunately, Dr. Kalu has a record of accomplishment in public service that revolves round battling the authorities for the betterment of the lives of the downtrodden and proven leadership that will empower him to fight for Abia North District, Abia State and Nigeria.

Dr. Kalu has the determination, patience, focus and plain guts to confront problems of his people. A man that had and still has presidential ambitions cannot fiddle with people’s yearnings, needs and rights, For him, the senate is a step to national leadership and he is, therefore, conscious of the expectations of his senatorship.

A grassroots person, Dr. Kalu is an extrovert, who understands all categories of Nigerians, their motivations and excitement. With him, there is no elitist ensconcement. Everyone knows where he stands on critical national issues. He is one senator you can trust eventually because he does not lounge on the fence. Who is it that he can fear or not squarely face or made to see reason or be civilized?
This dogged politician will aggregate the pain points of Nigerians and try resolving them more than any other senator – past or serving – because of his peculiar dynamism and vision. He will achieve this through collaborative legislation. I must reaffirm that Dr. Kalu has a superfluity of capacity, competency, network and resilience to attract best things to his zone and beyond.

Most Nigerians know that this senator-in-the-making is a multi-task strategist, whose pedigree and attainments confound even his detractors. This further explains why his pan-Nigeria personage attracts accolades from all parts of the country. He is at home anywhere he goes to in Nigeria unlike virtually all his peers. His recent visits to almost all parts of the country and current senatorial campaigns hallmark unparalleled popularity and acceptability.

The Kalu that I know will take people’s views, read their mails and exchange correspondence, interface with local and state political leaders and generally make a difference. He knows that the Senate symbolises Nigerians’ political power. This consciousness will shape his contributions, debates and actualisation of legislative goals. Dr. Kalu will ultimately help his constituency solve its age-long problems, which his predecessors in the senate had skirted around over the years.
Above all, a Senator Kalu, going by his character, will educate and inform his constituency about legislation, advocate Abia North’s interests, interact with the Executive, interest groups and other levels of government. Succinctly, he will be a “senatorial jack-of-all-trades” and a grandmaster of all.

The point to underscore is that Dr. Kalu is indeed misunderstood and mismanaged and at another level underestimated by some jealous and timid people, who interface with him. A few of his critics accuse him of false aristocratic arrogance, among other sundry and pedestrian allegations

His reclusiveness, humility and philanthropic humanism are unparalleled in this part of the world, where obscene display of wealth and class arrogance is the crass second nature of moneybags. Dr. Kalu’s economic nationalism and diplomacy are enough justifications for this senatorial interlude in the life of a man, who is 99 per cent self-made. There is nothing in his pedigree to explain his borderless and boundless affluence in global measures.

A highly detribalised Nigerian going by the ethnic configuration of thousands of humanity in his global conglomerate, this boardroom guru’s passion for quintessence in all departments of life hallmarks existential fanaticism that clearly domesticates survivalist responsibility. He does not subscribe to short cuts. A young chairman of a group of blue-chip companies with copious developmental interests, whose triumphant attitudinal disposition to life is unimaginable – he goes for the best with superlative anchorage.

No half-measures in any circumstance as he stoutly believes nothing is impossible in this world. That is his philosophy of life. All challenges are surmountable hence he does not take impossibility for an answer. To him, everything is doable as long as you put your mind to it. That is his unimpeachable resolution!

The superfluity of his philanthropy, which transcends consanguinity, is such that he does not like seeing people suffering. On an occasion we travelled on a chartered flight from Owerri to Abuja, Dr. Kalu gave out not less than N3 million at both airports to various security and administrative staff!
His PA and chummy of mine, Prince Kunle Oyewunmi, informed me that the generosity was routine. There have been instances where he met less-privileged members of the society in sorry situations and had to intervene with alacrity in changing their lives. He does this without any class or other extraneous considerations. This economic wizard’s generosity is breathtaking.

Nothing makes this entrepreneurial whiz kid happy as diligence, which explains the robustness of his passion for hard work by those privileged to be associated with his vast empire. Apart from the direct human capital in his international institutions, he has fertilised and watered innumerable private initiatives of people, who have come his way over the years from all occupations. His accommodative organisational capacity is unequalled in this part of the world. The declarations you digest here are factual beneficent attestations to this astute excellent business expert, who has an uncommon penchant for breaking new grounds.

Overall, Dr. Kalu, an unprecedented visionary symbol, has a profundity of energy, enthusiasm and empathy running in his veins. At times, those who know him closely wonder whether he would ever retire from economic activism. I have the conviction that his beneficiaries’ prayers for him have the propensity to keep him for a long time to come. Simply put, this man has affected and continues to affect uncountable lives, many of whom I know. He enjoys offering Nigerians and non-Nigerians limitless platforms particularly through the instrumentality of Slok Group.

The writer does not know, yet, if there is anyone who can be compared to this multi-billionaire in terms of attitudinal disposition, philanthropic invaluableness, generation of novelties and success inclination. It seems, somehow, that there is divine manifestation in whatever this staunch Catholic lays his hand upon which gives rise to Midas touch in all he does.

He does not compromise excellence and goes for the best in anything at stake: there is this amazing consciousness about quality. His sagacity, mind fertility and business versatility are unequalled in our time. I will not go into his politics having written volumes on that.

Hypercritics of Dr. Kalu accuse him of intellectual snobbery because he never suffers fools gladly. They allege that he carries on too confidently and depends essentially on his cerebral capability and capacity. He unapologetically believes, according to them, that he is “smarter” than other people, which most find offensive.

Clearly, he is a generational anchor endowed with divine blessings. He personifies entrepreneurship strewn with benevolence. A man with Midas touch, who has mastered his environment by conquering all the latent constituents and elemental forces against all episodic odds, this investment captain remains an embodiment of industry, a beacon and blistering light in usually impossible tunnels and difficult terrains.

As you read this, his vast business empire keeps expanding, beyond bounds. The best is yet to come from this adept innovator, revolutionary icon, gem of our time and a generational statement. An inspirational Adonis, highly imaginative and full of ideas, Dr. Kalu’s sense of humour and experimental management of human capital and other productive resources are inimitable.

Dr. Kalu’s sport gestural involvements, particularly football with Enyimba Football Club as a testament, can only be compared to the sporting activities of the late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola of blessed memories. The point that needs to be emphasised here is that this man has empowered and is still uplifting many Nigerians (and other nationals) who had the rare privilege of coming his way, strewn with unlimited potentialities. Everything, apart from resurrection, is possible with my oga!

This is my brief contribution to the senatorial quest of this prodigious philanthropist of our time, a multi-billionaire by British standard, who is misunderstood by the minority and immeasurably appreciated by the majority of Nigerians, most especially because of the revolution he wrought with the introduction of soar-away Sun titles and lately racy New Telegraph with delectable Funke Egbemode transforming the publication and stamping her authority on the short history of the medium as the Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief, just as our suave colleague in The Sun, Comrade Eric Osagie, is carrying on with so much panache and visibility that one could think there had been no helmsman before him in our Sun!

In prospective time, Dr. Kalu’s detractors will comprehend him, his philosophy of life and his quintessence. To some of us, he is a solution while he remains a puzzle/enigma to his floundering and vanishing clan of hypercritics and ingrates. To the Senate Dr. Kalu belongs – his popularity and mission will win him more votes than last year’s.

I am optimistic Abians will vote right for Dr. Kalu once more. God’s Own People voted for him last year, result of which was grossly mutilated by enemies of progress, who have been extinguished! They knew Dr. Kalu won against all odds so they had to do what they did to stop him!
-Wabara is the media adviser to Dr. Kalu

What Abians and South Easterners need generally is someone, who has the influence to effectively represent them through strategic adumbration of the challenges confronting the geopolitical zone and getting them addressed as is typical of him. The zone has had enough sleepy and docile senators, who just warm up the seats as part of the statistical record of the upper chamber. With Dr. Kalu, everyone knows that pussyfooting by South East senators is over.