A member of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Prince Benjamin Benedict Apugo, has come under fire over his brand of politics which his sons allege promotes hate and pull-him-down syndrome in Ibeku clan of Umuahia North local government.

Speaking with journalists at the weekend in Umuahia, a member of Abia State House of Assembly, Hon Chukwudi Apugo said that he and his siblings were fed up with their father, popularly known as BB in Abia politics, adding that they have every reason to throw darts at him for his undemocratic activities.

“His (BB Apugo) brand of politics is outdated. He is not the kind of person that wants younger ones to grow as he likes to be the only cock crowing in Ibeku,” the lawmaker said.

The gulf between Prince Apugo and his sons further widened when he dumped Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and joined the APC in the run up to the 2015 general elections while his children remain staunch members of PDP, which is now in the opposition.

Chukwudi, who represents Umuahia East state constituency in Abia House, said that his own father has for long been a stumbling block for aspiring politicians from Umuahia. Citing his own political travails, the lawmaker said that his own father had been frustrating his efforts to become a lawmaker since 2003 until Senator Theodore Orji came along as governor and “liberated” the people of Ibeku from the vicious grip of Chief Apugo.

According to him, the incessant vitriolic attacks that BB Apugo has been hauling at Senator Orji since he left office as governor was an open expression of anger that Orji has reduced his political influence in Ibeku by opening the space and empowering so many young people.

“Before Senator Orji came around Ibeku people used to go to his (BB Apugo) house to beg for arms but T.A Orji came and liberated Ibeku people. Now many of them are independent and doing well to the chagrin of BB Apugo, “ he said.
The lawmaker said that the type of politics that appeals to his father is to sit in his house, play godfather and decide who gets any political office without competing in a democratic space.

He warned his father to leave Senator Orji alone and instead commend the former governor for empowering Apugo’s children as well as a host of Ibeku people.

“I want to tell Chief Apugo to leave Senator T.A. Orji alone lest we dance naked in the market place,” he warned,” he warned, adding that he would not hesitate to open the can of worms if his father continues with his outdated politics.

Corroborating his brother’s statement, Benjamin Ifeanyi Apugo said that it was high time their father stopped his campaign of calumny against Senator Orji, who has done so much for the people of Ibeku.