By Emma Okonji

Composite retail outfit, Yudala, in collaboration with Airtel, has announced the launch of XTOUCH smartphone in Nigeria. The smartphone, which is specifically designed for the Middle East and Africa markets, has been introduced with special installment payment plan that will enable Nigerians get the new model E1 smartphone with ease.

The installment payment option, according to Yudala and Airtel, became alternative method of getting the XTOUCH E1 smartphone that is highly cost-effective, but beautifully made smartphone that comes with sleek design and a powerful 3,200mAh large battery.

Customers will also get the full cash back on Airtel data plans.
The three months zero percentage on interest instalment payment plan will make customer shopping experience easier and more enjoyable by allowing customers to purchase the XTOUCH E1 with a flexible repayment option, that will align with their budget and lifestyle.

Announcing the launch and unique payment option in Lagos, Founder and Vice President, Yudala, Mr. Nnamdi Ekeh, said: “Yudala has always placed the needs and desires of the customer first. We team up with XTOUCH and Airtel to provide the customer one more payment option to elevate their shopping experience to an even higher level. Even though the country is experiencing currency crisis at the moment, we are still not afraid to take the risk of fixed pricing and testing the integrity of our esteemed consumers. We are doing this because we are dedicated in making our customer’s shopping experience, online or offline, more pleasant and enjoyable.”

Executive Director at Airtel, Tawa Bolarin, said: “The mobile web is growing at a phenomenal pace, and we have always been working to create optimal value for our customers through business excellence and innovation.” He added, “We always try to make mobile internet more accessible and affordable for our numerous customers. Workingwith XTOUCH and Yudala to give customers full cash back on data plans when they purchase XTOUCH E1, will greatly help us deliver on our vision. This is one important step we are taking.”

Vice President, Commercial, XTOUCH, Farhad Khan, said: “Although Nigerians are currently facing lots of infrastructural and logistical challenges as well as currency crisis, but difficult conditions have often led to out-of-the-box thinking. Designing products for budget conscious and infrastructure limited customers leads to technology innovations. XTOUCH E1 is born for the Nigerian market, it comes with the latest technology and with an affordable price.”

The XTOUCH E1 smartphone comes with a 3,200mAh long-lasting battery. It is powered by high energy density technology, which can keep the smartphone under one-day full operation, 15-hour phone call, even for 300-hour stand-by time. The 5-inch display, with a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera, ensures a stunning display and browsing effect as well as clear angle for capturing the best moments in life.

Game lovers and music enthusiasts will also undoubtedly fall in love with XTOUCH E1, which has a built-in 1GB Read Access Memory (RAM) and internal storage of 8GB, which can be further expanded to 32GB via microSD card. The 1.2GHz Quad-core Processor also ensures longer usage with its power saving settings, which allow users the comfort to enjoy browsing the Internet, playing games, watching videos, listening to music and talking on the phone for longer periods.

Speaking on the payment plan, Khan said it would allow customers to own the XTOUCH E1 right away and pay for it in small monthly installments, making this highly cost-effective smartphone even more affordable.

“It’s our firm conviction that experiencing the latest technology isn’t a privilege, it’s everyone’s natural right. With only N5,000 at the first installment, the customer can get the XTOUCH E1, along with N1,000 data package from Airtel, with the balance paid over the next three months,” he said.