A Lagos based firm, Sea-Dozatec Nigeria Limited, has consolidated on its plans to provide marine services in the country.

Managing Director of the firm, Mr. Stanley Nwuzor told THISDAY in Lagos that it has been providing what it called “very effective marine solutions” without compromise to durability over the years.

According to him, we are a large organization offering the most economical rates of marine solutions. We have been building docks over the years. For instance, we have a dock built in Bayelsa State. Its resistant structure prevents it from swaying even in harsh weather conditions. The materials used can support heavy weights, up to three tons per modular. Both Nigerian and American flags are hailed to symbolise the solid relationship between the two countries.

He explained that the firm also builds floating docks, dredging, supply of pipes and piles, and pilling to address the challenges associated with certain soil types, location and topography.

Apparently aware of insinuation in some quarters that its service may not affordable by some interested stakeholders in the maritime industry, Nwuzor said: “This is an established firm with competitive prices. We maintain a strong work ethic towards all of our customers. Our engineers are interested in the best service provided to customers.”

According to him, we are responsible for several marine construction projects all over Nigeria and Africa. We also supply pipes and piles meant for marine purposes. These pipes are meant to be resistant to water in order to last submerged. The sturdy docks can be used for multiple purposes, by water and air craft. The designs of the materials used are durable and made of polyethylene. This material has very high floating capacity. In order for us to survive in the marine construction market, we have to ensure that our operations are carried out as efficiently as possible. Our areas of expertise are all forms of marine engineering.