Amaoma, CEO NinoCharmaine

Funke Olaode

I was speaking with one of the most prolific Nollywood producers recently and she made mention of how it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell films to DStv now. “In those days, M-Net used to run after us for films but now we are the ones running after them and they are even rejecting films now,” she said.

This is a novelty for folks who are looking for that spice that drives life from routine drudgery to sparkling spontaneity. The experience may still be limited to an exclusive circle of patrons who can afford the pleasure to celebrate people in bespoke ways by giving them an experience of a lifetime.

As people continue to devise new ways in pursuit of sensual pleasure, they have come up with a method of personalized entertainment fare tailored to individual taste. Called the serenade, it is a cocktail of creative artistic compositions done in honour of someone or a group of people.

The compositions incorporate music, comedy, art and craft, dance, decor, petals, flowers, skits and other intimate details tailored to the recipient are creative artistic compositions in honour of someone or a group of people. The composition may incorporate music, comedy, art and craft, dance, decor, petals, flowers, skits and other intimate details to tickle the recipient.

This is the new task Ebere Amaoma has set for herself as she begins her reign as the new face of Nino Charmaine with slogan, ‘serenades redefined’. The new company floated in 2013 involves a group of creative professionals who love to delight by creating amazing experiences and exquisite memories through sweet, heart-warming, fun and jaw-dropping surprise.

Serenades are strictly for lovers. They can be gifted by/to anyone you love /appreciate or group of people you want to celebrate. “You know the most precious things we have in life are moments, so if you’ve got a chance to make someone happy; do it. Do it with our serenades! Trust us it is so much more fun than a box gift. We have removed from being only for the love element; we have expanded to corporate, family members, employees, siblings, mentors etc. Basically, you can serenade anybody as against traditional belief that it is meant strictly for lovers alone,” she said.

The serenade vocation appears to be what Ebere is cut out for. What with a childhood filled with the propensity to spring surprises. Always the one who brings about a dramatic change to the environment time on time for birthday of a family member, she had an epiphany about it one day in her quiet moment. I have been testing the market since 2013 and to know what the reactions would be.

With 14 serenades in Abuja in recent times, business has been good for Ebere. She has been to offices like First Bank, FCMB and the home of individuals to do her thing.

A serenade session requires team work. The company works with an array of world-class entertainers in music, comedy, visual art, dance, pen-colour-sketch artists and many more genres. Currently there are over 20 persons in 12 different teams that she works with. Once they get details about the person to be serenaded, concepts are created for the serenade.

Paying attention to details she says is what makes Nino Charmaine unique as the company easily connects with the client and recipient. “We go above and beyond the script to ensure the experience we leave the recipient with is incomparable. We handle everything (logistics inclusive) from start to finish so that your surprise goes off without a hitch.”

While it has been a roller coaster for Ebere and her team since they set out to redefine how people express their feelings, she is not shying away from the challenges facing her new idea.

She explains. “Considering Nigerian’s mentality, the current social political outlook it has been challenging. The cost depends on what the client wants. For instance, if you want 10 dancers, 10 singers, a guitarist all this cost money. If you just want us to do something nice and lovely, it is affordable. We have done a birthday for someone before and we were told she loves to laugh a lot so we got a comedian and just did a one man show for her and she was just laughing for almost 30 minutes in her living room. This is different from going to eateries. We can serenade you in the comfort of your home.”

It may have taken three years to launch out, but it has been worth the wait. “Working at lifestyle outfits abroad just opened up the mind and gave me the conviction that people can appreciate. We don’t do copy and paste. We customise our serenades for our clients.

“We just want to affirm that serenade goes beyond professing love to loved ones. We always advise people to go out of the way to serenade. They don’t have to wait for special occasions such as birthday, anniversary and Valentine. This is the best kind of surprise. We have seen clients who have asked us to serenade their mothers. It is a great feeling,” she concluded.