IK (Ikponmwosa) Osakioduwa

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High Lites With IK which began airing on November 22, 2014 is hosted by Radio/TV presenter, IK (Ikponmwosa) Osakioduwa. I watched the show religiously in the beginning even when I wasn’t always sure of its objectives. But this what IK had to say: “High Lites With IK is a refreshing and light-hearted take on current affairs and societal issues around us. We’ll focus on pop culture and people making the news – all with a very healthy dose of wit, laughter and fun. This is a news show with a difference and people should expect to get incredibly entertained whilst also getting informed.”

I watched a recent edition of ‘High Lites With IK’ on Friday, February 19, 2016 on Africa Magic Showcase, dstv 151 dubbed the Dance edition. The show opened with a dance routine from Hilary Jackson (featuring three dancers) dancing to Micheal Jackson’s Bad. IK came on to talk about different types of dances, more like dance trends. The news segment featured odd new about dance from around the world. And one random item about The Game being sued for assault. The interview segment featured dancers: Wale Rubber, Captain Quest and Bimbo Obafunwa on the couch.

On one hand, there was a ‘healthy dose of wit, laughter and fun’ in that edition of ‘High Lites With IK’. Naturally funny, IK appears like one who can take on any broadcast challenge off the cuff, ‘wing it’ and do very well.

But there’s only so much ‘winging it’ that can be done especially on a weekly basis. In any case, if we place the dance edition side by side IK’s original intentions as earlier mentioned, there would be many gaps that need filling. For one, it needs a strong frame/structure which would consistently help to flesh out its core objectives.

It also needs some solid research: Why was there nothing by way of videos, even pictures to show viewers who the dancers on the show were? Is it assumed that everyone knows them? Everyone…in Lagos? Abuja? Or the rest of Africa?
Whereas ‘High Lites…’ is supposed to be a ‘light hearted take on current affairs societal issues around us’, there wasn’t that much currency on the dance edition. By the way, which current affairs should take precedence, the US? Nigeria? Or Africa? Even as I’m not sure when that dance edition was produced, it was far from being a “news show with a difference” except the emphasis is only on being different and not news conscious.

There is also the question of whether ‘High Lites…’ is skewed towards entertainment or politics? Last year, with the elections in Nigeria, ‘High Lites…’ found humour in politics but that focus appears to have shifted to entertainment. This raises another question: Who do the producers think of as the average watcher of ‘High Lites…’? And so on.

However, we do need to put everything in perspective. I’m drawn to watching ‘High Lites…’ because IK is a very versatile and intelligent presenter. Not to mention mischievously funny. All of these attributes listeners/viewers have seen him display in the course of presenting especially as host of the Big Brother Africa reality show. Conceptually, ‘High Lites With IK’ is not beyond IK’s abilities.