Ferdinand Ekechukwu
Love for food and drinks is not out of place. For me I love food and I love wine, for the simple reason that good amount of quality food intake keeps you in check and gladdens your heart with moderate dose of wine.

By virtue of what I found myself doing, one have been part of exotic food and wine tasting events, courtesy of friends and industry colleagues. The Wines of South Africa Grand Tasting Nigeria 2013 at the Federal Palace Marquee comes to mind. So is the launch of Chapeau range of wines, by Intercontinental Distillers Limited, at La Mango Restaurant Lagos.

At these events the organisers treat guests with assortment of fine foods and choice drinks. And so, I was at the launch of Gourmet Guide Magazine, with hope there will be much to taste, eat and drink!
The not so colourful occasion had in attendance presidential spokesman Femi Adeshina, ably represented; Dr. Olukayode Oyeleye, Special Adviser to former Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Akinwunmi Adeshina, in his keynote speech explores the nature of food, agriculture and climate change. Programmes Coordinator, Unilag FM, Mrs. Bisi King-Paul and a host of other special guests graced the occasion alongside journalists, colleagues and family and friends of the publisher of the magazine, Lydia Louis Eke.

Quite frankly I was chanced to see the magazine (prior to its unveiling) the first time with a lecturer friend, Mrs. Joy-Rita Mogbogu of the Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos, at her office. Upon flipping through, the magazine sparkles with images of assorted recipes and delicacies that stimulates hunger and leaves you salivating.

I was pretty much attracted by its cover as it is colourful and appealing as the pictures of mouthwatering dishes in it. And then I had asked her for a copy but she had just one left for herself.
Not quite long after I got to know a programme on Unilag103.1FM shares the same name (Gourmet Guide With Lydia), being an occasional listener of the station, I could not have followed the program, which has been running since September 2008, closely. Good that the print version of it has been unveiled, a plus to albeit scarce literatures on culinary, one is of the opinion that it will help extend the frontiers of its targets/reach to people like this writer.

Imagine a world without food and drinks and everything edible that usually go with them! Imagine a world without agriculture! How insipid and difficult our world would have been. It is a fact that apart from breathing, the most essential life sustaining requirement is what to eat and drink as well as agriculture, notes the magazine.

Gourmet Guide Magazine is all about food, drinks and eateries as it relates to health, and of course agriculture and many more that is beneficial to human lives. Not many are predisposed to the right diet and healthy living in this part is perceived to be inadequate in our environment today and we all could give one or two different reasons to that. Through this magazine readers are presented with culinary guides and information that ups nutritional value.
The magazine dwells on anything “eatable” and drinkable, including their accompaniments; all kinds of cooking oil, seasonings and flavourings, all of which make a complete gourmet delight.

Its contents range from feature articles on Fruit Value to Add Ins or Accompaniments and Eatery Run, Drinkable – Water / Yoghurt, Health Tips and Gourmet Industry to Food News, In the Kitchen to Market Guide and Cooking Tips.
The publisher of the Gourmet Guide Magazine, Nma Lydia Louis Eke, is a health, food and nutrition journalist. She has worked with Guardian Newspaper. And now Senior News Reporter/Producer/Anchor of Gourmet Guide With Radio Unilag 103.1FM.