Chi Limited has introduced Hollandia Gogurt “Grab ‘n’ Go” packs in response to yearnings of commuters. According to the company, it is a uniquely handy  packs filled with Hollandia Yoghurt  for easy accessibility of consumers in transit and in traffic.

With the new innovation, the product is expected to keep consumers going while commuting. The new pack is said to have been pegged at a flat rate of 100 only, thereby making the drink affordable to consumers. The pack has been specifically designed in a dynamic shape with an attractive cap on its head, making it very trendy and attractive for the youth.

Speaking on it, Managing Director, Chi Limited, Mr. Deepanjan Roy, said: “As a company, we are always mindful about the wellbeing of our consumers and the society in general, hence, we thought of ensuring that consumers continually get refreshment and nourishment even in challenging traffic situations. The Hollandia Yogurt ‘Gogurt’ Grab n’ Go 315ml pack is healthy, refreshing, fulfilling and a real delicious delight”.