The 58th Annual Grammys Awards were held on February 15, 2016 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, USA. I watched it a few days later on Vuzu Amp (dstv channel 114). The show started well enough with Taylor Swift performing her song ‘Out Of The Woods’. I liked host LL Cool J and a few others. But after the show, I was left rather underwhelmed. Was I alone in this? Bear in mind, my feeling underwhelmed is a function of my Nigerian roots.

Here in Nigeria, our awards just like the market, are all about popular music. And you had a grammys with performances from all sorts of musicians and music genres. Even the eagerly awaited performances from Adele and Lady Gaga didn’t help. Adele looked but didn’t completely sound the part. Yes, there’s been some explanation as to why she appeared to sound ‘off’. I kept waiting for Lady Gaga till the show ended. She was unrecognisable as she dressed like David Bowie and performed his songs in a tribute.

The whole stage arrangement, or whatever the technical term is, didn’t work for me. I feel it may have subtracted some glitz from the event.