THISDAY Awards 2012

The 17th Annual Awards have come and gone.

All the anticipation, the preparation, the excitement, the merriment, the glamour, the ambience have been captured for you in this special edition we have painstakingly prepared for you our dear readers. Every year, you wait with abated breath to see who wore what.

Who was the best dressed? Who looked like a princess? Who was most dapper? Who outshone everyone? Not to worry, the pictures are all here for you to decide. Some things never change and as usual, former President Clinton, the guest speaker, was on form and the most profound point of his speech was when he said 95% of our body makeup is exactly the same worldwide and only 5% is what differentiates us in terms of colour but we expend 95% energy on the 5% difference! Food for thought don’t you think? Needless to say, the Award recipients got the opportunity to take pictures beside him which must have been most thrilling for them posing next to the dashing President!

Another pleasant surprise was Cherie Blair, the second guest speaker, who gave a motivating speech about appreciation and empowerment of womanhood. She jokingly said a colleague had told her husband when he was a Member of Parliament that he would not amount to much politically because he was always home by 8pm. A few years down the line, he rose to become Prime Minister! Simply put, her message was basically on couples learning how to row the boat together as a team to get a smoother sail.

Mo Abudu of ‘Moments with Mo’ and Funmi Omitowoju also brightened up the stage as hostesses of the event. Mo was adorned in an exquisitely beaded dress by Badgley Misckha Couture while Funmi opted for a simply divine kaftan from Dubai. Both were resplendent in their attire and held their own pretty good. They coasted through the evening with effortlessly as they announced the recipients and invited them to the stage while the Chairman and Publisher of ThisDay Newspapers, Nduka Obaigbena gallantly welcomed his hosts on stage.

As with every grand event, all good things must come to an end. This was no different. The guests had time to exchange pleasantries after which everyone headed home with big smiles on their faces for an evening well spent!