Politicians Across Broad Spectrum Eye Emerging Political Movement, Third Force


Tobi Soniyi

With the 2019 elections in sight, politicians cutting across a broad spectrum, including several leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), have started to seriously consider joining forces with an emerging political movement through which they can wrest control from the APC-led government in the 2019 elections.

Currently going by the moniker the “Third Force” or Nigeria Intervention Movement (NIM), the group is gaining popularity among several former governors and current and past members of the legislature, who are dissatisfied with the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari’s style of governance, which they say has divided the country like never before.

Another thing going for the Third Force is that it already has the blessings of three or four former heads of state who are committed to supporting them to entrench a new political order and leadership for the country that is transformative and visionary.

Prominent members of the group already include former Cross River State governor, Donald Duke, former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Charles Soludo, former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), Tafawa Balewa, and Prof. Pat Utomi.

Former education minister, Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, is also a member of the group, including former Information minister, Frank Nweke Jnr, former Kaduna military administrator, Col. Abubakar Umar (rtd.), Ms. Ayo Obe, Rabiu Ishyaku Rabiu, and former presidential adviser, Akin Osuntokun, among several others.

Recently, the political movement announced provisional task force teams and steering committee members.
Its members’ goal is to use NIM as a third political force to provide a credible alternative platform for ideal and acceptable political leadership and governance in Nigeria.
It is a purely owned political platform by the mass movement of the people of Nigeria and does not have founding father owners or moneybag investors.

NIM has stated that it is not a political party per se, but a mass movement of ideologically and compatible Nigerians to move against the governing order status quo and operate as one force majeure entity under a political mission and agenda to always ensure the entrenchment of a new and ideal leadership order in Nigeria.
It will work with other splinter political, civil society and professional groups of interest in Nigeria to negotiate for power and elective offices for its members; support them to contest and help them to install acceptable governments in every part of Nigeria.

Several APC members looking to join the movement are also considering it favourably because most of them who fought to bring the party to power in the 2015 elections are extremely disappointed with its performance and its hijacking by a few members of the president’s inner circle.

More importantly, a source linked to the group disclosed that there is growing displeasure over the manner the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai, and the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, have championed the so-called “Buharists Group” without stakeholder consultations or recourse to other leaders of the APC.
“The so-called Buharist Group led by the duo of el-Rufai and Amaechi has rubbed several leaders up the wrong way. They are deemed abrasive and are unmindful of the fact that Buhari may be a hard sell in the 2019 elections.

“Yet they are trying to force his candidacy down our throats like he is the Messiah,” said the source.
In the case of PDP members who are favourably disposed to The Third Force, their grouse with the main opposition party is that it has been hijacked by the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, and his Ekiti State counterpart, Ayodele Fayose.

They also like the fact that the Third Force is a broad-based, centrist and moderate movement, where ethnicity and tribe have been completely relegated and will play no role whatsoever in its mission and objectives.
According to the source, it is not just politicians who are eyeing the Third Force, as several Nigerian youths who are tired of the old order are also keying into the platform because most of its members are tested, well educated and younger professionals who are committed to serving their country and leading it in the right direction.

“The Third Force is being looked at seriously because those who have formed it are not bound by primordial sentiments. They also see it as a broad-based coalition of minds like it was in the days of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN), back in 1979-1983.

“It is also attracting a lot of interest because there is no predetermined strongman or moneybag, it was formed by committed professionals with the best interest of Nigeria at heart.
“With this kind of platform, it can be guaranteed that the process that will throw up a presidential candidate will be a fair and transparent process,” the source explained.

Given the growing interest in the Third Force, its leaders have been going round the country and holding consultations with critical stakeholders, statesmen and leaders nationwide to buy into its vision to rescue Nigeria from APC and PDP, among others, that have failed Nigerians.

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  • Ola Dorry Abiola


  • Ahmed Buhari

    Thank God. Nigeria desperately needs a Third Force. We cannot just abandon this country for APC and PDP. They are two fingers of a leprous hand. They have failed woefully. From now onwards no one has the right to just sit down, complain and do nothing. This is the time to take back this country.

  • Admonisher

    Okay. I have read this article.
    Congratulations President Buhari, you have won your second term already.

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    Agbakoba is a ethnocentrist and a propanent of the igbo agenda. I believe he has cases in court in defence of igbo interest. This “third force” will only achieve one end. It will break the alternative platform for the anti Buhari votes. It will not take a single vote fro Buhari in the vital NW and NE. The Yoruba are firmly behind Tinubu but remain circumspect with Buhari. This third force will therefore split votes with the PDP in the SS and SE with APGA and PDP.

    • KWOY

      We know what the Yoruba Agenda (yorocentricism!) too is in all this, & why you suddenly ressurrected from your grave where your skeleton was already decaying to post this! Tagging Charley Boys campaign & Ohuabunwa’s Observation about inappropriateness of ‘coordinating Minister campaign of the Yoruba as ‘hate’ failed. Now, Buhari has Held Meeting with Igbo APC & all of a sudden Yorubas are disquieted again!

    • Nkem Okike

      Please see your doctor now to examine hear head.

    • Mukhtari

      Come to the north and see the NE and NW are not homogeneous. The royals and privileged are grumbling and only a few are smiling with Buhari.If the third force is not timid of going after northern youth, it will split things there too. There is pervasive hunger in the land. People generally want the best for themselves and their families anywhere they live. Go in not with anti Buhari message but with a firm message and programs and form partnerships with teachers, farmers and business people and see what happens

    • Pot and kettle

      What’s your problem with a man that goes to court to draw attention to injustice against his people? It doesn’t mean he has anything against other people.
      try and be objective.

  • apinofiga

    These are people who are far away from the people -elistic,who will not even fund a political meeting but would expect grassroot people to bring their transport fare. They are armchair media critics and unfortunately, this is why PDP and APC will continue to dominate our politics

    • Netanyahu

      The same reason you will remain wretched and miserable for life. Why do you people resent positive change so much? Stay with your apc/pdp grassroot, whatever that means. Goat.

    • Nkem Okike

      Please see your doctor now.

      • Abdul Waheed Lawal

        If you don’t have any reasonable thing to say or contribute,stop abusing people and move on.

    • Chinedu Chibuzo Oburu

      If Paying your transport fare will bring good governance, its ok

  • Sarah

    This is a very positive development. They may not be angels, but I would rather try a political part in which Akin Osuntokun, Dangiwa Umar, Donald Duke & Oby are leading lights rather than put up with Buhari/Osinbajo for another 4 years.
    We must mobilise all hands across the country to defeat Buhari/Osinbajo at 2019 otherwise Nigeria may not survive another 24 calendar months if they are re-elected.
    Alhamdulillah, thank God for His mercies on our beloved country.

    • Admonisher

      Please stop this rubbish. Nigeria is surviving well with Buhari. Fulani herdsmen are a legacy of PDP and they also damaged the economy.

      Osuntokun, Donald Duke, Oby are the “languishing PDP” who got nothing under Jonathan and Buhari . Osuntokun is OBJ’s shoeshiner pretending to be intellectual, Duke is actually Atiku’s man.
      Oby is the only one to be trusted but she and her husband are also close to OBJ. So it is OBJ trying to fuel things.
      Buhari is going to win in 2019 anyway. So it is all big English.

  • MIke Oke

    Are these not the same group of charlatans that marketed the useless Buhari to the world as the best thing since sliced bread? Me am not interested in anything they are selling again, dem sabi sell bad market. They can take any ideas they have and shove it up where the sun don’t shine. Anywhere I see them congregating I flee from there and I urge Nigerians to do likewise. I rather continue with the bad market they sold me than try a new one. Their judgement is to be questioned at all times.

    • Communicado

      So what is the option ?, do nothing ! Just because they got it wrong last time means they can’t learn from their mistake and move on. Bros, stop being pessimistic. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Ah !

    • Nkem Okike

      Join the train and stop this your pessimism

    • Milito

      Spot on ! Beside, none of them will actually lead the new party and government. They are mere front liners masquerading for the key actors underground. The same way they gathered and gave us APC as an alternative to PDP, they are at it again because people are disgruntled and disquieted by the bad product they sold to us. We cant fall for this anymore.

      Presently there is an unforeseen force (apart from God ) that determines the direction of power in Nigeria….that is the Military Oligarchy (committee of former Heads of State) . This comprises GOWON, OBJ,IBB, ABDUSALARMBUHARI and the almighty DANJUMA.You also cant discount GEJ and all the former VPs , former governors and current ones. The question is : where is their position on this 3rd force?

      All these men are the same (birds of the same feather). They are only seeking for a new way to continue to dominate the political landscape and perpetuate their savagery . We need a radical change . Give us restructuring and let all regions determine their destiny and hold their leaders accountable without any tribal or religious bias.

  • josvinco

    We don’t want politicians with base. A nouveau agenda is what we are glamouring for. Something different to herald a true departure from political hawks, thieves, divisive agents , sectionalists, bigots, religious and tribal jingoists. We want ideologies to improve the lives of individuals from the South to North, East to West, if we are to remain a strong and united country.

  • Iskacountryman

    penniless touts…

  • Agumba (Prof) Nwajei Chuks Nwa

    Third Force, a laughing stock of failed disgruntled politicians without base. propagandists

  • AyoJon

    “Broad party”
    “wrest power”
    “Coalition “
    The key points about this party were what APC marketed.
    I thought I’d hear new names and specific ideology.
    Another gbogbo ero party.