Fayose: NIA DG’s Appointment Confirms Buhari’s Preference for Northerners

Ayodele Fayose
Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose

Victor Ogunje in Ado Ekiti

Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, has upbraided President Muhammadu Buhari for replacing the sacked National Intelligence Agency (NIA) Director General, Ambassador Ayo Oke with Ahmed Rufai Abubakar, a northerner.

Fayose said this has further confirmed the president as a northern irredentist, adding: “The president has further demonstrated to Nigerians that he is an unrepentant sectional leader, who does not care about the feelings of people from other parts of the country.”
“With the appointment of Ahmed Rufai Abubakar as the NIA Director General, all heads of security agencies are now northerners and the question is, is this what those who enshrined federal character in our constitution envisaged?”

The governor’s Special Assistant on Public Communications, Lere Olayinka, quoted him as saying in a statement issued in Ado Ekiti yesterday, that “seeing what President Buhari has turned the country to, the forefathers of Nigeria, who laid the foundation of the country on equity, justice and fairness will be lamenting wherever they are now.”

He said: “Ambassador Ayo Oke was removed from office the same day Babachir Lawal was removed as Secretary to the Government of the Federation. While Lawal’s replacement came from his home state, Oke’s replacement came from the North. That is unacceptable.”
Fayose, who reminded Nigerians of the President Buhari’s directive that the World Bank should shift its focus to the northern region of Nigeria, maintained that “because of the president’s nepotism, religious bigotry and favouritism, Nigeria is now more divided than ever before.

He said it remained on record that President of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim, reportedly said that in his very first meeting with President Buhari, he (Buhari) said specifically that he would like the World Bank to shift its focus to the northern region of Nigeria.
The governor said: “President Buhari has consistently demonstrated that he is an ethnic champion, a religious bigot and the number one promoter of disunity in Nigeria. This he has done again with the appointment of yet another northerner as the NIA Director General.

“Even at a point, the National Chairman of the President’s party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), John Odigie-Oyegun had to openly fault the appointments made by the President, saying that as many as three people were appointed from one ward in a local government in the North.

“The implication of what the president has done is that, when security council meeting is held today, apart from one or two insignificant people, those in the meeting will be people from one section of the country.

“Even para-military agencies are headed by people from president Buhari’s section of the country. This is unfair.”

Reminding Nigerians of his earlier warnings that President Buhari was operating as a president of the Northern Nigeria only and the appointments made by the President negated the principle of federal character, Governor Fayose said: “Those who argued then that the president made the appointments on merit should come to the open to tell Nigerians, especially those from the South that there is no one that merited appointment as Director General of NIA.”

  • josvinco

    Buhari does not know much about federalism , he is a champion of sectionalism. He has succeeded in fooling Nigerians about “integrity”. I am not one of those Nigerians fooled because i knew he was a con and divisive politician. I think that serves Nigerians who voted for him, they are getting what they deserve. His corruption fight is a selective fight against perceived enemies from the opposing camp while those in his camp are protected. Has the life of the common man improved under Buhari ? No electricity to power industries, to light homes. insecurity, hunger pervade the nation. His objective is to entrench his people everywhere,without taking into consideration our nation is a nation of Nationalities.

  • Olusola Olusina Micheal

    busybody governor,let him appoint anybody from anywhere ..so long he/she is known and trusted loyal to the c-i-c

    • This generation matter

      Esau and Jacob, you are selling your inheritance cheap for (kobo) today, in the process of time you will have to pay $ billion dollars to get it back then it too late.

      you need to go back to school of wisdom and foresight.

    • Ubong

      Happy to see someone who careless anout other feelings provided he exevute the scripts that is his priority and suits his people. Noise ftom conquered region is baseless and empty. I salute those shrewd northern political strategists that begged Buhar to accrpt the overture of highly political vibrant SW to make sure they get cack political power to be able to realigned the political equation after mistakenly and willingly ceeded power to South to assuaged june 12 annulment. I salute Buhari for his diplomatic rearrangement of established scripts and rubbishing the unifying principled of fairness and equity. I sslute Buhari for knowing that southern region and now middle belt regions are conquered and hugely divided and can easily be tamed or slaughterd with impunity without any action. I like people like you and i that will see nothing bad, no matter how wicked certain actions, provided our alphabet and not human beings are in power. God bless Nigeria

    • Okwuchukwu David

      Truly you are blind.

    • James Gunn

      You are a retard.

  • Nnamdi Nwachuku


    • Olusola Olusina Micheal

      talk for yourself only ,we understand whats going on so keep your advice to yourself and friends

  • remm ieet

    I wonder if he knows that this style of governance marginalises many people, and it makes Nigerians appear as observers in their own country. How can a modern system of government be made to look so parochial like this? Fayose’s observation is good.

    • kazkaz

      Fayose is just playing to the gallery, whenever an economic meeting is held, it is 99% Southerners. The most senior security officer, and the only full general in Nigeria today, Olonisakin is from Ekiti ( souhterner). The chief of Navy is from SS ( southerner). I can go on and on.

      • Okwuchukwu David

        The chief of General staff is like Queen Elizabeth, the real power lies in the chief of army staf.

        • kazkaz

          That was your assumption/opinion which you’re entiled to.

      • This generation matter

        Any society like Nigeria knowns that the man with the gun control everything……

        The 1999 Nigeria constitution was written with guns point at the constitution lawyers that is why u see various agitation everywhere now…

        what is wrong with equity n fairness?

        • kazkaz

          And what are they controling? Did the north stop the sourtherner from
          doing what we like? Sharia was only in the north and if you travel to
          thenorth or any other muslim countries around the world you must obey
          sharia law are you get punished, simple. The state gov., is the CSO. Ben
          Akabueze and chief Rotimi Williams are part of those that wrote the
          constitution did they tell you they were held at gun point ? Pls stop
          spreading fake news. There has been agitation since 1999 even Biafrans
          protested during GEJ. My friend, Buhari has given 99% of economic team
          to the South and 80% of security team to the North, I believe he is fair
          enough. Finance minister, Central bank governor, Stock exchange boss,
          Budget and national planning, mega minister of Power, Works and housing
          all to the southerner. Why is Fayose not asking why Buhari handed over the economy of Nigeria to Southerners? Let us be fair.

  • 1jay57

    No sensible Southerner would want this president to come back again!!

    • Yaddah Amanda

      1jay57, i bet you, you will see the unprecedented number of southerners that will vote for this man. When some people make some silly remarks about the northerners i just winced. The north are more united ever than the south. How many people from the north since the inception of this regime have mouthed or criticize the president for all that has been happening? The understand the game of unity hence they win always. Until the southerners come to realize his power and potentials and hold the north at the jugular, they will continue to silence and bamboozle the highly intelligent, educated and civilized south

      • 1jay57

        The Northerners are the beneficiary of his tribalistic regime. I do not expect them to criticize him. After all majority of the Northerners are against restructuring Nigeria.

    • kazkaz

      Only gullible and greedy southerner will not vote for PMB.