Ngige: FG Has Created 8m Blue Collar Jobs in Less than 3 Years

Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige

David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, has said the president Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government created over eight million jobs in less than three years.

Ngige said the jobs were mostly blue collar jobs, which he said, comprises the main hub in employment generation today.

He said farming, carpentry, brick-laying, tiling and many others constitute the blue collar jobs which the federal government is now using to redeem youths from joblessness occasioned by lack of white collar jobs.

The minister, who spoke to journalists weekend at Ifitedunu, Anambra State after the ground breaking ceremony of a specialist skill acquisition centre, said because of the huge employment potential in the blue collar jobs, the federal government decided to build centres where it would give youths of all educational qualification different levels of training that would help them secure jobs.

He said, “There are no white collar jobs any longer. If you are waiting for one, you will wait for a long time.

“People are now finding employment in the blue collar jobs, and it is even more profitable. How many of you are aware that the day pay for carpenters and other artisans have increased? In Abuja they collect as high as N10,000. If they get jobs even if it is five times a month, do you know how much that is? How many white collar jobs pay that?”

Ngige said the unavailability of artisans was because most of them have gone to farm, and there was need to train a new generation of tillers, builders, and people in other crafts.

“In farming alone, this government has generated lots of jobs. You eat Anambra rice here, others eat Abakaliki rice, in Abuja I eat Kano rice and even Imo too has come up with their. All these bring employment”, he said.

Speaking on the Ifitedunu specialist skill acquisition centre, the minister said the centre was budgeted for in 2017 budget, and was again captured in the 2018 budget.

“What that means is that the funds for the project are already available. There is no fear of the project being abandoned. Federal government will construct this skill acquisition centre with maximum dispatch,” he said.

  • David

    Was the 8 million Blue collar jobs created just in Nigeria alone or the whole of Africa ? because as far as l know the information the Minister is dishing out is a far cry from the reality on ground in Nigeria. So all the while that APC lead government was shouting of recession ,recession Dr Ngige was busy creating job in Nigeria and we did not know ? Really !!!.Nigeria just out of recession Dr Ngige created 8 million job just like that in 3 year. America created 1 million jobs in one year. So in other word the federal government of Nigeria under the watchful eye of president Buhari and Dr Ngige created an average of 2.67 million jobs per year and 8 million in total in three year. There is God!!! Election is around the corner and 8 million people Dr Ngige created jobs for will vote them back into power come 2019. what a funy people

  • Mukhtari

    Yeah… Eight million ghost jobs equal to blue collar jobs in Nigeria under APC the same party that appoints ghost board members! These are bunch of never do wells who can lie to their dead parents. The minister does not seem to know the difference a job and work/labor or even a hussle. He is classifying handymen as steady jobs. Soon he will be classifying husband and wife as jobs they created. Imo has taken the lead with its commissioner for couple fulfillment and soon she will be reeling out number of husband jobs created and side chic jobs too. Clowns!

  • Ekenny

    This man has the courage and temerityto roll out this litany of lies. Nigeria is indeed unfortunate with the type of leadership it has has in especially since June 2015

  • Lawrence Onyemaechi

    8 million jobs? Please name the 8 million jobs that has been created and stop telling lies considering your age.

  • Mystic mallam

    Mr Ngige, some 8 million jobs in your malarial dreams. Lies and propaganda will not work in Feb. 2019, rigging is your only chance.

  • vic


  • vic


  • Oty

    The unprincipled maggot

  • D.S.

    When will these guys stop lying

    • vic


  • ThisDay
  • Kenny

    Dr. Ngige, perhaps it is only you who can point to those jobs created by your government, given that the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics says unemployment has risen significantly during the past 2 years. In addition, every other Nigerian except you, knows that many people have lost their jobs since the recession began. I thought it is best to keep quiet when you have nothing meaningful to say.

  • Anonymous

    Height of lies and deceit, where is the colaboration from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics? Where is the economic growth to prvide such jobs? On the contrary this government has lost 7.7 millon jobs and the figure keeps rising, unemployment, poverty, hardship, economic downturn, crime, lawlessness etc keeps rising, currency keeps devaluing, power keeps getting worse inspite lf trillions upon trillions budgetted each year while this incomoetent gocernment andmits oresident provised no acceptance of responsibility or accountability but only excuses and blame games. I have never seen a more incompetent, lying and deceiivng government inmNigeria as this one, Nigeria is more lawleess than ever with crime rate highest, IG says Nigeria is well secured, Nigeria more divided and polarosed thsn ever but they claim the Babu has unified.