We Won’t Be Deterred, Says EFCC After Attack on Magu’s Farmhouse Leaves One Dead

Ibrahim Magu

Paul Obi in Abuja

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has said that the attack on a farmhouse belonging to commission’s acting chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu will not deter it from its resolve to rid Nigeria of corruption.

Unidentified armed persons on Tuesday night had attacked an unoccupied residence belonging to Magu, located on a farm in Karshi, a suburb of Abuja.

The attackers were reported to have subdued a police officer and another civilian working on the property and tied them up before beating the duo to a pulp.

“The policeman died from the beating,” a source close to Magu’s family disclosed.

The farmstead was placed under police security a few months ago, following an earlier attack on it in which the uncompleted house was ransacked.

The attack on the property was also followed not long afterwards by a dawn attack on the EFCC office in Abuja last August.

“That was what warranted additional security around Magu and his family,” the source explained.

The motive behind the latest attack is however said to be hazy, as the attackers carted away five cattle and some sheep that were being reared in the compound.

According to Premium Times, police officers were drafted to the crime scene yesterday for proper investigation of the latest attack.

Confirming the incident wednesday, EFCC spokesman, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren said the “unfortunate incident resulted in the death of a security official”.

According to him, “The unidentified men murdered a police sergeant on duty. The incident was the second of such attacks on the same farmhouse.

“While the commission will not speculate on the motives for the attack or the sponsors, it wishes to state that the EFCC under the leadership of Ibrahim Magu will not be deterred in its mission of ridding Nigeria of corruption.”

  • chinenye onungwa

    This man should not just be sacrificed like that. He is not fighting a personal battle. He is on a mission to rescue Nigeria from the abyss of moral debauchery. He is fighting for both the present and future generations. Corruption must not be allowed to win the battle. Nigerians will lose hope in this war if the arrowhead is eliminated. We believe it is high time FG read the riot act to the security agencies. Heads must roll if anything happens to Magu.God bless Buhari/and his Vice and Magu

  • Iskacountryman

    magu us a mugu…no one wants to kill him…what for?

  • Darcy

    I hope we can look back on these comments and reflect…

    “The policeman died from the beating,”

    May his soul rest in peace.

    Let’s try not to sacrifice basic decency on the altar of partisanship. Regardless of cause, Nigeria has a crime problem. How do we solve it, that ought to be our concern here.

  • duwdu

    This paper is infested with anti-Magu persons with names solely from a particular geopolitical section of the country. Not surprising, though, as the paper clearly panders majorly to that same geopolitical section.


  • James Gunn

    WTH. These are criminals or rather cattle rustlers. It has nothing to do with anti corruption war. Stop the sensationalism and media brouhaha.

  • Roseline

    This is a terrible set up by Magu to gain the sympathy of the public. Why didn’t they attack where you’re living? Why a deserted farmhouse? Everything about this government are all PROPAGANDAS and LIES. A pity the blood of an innocent police officer was used to fortify Magus seat in EFCC seat.

  • Curious One

    Please don’t be deterred; but how come each time there is a public outcry against your continued stay in the office or this Government’s nepotism, you suddenly recover money/raw cash or (like in this case) your are attached ?

    EFCC’s role in Mainagate is still fresh with the public knowledge that Mr. President is aware of the transaction…suddenly you organised an attack to divert attention.

    Bros will you be able to stand any future review of your tenor at EFCC ?

  • chyke

    This to me is just an armed robbery case. If Magu was in that building more than one police man will be guarding him

  • Joe

    Magu can organize such evil to seek public sympathy. Magu is more political than a professional technocrat. We cannot be deceived!!!!

    • Fula

      You just accused him of murder and deadly assault so casually. You must have VERY strong evidence, in which case i will advise you help out the police with this evidence. Otherwise, your allegation is proof once again, how low we have sunk in morals as a society. Nobody should impugn another’s integrity so casually without been challenged to prove it or apologize.

  • Toby

    This got nothing to do with anti corruption war. Give me a break, please!

    • omodafididafidi

      Abi oh

    • remm ieet

      EFCC did not base its claims on evidence before jumping to conclusions. Even EFCC in all its anticorruption glory goes to the press on sentiments.