Fortnight After Defection to APC, Obanikoro Seeks Lagos West Senatorial Nomination

  • Challenges Aregbesola, Afikuyomi, others

By Gboyega Akinsanmi

Two weeks after he formally defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC), former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, has indicated his interest to seek the 2019 senatorial nomination in Lagos West senatorial district, THISDAY has learnt.

By implication, it was gathered, Obanikoro would challenge Osun State Governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola and former Commissioner for Tourism & Intergovernmental Relations in Lagos State, Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi in bid to clinch the nomination for the senatorial district.

While Aregbesola had in May said he could contest election in any state of the South-west geo-political zone, Afikuyomi has engaged political leaders subtly in the senatorial district with a plan to return to the Senate.

At his defection penultimate Saturday, Obanikoro had specifically said he was on a mission to the APC  because the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) could no longer offer him a platform to accomplish his mission. 

But at the weekend, different APC chieftains revealed thier plans to seek nomination in Lagos West, a senatorial district where Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola, a two-term member of Lagos State House of Assembly and a one-term member of House of Representatives is currently representing.

A chieftain disclosed that Obanikoro had made up his mind not to dabble into the governorship race due to what he ascribed to his resolve to team up with Tinubu and Ambode to strengthen the APC, not only in Lagos State and South-west, but also in the federation.

He revealed that Obanikoro would come out from Oriade Local Council Development Area (LCDA), though he had represented Lagos Central in the Senate (2003-2007) and had been the  Chairman of Lagos Island Local Government (1998 – 2002).

The APC chieftain justified Obanikoro’s decision to seek the nomination from Oriade LCDA, noting that the former minister “has strong filial relationship with the area. So, he is qualified to contest senatorial election in Lagos West senatorial district.”

Aside, the party chieftain revealed that Obanikoro “has started consulting political leaders across the senatorial district and engaging party leaders of Oriade LCDA ahead of the primaries.

However, another chieftain said Obanikoro’s decision to contest the senatorial election has thrown the APC chieftains in Lagos West senatorial district  into confusion, especially those from six LCDAs/LGAs in Alimosho, citing their refusal to accept the party’s proposal to accommodate all interests in the constitution of the LCDA/LGA Executive Councils.

He said Obanikoro “is a son of the soil. We know his antecedents in Lagos State. He, also, has roots in Oriade LCDA. Aside, he has added much value to the people of Lagos State. So, he is qualified to seek senatorial nomination in Lagos West.”

Obanikoro’s defection at his Lagos Island constituency ended months of speculations about the status of his political allegiance.

Obanikoro defected to the APC along with other bigwigs of PDP in Lagos State including a former aide of former president Good luck Jonathan, Mrs. Modupe Shasore penultimate Saturday.

After receiving the party flag from the chairman of Lagos APC, Chief Oladele Ajomale, Obanikoro noted that he was happy to return to the fold of his age-long political associates after his long sojourn in the PDP.

He said he defected because he could not find fulfillment in the PDP and that he joined the APC  because he had a mission to render service on its platform.

The ex-minister said his former party “cannot offer him the platform for the kind of service he want  to render. Today, I and others are not just joining the APC for joining sake, rather, we are joining because we are on a mission.

“I had joined the PDP a few years ago with the hope that certain things would be done right to enable me make the desired impact. That did not happen. And now, Tinubu has taken leadership to another level, not only in the state, but at the national level.

“So, my joining the APC is not by accident. It is to return to my people and seek a platform on which I can render service to my people, because leadership is about service and co-ordination of talents to achieve results. We have looked everywhere, and the only party that offers that platform for service delivery is the APC.”

  • xto

    I weep for Nigeria.

  • Ceejay Franklin Obiagwu

    This is truely disgusting, in my opinion, APC should be voted out and niether them nor PDP nor any fraudulent political face ever be voted into public office…But make we see if OUR MUMU NEVER DO!!!

  • Pax

    Disgustingly annoying!
    What sort of people are we?
    At 70 years plus, I siddon look.
    When you are ready,
    Go free your self.
    Your mumu never do.

  • Ole, Jaguda. He wants to become a senator to steal more. To hell with you.

  • josvinco

    I hope Lagosians will reject politicians like Obanikoro. Those politicians who decamp from one party to the other have nothing to offer to the people. They are wolves in sheep’s skin. They are for their pockets.

  • APC is the refuge for corrupt people. Notice now that EFCC will no longer touch him. It is only a fool that will believe this government is against corruption.

  • Olugbenga omonije

    Well done compatriots!!! I really like this thread. It shows a lot of understanding for the befuddled state of our dear Country Nigeria. In Nigeria, corruption cannot be pedagogically altered, because it is pathologically rooted in our DNA. There should be no alternative to holding government accountable. That is the only way out for us.

  • God’s Judgement

    No integrity whatsoever for many Nigeria politicians. How on heart can this man called Obanikoro be allowed back into the APC? The same set of looters since 1983 are rotating themselves. Until revolution: These corrupt politicians won’t give our generation any hope of ruling our nation. We can’t just continue in this manner.

  • lord vuga

    Pls leave the man jooo…he is looking for survival. Too bad the only way he knows to survive is by clinging to the national cake any which way. I think its about time they abolished political parties in nigeria because they clearly dont have any ideologies or principles but are just launching pads to loot and plunder with like minded thieves.

  • Jyde

    As Obanikoro looted the treasury and ran to APC for protection, so will Good send looters to him and his family members. They will never escape the wrath of God. Amen

  • kumi

    If you steal Nigeria money and hide inside APC you are save God will Judge this Buhari and His apc corrupt party

  • Jaybanj

    NIGERIANS – Beware. Our country and our future is being destroyed. Obanikoro represents the worst element of society! The reason is this, we all know the problems we have in Nigeria as it relates to corruption and leadership. We know corruption destroys lives – Aviation funds gets looted = Plane crashes and people die, Military funds get looted = Young soldiers who have families are sent to their death! No jobs = People sold into slavery in Libya. But we also know it is difficult to destroy corruption. We look at the next generation and pray the Nigeria they will live in will be different and we should try and work for it HOWEVER someone like Obanikoro actually involves his CHILDREN, the next generation in corruption!! So he is ensuring this system that destroys lives goes from his generation to the next. Then your children will be slaves to his children and there goes the hope for Nigeria!

  • E.Udah

    Oh God! Why am I a Nigeria?
    Obanikoro is now a saint, being returned to the “Sinate” by Tinubu with same money he purportedly had STOLEN from Jonathan’s government to loot more for APC!
    To hell with Nigeria(apology to Jon West) if this absurdity is allowed by lagosians to happen.

  • Ekun

    The way Tinubu will be abusing Jonathan on newspaper, tv that he Jonathan was very corrupt. Now tinubu has no problem welcoming back 1 of the ppl in Jonathan administration that stole from the country. Not only welcoming him back, he tinubu and the party apc are sending him back to work government.
    But it’s the hypocrisy of the tribe of oduduwa. What has changed in obanikoro. He came back to rejoin tinubu. That’s all. Apc, tinubu, and the house of oduduwa u ppl are Shit everyday and allday

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Shameless, unprincipled fellow.

    • Benny agafa


      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        I meant to say another shameless, unprincipled fellow.

    • OshyLike

      it appears Nigerians are toys to the politicians

  • Kristo John

    So you couldn’t render service to your people when you were LGA Chairman, senator, Minister, Ambassador, maybe you consider your people brainless.

    • Judith

      Of course he does. He believes APC is the magic wand and so long as he waves the wand all Nigerians will say yes- which is actually what has been the practise since 2015. Can anybody blame him? It’s working for Okorocha. Just saying….

  • Mystic mallam

    Obanikoro? Haven’t I heard that name before? Wasn’t he a former Minister of State Defence under Jonathan, a man who ran away from Nigeria after the Buhari govt. accused him of stealing billions of Naira and manipulating elections in Ekiti …..? Wasn’t he among the runaways the Apc govt wanted repatriated by all means? Then he returned, was arrested, harassed for a while and HE PASSED the APC TEST FOR MEMBERSHIP and now…..the rest as they say, is history.

    • abodes_124

      When the saints go marching in ……The carpet is out for Ibori to come marching in next.

      • Judith

        O yes o! Ibori will come out for presidency fearlessly. And guess what? All our mouths will be open when he wins….Nigerian politics is all about money – unless WE THE PEOPLE CHANGE IT.

        • Benny agafa


        • lord vuga

          We the people are the ones collecting money from them , worshipping them and killing for them.

      • Riltin

        Ibori joining APC? I think “it’s easier for the camel to pass through the eye of a needle…”

        • abodes_124

          Are you not aware how large needles are in The APC. Many PDP camels have passed easily through. Obinakoro just has passed though then there is orji Uzo Kalu, Nwobodo, Jaffaru Isa. Etc

          • Riltin

            Hahaha… Can’t trust Nigerian politicians, though.

          • omodafididafidi

            Abodes you want kill me oh ” social needles and pep camels” u are just to much and u hit the nail on d head also lol

    • Benny agafa


      • Ekun

        Lol. Refund abi. Is that how apc/buhari want to fight corruption. He refunded N30 million out of hundreds of million stolen.
        Ok he was branded a thief now he is welcome back to be sent back to work in government and u are ok with that.
        No vex o. U na mumu too much for that place.

        • Jaybanj

          Whilst i support the governments fight against corruption I agree with you on the wider point that as a society, as a country how can we be allowing thieves to rule us! What kind of country is this where we celebrate thieves.

          • Judith

            Don’t be offended, but are you a JJC? You sound so unaware of the thieving tactics of our political class. This is NIGERIA where an ex con will contest for governor or even presidency, and win. Where political positions are handed down from father to son/daughter. Where millions in cash are stashed away in high brow apartments and nobody is prosecuted – NOBODY is fighting corruption in this country. They are just making the required noise.

          • abodes_124

            Isn’t there something about people deserving the leaders they vote for?

      • Mystic mallam

        And to you that’s fighting corruption? Once you return some money you stole you receive sainthood? And pray tell how much did he return and who’s keeping it?

    • Judith

      And now he is a saint and can contest on the platform of APC. Obanikoro, you will never get that seat. God is not sleeping.. .

  • John

    Wonders will never end.

    • Benny agafa