Buhari Hints at Presidential Run, Says Abidjan Trip with Govs Could Bring Him Votes

  •  Maintains he belongs to everyone as reason for backing Adesina for AfDB presidency

Omololu Ogunmade in Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari dropped a major hint in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, on his presidential run for a second term in the 2019 elections when he told the Nigerian community in Abidjan that he insisted on the presence of two governors who had accompanied him on his trip to the country at the meeting because it might give him votes in the future.

The two governors, Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State and Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi, had left Nigeria with the president for Abidjan on Tuesday to participate in the 5th European Union-African Union (EU-AU) Summit.

The National Leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu is also on the trip.

Buhari had while apologising for keeping members of the Nigerian community waiting, explained the delay was caused by his insistence on attending the meeting with the governors, saying if the people saw their governors, it might earn him some votes in the future.

“First, I want to apologise for keeping you waiting. This is because I insisted on the governors attending this meeting.

“This is why I came along with them so that when we are going to meet you, when you are going to meet the other Nigerians, if you tell them that their governors were in the company of the president, I think that will be another vote for me in the future. I’m very pleased that they were able to turn up,” he said.

At the meeting, the president also said his support for the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Mr. Akinwumi Adesina, who served in the immediate past government as Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, was a confirmation of his initial remark that he indeed belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody.

He made the statement in reaction to Adesina’s gratitude to the Buhari administration for supporting him to clinch the job.

He said: “The President of the African Development Bank forgot to mention that he was serving in the PDP government as a minister, but all the same I picked him and recommended him for the AfDB top job.

“I think it emphasised what I said during my swearing in that I’m for everybody, I’m for nobody. As long as you are a Nigerian be prepared to be on the receiving end from me.”

Buhari also thanked Tinubu, whom he said had brought him the cheery news that he never knew. But he failed to disclose the nature of the information.

“I also thank our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He has brought me a very beautiful piece of information, which I was not aware of until I sat down and read it this evening (Tuesday night). Thank you very much for your hard work and I will discuss that paper with you,” he said.

Adesina, in his remarks, said the Nigerian economy picked up immediately the president recovered, noting that there was a correlation between the president’s health and the improved economy.

Adesina also said the AfDB had released $250 million for the construction and rehabilitation of the North-east destroyed by Boko Haram insurgency.

He also disclosed that AfDB had constructed a large office behind the Yar’Adua Centre in Abuja, describing it as the first of such buildings by AfDB outside its Abidjan headquarters.

“I want to thank you immensely. I want to thank God for your health because I must say that for all of us that has been a big concern but seeing you fit as a fiddle and seeing you back in action, we thank God for that and may God continue to give you great strength.

“Mr. President as you must have noticed, there is a very strong correlation between your health and the economy and when you came back, the economy picked up after that. So, we wish you great health so that the economy can continue to pick up.

“I also want to congratulate you for the Economic Growth and Recovery Plan (EGRP) that you have put in place and the incredible plan that you have put in place to bring the economy out of recession and also in terms of the fact that Nigeria has moved up in the World Bank ease of doing business index.

“I also want to thank you for your leadership on the Boko Haram issue because to draw investments into Nigeria, you absolutely have to have security.

“I think that securing our borders is very important, thanks to your leadership for that. I also thank you for all the efforts you have made in the Lake Chad Basin area.

“I was with you in Paris where you led the efforts in reviving the Lake Chad Basin. As you know, Mr. President, the bank is very strongly behind that.

“We put in $250 million to support the rebuilding of the North-east of Nigeria. I know you were criticised for th erebuilding effort but I don’t see anything wrong, if things get destroyed they have to be rebuilt,” he said.

  • gabriel akwaja

    Let’s borrow Mugabe to replace Buhari in 2019.

  • ychukwuka

    I am forseeing what will happen to the man called Buhari. Take it to the bank that you are through with your fantasy to be president by all means. Now you are; taking care of only you. what else do you want? you either bow out gracefully or Nigerians/nature will force you out. Achievement? baabu but you want to rule? Nigeria Sorry!

  • Concerned Nigerian

    How much lower can we go? Rather than address the issues plaguing our country and his plans to bring lasting change, he tells his citizens the only reason he came is so they can go and tell their people that their governors travelled with the president which according to him will translate into votes… The truth is that when intelligent people chose to be led by a fool, he rightly believes he is above them.

    Outside wasting tax payers money, there is no other visible or invisible benefit derivable from the trip.

    What an insult…..

    • muazu wali

      You must be Igbo. You do not know how to laugh! Too busy pursuing a mirage. Those whom he addressed understood him.

      • Concerned Nigerian

        Clearly they did. I’m sure they are all from your place because obviously you have the same level of understanding

        • muazu wali

          They are all Igbos. Except the ambassador there is no northerner in that audience. Look at the clip again.

  • Candidly


  • Pluti

    The only reason I can vote for this man is if the rails truly start working by end of 2018… any excuse or limitations, he’s vagabond

    • Chuma Anierobi

      Did he start rebuilding the dead railways?

      • Ak


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  • Daniel Obior

    The so called Mr Integrity Buhari is subtly bribing his way with trips to the summit for Tinubu and governors. How cheap! It has been a colossal mistake electing this incompetent man as president. Another four year term of him may finally kill this country, which defied all deaths even under the Babangida misrule.

    • muazu wali

      Why can’t you let go? Buhari has gone living bitter taste in your mouths! Accept the reality, Nigeria has moved forward under President Buhari.


        Yes, I can imagine how much forward we moved!
        The farmers in the north have more fertilisers, boko haram has been crushed, corruption has been fought to a stand still, power improved, and above all Nigerians have more food to eat. Who could have done better!

        • Grelia O


      • Ngo_Zib1

        “In the absence of a clear national direction to meaningfully engage, our diversity throws up conflicting signals and issues. .. like Saraki’s lament about the looting of previous loots or the audacious claims by serial fugitive, Maina touch on the very credibility of the current administration.”
        Ineptness of this government speaks volume.Mediocre government is headed by former president of herds men who is an hypocrite, liar and a bigot. Yes the sound of his name leaves bitter taste in the mouth that’s why I won’t mention it. That is the reality, live with for next 2years no more.

        • muazu wali

          With different backgrounds, tribes, educational and social upbringing you can never get a consensus from Nigerians on any issue. We pride ourselves of diversity in ignorance. We remain in little pockets refusing to be open minded so that we can see another side to the issue
          Anyway with patience we should get there. For now let us muddle through contributing nothing and disparaging the few who try.

          • Ekun

            @muazu wail No!!!!! You contribute nothing, absolutely nothing. “With patience we should get there” seriously. You could not be patient with Jonathan but asking us to be patient now. You replace a mediocre pdp president for a lazy, no vision, lacking in character apc. And we should be patient.

            You sir, pride urself in ignorance. The balant disregard you display towards ppl with different views ftom yours. The arrogance and ignorance all at the same time.

          • muazu wali

            You have demonstrated my point. Two or three Nigerians looking at an issue will perceive it in three different ways. Each will look at the issue through the prism of his tribe and culture. You will not understand Buhari. He is a Nigerian Fulani as you must be a Nigerian Igbo.
            Buhari attracts success without fuss, slowly but surely, no fanfare, no bragging or bullying. Pursuing his programmes for the benefit not of himself, or clique but for the majority of Nigerians.
            Open mindedness is a gift and narrow mindedness is a symptom of insecurity which all you southerners exhibit shamelessly.

          • Ekun

            @muazu wail. It’s “prove my point” not “demonstrated my point”
            Nigerians looking at issues at each tribe point of view is not a bad thing is the nature of ppl living in different culture from each other. A man that goes above fray listen to each grps point of view b4 he acts. And he acts on each and every views presented presenting a wholesome solution.

            Buhari is not openminded why are you lying. Buhari is way over his lead. The idiotic litmus test Nigerians have been using to produce it’s leader produce him. It’s not his fault. He want to be president and idiotic Nigerians from the south allowed it.

            Northerners are closed mind. Everything in the north has to do with govt money. You guys lack education, poor health service, not forward thinking, poor in business and economics. You guys are just shit.

            If a northern and southern guy are discussing and the southern suggest we invest in a space program (build space ships and space station) the northern will say for whay

          • muazu wali

            You more than proved my point. You demonstrated and behaved exactly it as I expected.
            Anyway, that’s the way we too see you. Narrow minded, self-centered, greedy, myopic and self serving. There is no point trying to understand one another. We can still accept our differences and buy and sell among ourselves.
            After all, the political elites steal together irrespective of tribe or religion!

          • Ekun

            @muazu wail “you more than proved my point. You demonstrated and behaved exactly it as I expected”.
            This display off arrogance and ignorance dripping from you. What point. You raised no points in both threads you wrote. You made reference to different culture looking at issues differently, on the governance style of buhari, and a brief good quality only northerners possess no other grp of ppl in Nigeria other than the north is good.
            I have never tried to understand the north, do not which to be 1 union. Never accepted our differences,but will sell my goods to your ppl for profit.

            Have no regard to any political elite from both sides that steals public funds.

          • muazu wali

            You have made the right choices. You will live long and in peace.

          • Ngo_Zib1

            Most opinions are based on common sense – it is not academic exercises. You either have it or not. He was voted for because he LIED to make life better and “changi” governance. His tribe (Fulani), education (certificate-less) nor his anti-south was not considered. The country is more divided now than at anytime. Lawlessness in government is rampant and suffering continues. When government is challenged, you people don’t list what has been achieved since this government came to office. You waste space and time defending your ‘god’.

        • gabriel akwaja

          Thank you too much. You killed it. Buhari, babu.

      • Chuma Anierobi

        What does forward mean to you Mr Wali? Nigerians are just waiting for the date. Obama is no more there and Tinubu must have learnt a bitter lesson. Remember APC was allowed in to avoid Obama`s plan. Look at Kano election and the aftermath that claimed the entire family of the INEC office in charge.

      • Toby


      • Daniel Obior

        You must be very backward looking to consider the country has moved forward under Buhari. Thank goodness others have promptly and adequately responded to your lie, the type the lying Buhari and the APC government has indoctrinated you with. Keep living your lie.

        • Jon West

          The country has moved forward to the abyss. The man is quite right. To hell with Nigeria!!

      • gabriel akwaja

        Na lie. We are reeling under the weight of Buhari’s misrule. So he deserves no second term. Gbam

      • Daniel

        Let the people decide Buhari’s performance in 2019.

        I am happy the enemy has revealed himself early.

        • Jon West

          I hope he is re-elected. This nightmare has to end and he is the man to finally send Nigeria into the abyss. To hell with Nigeria!!

    • gabriel akwaja


    • Jon West

      What Manner of billionaire can be bribed by a trip to Abidjan except the descendant of that great traitor of the past in the history of a prominent Nigerian ethnicity. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of these people. Surely there must be a fate worse than political irrelevance, perhaps the baggage of perception as a serial traitor to the present and the future? To hell with these people!!