Ozekhome: Anyim Still Held By EFCC Under Inhuman Condition

Mike Ozekhome
Mike Ozekhome

Anti-graft agency says he’s yet to meet bail conditions

Alex Enumah and
Paul Obi in Abuja

Contrary to speculation that former Senate President/Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Anyim Pius Anyim had been released on bail by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), his lawyer, Chief Mike Ozekhome, Friday said Anyim was still being kept by the EFCC under inhuman and degrading conditions.

Anyim was arrested last Thursday after honouring an invitation by the EFCC over allegation of diversion of about N13 billion Ecological Funds while he was the SGF.

There were speculations about his release during the week, but his counsel, Ozekhome debunked such claims, arguing that Anyim was still under the custody of the EFCC.

He said: “The truth is that Anyim is still held in EFCC custody till this minute, inspite of fulfilling all administrative bail conditions laid out for him, including deposit of his international passport and being compelled, under duress and undue influence, to sign all manners of self-incriminating and property-stripping documents against his will.

“Inspite of these and the clear provisions of sections 35 and 36 of the Nigerian Constitution and the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA), the EFCC has bluntly refused to release Anyim to go and attend to his very poor health over which he was receiving treatment before he was forcible taken away from his home.

“This is calling upon the Attorney General of the Federation and minister of Justice to prevail on the EFCC (and all law enforcement agencies), to respect the rule of law and the Constitution they have sworn to protect and defend by promptly ordering Anyim’s release forthwith, since no charges have been preferred against him and since he has fulfilled all administrative bail conditions.”

But speaking to THISDAY, EFCC Head of Media and Publicity, Wilson Uwujaren explained that the commission’s facilities for keeping those arrested remained under good condition and standards.

Uwujaren informed THISDAY that Anyim “was given some bail conditions but was yet to meet all the conditions.”

He stated that only when those conditions are fully met, will the EFCC release the former SGF.

  • Samuel Okezie

    In as much as I am not a fan of the mass of protoplasm (apologies to Okadigbo….ironically he died before him despite being a fifth of his weight) setting stringent bail condition is a mechanism to ensure one honours court proceedings not a tool to prolong detention. I guess the investigation under detention is to twist his belly button and ask him to acknowledge certain transactions…..that would be evil on its own and sooner or later the evil comes round to us or has it already been?

  • Jo Elue

    What is wrong with it. After all millions of Nigerians are held in several prisons for years awaiting arraignment

  • Igiligii Awka

    Mr Ozekhome, you are a turncoat in every sense of the word. I recall those days when you were always quick to appear on AIT, as a ‘foremost’ civil rights activist.
    Well, it seems you have indeed tasted the ‘root of all evils’ and then carved for yourself a niche role as devil’s advocate.
    In cahoot with looters of our commonwealth, screaming murder at the cathedral, whilst turning a blind eye to the malaise that has permeated every facet of our societal existence, itself, a result of their past misdeeds.
    You will surely have your day in the sun and burn you will at the stakes..

    • austin

      I do not understand the angst for lawyers representing politicians allegedly caught with their hands in the public till. It is just a job and every body is entitled to a defense. If there is no lawyer, the government is bound to hire and pay for a lawyer for the accused i.e public defender.

  • Kingsley O. Agbontaen

    Shameless Ozekhome. Always on the side of the big thieves.

    By the way, it appears almost all our past leaders had been sick! This only manifest when they are caught and being prosecuted, then they want to go abroad for treatment!!!

  • onyebuchi IKEKAMMA

    One thing is clear, President Buhari is running a dictatorial government. He is using what seemed to be official arm of government to cow and intimidate political opponents. Just defect to APC Party and turn into a Saint. Party of High-Tech Looters. One day, this party must account for its sins like every other dictatorship.

  • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical

    All those praying for Pius Anyim to remain in custody should pray harder for the prosecuting authorities to follow due process. It is the only way that the wish that all who have corruptly enriched themselves will remain incarcerated. Until then all men are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  • chyke

    Well I hope he will lose some weight. Whilst in government he failed to improve the facilities at the EFCC and our prisons and now he is paying the price. I hope the current group in power are taking notice. Something positive might yet come out of this Anyim palaver.

  • kinsly

    Inhuman condition? Yet he is still with our money. Let him stay in detention for ever.

    • Ofuzo

      Which your money? You are a broke ass mother fucker spewing junk on the pages of newspapers.

  • Egie Joseph Odiase

    One bullet fired at close range to his fat head and his family made to pay for the bullet. That would keep him and his useless lawyer quiet.

    • Ofuzo

      Who dash monkey banana? When superior beings are out and about, jungle primates like you should be confined to certain lawless areas like sambisa forest.

      • Egie Joseph Odiase

        It is monkeys like you, that support criminals that have turned this country into a zoo. Killing fat fucks like Anyim is a necessary stop more looters like you.

        • Ofuzo

          Shut your stinking mouth there you DUMB SUCKER and go back to sambisa forest where you truly belong.

          • Egie Joseph Odiase

            What is it about you and Sambisa? Ah!! I get it. You are one of those loser IPOB muthafuckas. Was Anyim using the vast loot to procure weapons for your terrorist organization? You can continue to support nonsense but biafraud is dead and buried. You don’t even have enough guts to look for the whereabouts of your fraudster leader. Mumuman.

          • Ofuzo

            You are the one supporting EX BRUTAL DICTATOR EVIL TYRANT BUHARI who overthrew a civilian elected government from power and the grand patron of the maurading KILLER herdsmen. The one who massacred about 500 shiites and more than 90 IPOB members. This evil man who locks up his political opponents and disrespects court judgements. The same man who hates igbos so much that he voted for somebody from niger republic to be chairman of OAU instead of his fellow country man who happens to be igbo. The hatred allowed him to not appoint one single igbo man to more than 10 positions of the nigerian security agencies. He couldn’t find one single igbo man to appoint in any of the more than fifteen managers at the NNPC. You and your EVIL TYRANT buhari should go to hell. DUMB SUCKER.

          • Egie Joseph Odiase

            Little mush brain. You are still towing the line and propaganda of the failed and defunct IPOB. Why would anyone want to give any appointments to an Igbo man? When this criminal Anyim was the head of service, only Igbos worked in that vast department. Igbo was the language of choice and no one was welcome. NNPC is the source of our revenue and appointing an Igbo man in such a position is counter productive because they are generally viewed as unpatriotic. Anyim diverted over N100 billion which he has donated to the criminal Kanu to build an army to kill our people..just because of your greed. How come you are suddenly asking us not to lock him up? Just a few moths ago, you almost started a war in your country that would have destroyed your homeland, killing your women and children. You are a confused asshole that somehow found his way to a third class european country and feels the need to be noticed. If you really want to do something worthwhile, stop talking shit online and organize a small army of european and American based Igbo muthafuckers, slip into Nigeria and come and look for your coward leader. Hating Buhari from afar will not get you a dime. Punk arse.

          • Ofuzo

            Why don’t you answer your real name SheCow? Why did you borrow a Benin name? Why are you afraid of your own shadow? Please run back to sambisa forest where you truly belong you DUMB SUCKER.

          • Egie Joseph Odiase

            Asswipe, The blood of those 90 people supposedly killed is on your head. You hid your children abroad and sent illiterate, gullible souls to an early grave. They are gone forever and you are spitting rubbish and doing nothing to make sure their life is not wasted. You are a goat and should be living in sambisa.

    • Pot and kettle

      You are a very sick man.

      • Egie Joseph Odiase

        Whatever!!! I believe in getting things done . We keep complaining about corruption but not prepared to do the right things to stop it. You are probably supporting Ayim because crumbs of all that stolen money will reach you, somehow. That makes you a thief too.

        • Pot and kettle

          I would rather be a thief than a blood thirsty lunatic. You belong in a room with padded walls. Locked away from humanity for life. Psycho

          • Egie Joseph Odiase

            I agree you are a thief. The law will soon catch up with you and its blood thirsty lunatics like me that will be your god then. You will not make it out of prison under my watch. Keep stealing and supporting crooks. Your own judgement day is fast approaching.

  • Nnamdi Nwachuku


    • kinsly

      Forget the Criminal Lawyer answering SAN.

  • Don Franco

    Pius Anyim would help himself if he cooperates with the EFCC to restitute all the monies he stole from our commonwealth. Imagine that =N=13 billion disappeared from the Ecological Fund account, and over =N=20 billion from the Centenary City development account. …
    I pray he remains in custody pending completion of investigations, which he may tamper with should he be released before these loot is recovered.

    • Ofuzo

      Noooo, he doesn’t have to cooperate with anything. If you have any evidence that he stole anything, the only available option is to charge him to court not to hold him incommunicado and the wanton disregard for court judgements.

      • Don Franco

        Dear Ofuzo,

        Evidence will be presented at trial. The suspect is yet to perfect his bail conditions. It is the court that authorized the EFCC to hold him for 30 days.
        Let him not cooperate with law enforcement for a reduced sentence, he’ll die in jail. Imagine that formerely Kebbi Governor, Dakingari is serving a thirty year sentence for stealing =N=1.8 billion.

        • Ofuzo

          Is nigeria a jungle or what? How can one judge decide to hold him for 30 days and another judge decide to release him. That doesn’t happen in CIVILISED countries. And please don’t tell me what EFCC said because I don’t believe them whatsoever based on their past practice of DISOBEYING court judgements.

          • Don Franco

            Dear Ofuzo:

            Pius Anyim was granted bail by the court, his offence is bailable. Now he has to meet bail conditions to secure his release from EFCC custody, which he hasn’t been able to accomplish. But the court also granted said that the EFCC may hold him for up to thirty days, while investigating.

          • Akin Malaolu

            Courts don’t grant ‘ADMINISTRATIVE BAILS’. YOU ARE A FOOL

        • Akin Malaolu

          Thank you my Brother. Ofuze is blind and stupid

  • josvinco

    No condition is inhuman when asked to render account of stewardship, but what baffles me is the selective justice which makes everything about probe of corruption nonsensical.