African Ambassadors Forum Honours Jonathan, Buhari as Democracy Icons


Former President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan’s well decorated hat is poised to receive another feather with the African Ambassdors’ Forum honouring him with the prize of the African Leadership and Achievement Awards (ALAA) for his outstanding statesmanship general elections in Nigeria.
His successor in office, President

Muhammadu Buhari, will also be decorated for his tenacity in running for office for a record four times, thereby deepening the nation’s democratic process.

He will be sharing this prize with former president of Ghana Mr. John Mahama and the ECOWAS Commission for institutional leadership.

A statement signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the International Selection Committee and the advisory board of the African Third Sector Resource Ambassador Edward Aina and Chijioke James, who are the organizers of the sixth African Ambassadors Interactive Forum (AAIF) said further that the theme of this year’s edition of the forum ‘Deepening Democracy and Ensuring Human Security in Africa,’ is a key factor to Africa’s economic growth and development.

The highlight of this year forum coming up on October 17, 2017 by 5p.m. at the Abuja International Conference Centre is the advisory board and international selection committee identification and acknowledgement of the institutional and individual leadership role that has in no small measure helped in the process of deepening democracy in Africa.

  • Chuma Anierobi

    Why bring in Buhari here?

  • Milito

    What a paradox? Tenacity in pursuing an elective post doesn’t amount to an icon of democracy. The choice of Jonathan was apt because his regime clearly exemplified the tenets of democracy and the icing on the cake was his willing and unprecedented manner of relinquishing power!

    PMB has not by any means exhibited any sign of a believer in democracy and a process that even produced him. The only reason he appeared here is because the organizers ( Aina and Chijioke) are Nigerians and I can bet that it’s either that money have changed hands or their is an eye service with a goal to curry favor .

    Hard to be objective as a Nigerian!🙈