In Political Realignment, Atiku, Jonathan Meet over 2019 Presidency


•  May declare for PDP soon

By Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja    

The push to get former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to dump the All Progressives Congress (APC) and return to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to enhance the opposition party’s bid to return to power in 2019 may have gained traction with a recent discrete meeting between him and former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The meeting said to have been held at the instance of Atiku, who was said to be seriously considering offers made to him by a section of the leadership of the opposition party to return, according to a THISDAY source, explored the desirability of the move and concluded that it would be a worthwhile political endeavour that could help terminate what both leading politicians regarded as the uninspiring rule of the APC.

THISDAY had in a recent report indicated that there were concerted efforts by some PDP leaders to bring Atiku back to the party’s fold but that he gave conditions, including an assurance that he would be given its automatic ticket to contest the 2019 presidential election.

The fresh meeting with Jonathan was said to have looked into the possibility of this condition with both of them said to have agreed that all options should be kept open as the political dynamics of the country remained fluid, requiring a more pragmatic approach to the upsurge in politicking, which the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) warned against last week.

The electoral empire’s National Chairman, Prof. Mahmud Yakubu, had cautioned politicians against political campaigns for 2019, saying the ban on electioneering was yet to be lifted in accordance with Electoral Act 2010 as amended.

But Jonathan was said to have advised Atiku to consider returning to the PDP early enough to avoid being caught by certain provisions of the party’s constitution, which stipulate a period of time a member has to spend in the party before he could be eligible to contest for a political office.

“Atiku was advised to return early to enable him to fulfil the eligibility condition in the party’s constitution and also have ample time to integrate his political structure into the PDP’s,” a source privy to the meeting said.

The source said it was made clear to Atiku that he stood a better chance to realise his ambition in the PDP than the APC since President Muhammadu Buhari looked set to be given a right of first refusal by his party’s leadership.

According to the source: “He was told to note a recent comment by the APC National Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, stating that as the incumbent, President Buhari had a right of first refusal even when the decision would have to be his.

“That has been buoyed by Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai who had practically launched Buhari’s re-election campaign.”

Referring to the reactions of the APC leadership and stalwarts to the recent declaration of support for his presidential ambition by the Minister of Women Affairs and Youth Development, Mrs Aisha Alhassan, the source said it was made clear to Atiku that there was nothing left for him in the APC and that he should just return to the PDP where he could reunite more easily with other founding fathers who were eager to rebuild the party.

THISDAY had reported exclusively in a recent report that key leaders of the PDP were in talks with Atiku over his possible return to the party he co-founded in 1998.

But the former vice president was said to have insisted on some conditions to be met before he could dump the APC for the PDP. This included an assurance that he would get the party’s presidential without a contest.

“The secret discussions are ongoing with a wing of the leadership of the PDP and this has encouraged the former vice-president to start consultations with critical leaders in the northern and southern parts of the country,” a source had told THISDAY, adding: “However, Atiku has informed the PDP leaders who have approached him to guarantee him the nomination of the party for the presidential election before he can leave the APC, as he does not want to be messed up for the third time.”

Findings had shown that several governors in the PDP, especially Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State who had also declared his presidential intention, were willing to allow Atiku return to the PDP. Party sources had claimed that Fayose would not mind positioning for the vice presidency candidacy as Atiku was a strong politician who looked ready to take over power.

Multiple sources had told THISDAY that the leadership of the PDP was comfortable with Atiku whom they believed was well liked by both northerners and southerners even as they downplayed the issue of his old age.  

According to a source, the leaders believed emphasis should be placed on the state of his health rather than his age.

“We had the late President Umaru Yar’Adua who was in his mid-fifties but he had health issues which led to his demise midway into his presidency. Also, President Muhammadu Buhari had health issues which we warned against during electioneering in 2015, but it was dismissed as hate speech. “Then we have persons that are the same age or much older but are healthy and physically fit. So Nigerians should be more concerned about a person’s health than his age,” the source stated.

The source said the APC chieftain was aware of the issues surrounding his age and health and he is prepared to make his medical certificates for the last ten years public to allay any concern about his health.

  • Olalere Tajudeen


  • brightasuquoakpan

    That will be another corrupt team of leadership.Jonathan ineffective and corrupt,Atiku very corrupt,Buhari ineffective ,sick and weak….can’t we have a young ,honest and dynamic leader in Nigeria?

  • Ralph

    Jonathan is not a wise man by any stretch of the imagination. When in a hole stop digging. They say he has a PhD (I doubt it) shouldn’t he be going round lecture circuits all over the world? Instead It’s one day in Minna the next in Yola while the wife he married is in court every day. Phew! What an empty and stressful life!

  • fagarjaji

    When will our news reporting be less than 99% news of prominence (i.e the utterances and activities of the ruling elites)? Makes it very difficult to teach the young ones the criteria for news worthiness. So sickening!

  • fld8778

    We are better off with Buhari. Go to Adamawa, Atiku has nothing to show apart from his school built for the wealthy and some few companies. However, when it comes to infrastructure and development of the state Atiku was more of a retrogressive factor than progressive. He had the opportunity to be like the Tinubu of North East but his selfish politics prevented him. We will not vote for him and he will not be the leader of this country insha Allah.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Who should answer these questions? Buhari or Baru?
    “•What becomes of Sections 130(2), 148(1) of the Constitution and Section 1(1) of NNPC Act?
    •How can the NNPC Tenders Board appointed by Baru be responsible for approving
    contracts in the light of Section 20(1) of the Public Procurement Act?
    •What is the proof that Kachikwu as NNPC GMD did what Baru is doing?
    •How can NNPC Board oversee budget without information?
    •Why was Baru silent on the controversial appointments he made without briefing the board?
    •Are there standards of transparency and due process when NNPC awarded contracts of
    that magnitude without carrying NNPC Board along?”

  • I prefer atiku to Buhari.

  • wilsongaga

    Atiku is a harlot garnishing his trade with Machiavellian principles, This time no weapon fashioned against Nigerians by jonathan and his cohorts, shall prosper, Atiku is a one chance……………pdp is where he rightly belongs. See how he is rumbling everywhere like dog in its heat period,someone should tell these evil men to go and rest, they have played their part in the history of Nigeria.

  • oyoko

    please encourage them to field Atiku as their preesidential candidiate, Jonathan can even agree to be his running mate(i know he will agree; he usually agree to anything), but be assured that Atiku cannot win his ward with Buhari running as president. As for Jonathan, let him test his popularity with his people at Bayelsa, without rigging, i will he will find it difficult winning Bayelsa.

  • tuby NY

    Sooo does these two fellow (Atiku and GEJ) inspired any sensible human being?? In a normal, noble society, these two wuld be TOTALLY IRRELEVANT politically, and with anything to do public offices or ANYTHING TO DO WITH POLITICAL DECISION.


  • Tersoo

    My dear pple, whether we agree or not, by all human calculations our president come 2019 is either Atiku Or Buhari… by all ramifications, they may not have popular support… so in order not to stress ourselves it’s best we try to find who is better amongst the 2 evil men… a vote for any other candidate other than these two is a vote against the ‘will be defeated candidate’ who mayb the lesser evil..

    Therefore let’s do our comparative analysis amongst the two. For me, I love Nigeria n wish a younger person cld lead us but it won’t work in 2019.. and if I look at Buhari and Atiku…with his political experience, political determination, understanding of business, brigdes built across Nigeria regardless of ethnicity, religion and race I think Atiku will be a better president than Buhari.. Buhari just simply lacks the capacity to rule Nigeria in a 21st Century… we have all seen his 3years in office and the next 1 or even 4 years won’t be better… I voted and supported Buhari in 2015 but clearly showed he wanted to just be president but failed to understand the scope and timeliness of governance which also goes beyond corruption.. this was evident when Buhari cldt form a cabinet 6months into office, what was he doing during the election era and president elect era? When indeed every single day from when he was declared president elect counted… even as senseless as we thought Trump was or is… he assembled his cabinet before his inauguration realizing the task ahead was huge… so if it’s an Atiku or a Buhari we have to pick from… my vote is for the better evil, Atiku.

  • lord vuga

    Why exactly does atiku want to rule nigeria by all means? He has more money than he can finish in multiple lifetimes as a millionaire any day any where on this earth.
    What will it take for him to realise that he is just chasing shadows , that he is just destined never to be president here.
    His desparation is just too obvious. Now he is even more confused. If nakedness promises you a suit wont you run? How can you go to gej who lost out as an incumbent to help you win what he couldnt win while everything was at his disposal.
    Well i guess easy come , easy go , so let him just keep burning his loot. Me i dey laffff

  • jaka Nasiril

    Folks, I think we can change the narrative of this country and call off this North and South Dichotomy by allowing a free democratization process devoid of zoning but allowing the best man or woman to emerge in a free and fair election. I do not see a Buhari nor an Atiku as the next savior for this country. Among the youth 50 years and below should be preparing yourselves to wrestle the mantle of leadership from the same old politicians, who has added no value to our collective yearnings. Please wake up from your slumbers and face the herculean task ahead.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      I still have faith in Buhari.
      Human rats consumed our money while he was away, just as much as the rodents who vandalised his office.
      50 % looting of Nigerian money is said to take place at the NNPC.
      Let’s give him time to clean the mess.
      My pacience with him is waning too.
      My line of thinking now is that he should stand aside and allow more energetic anti-corruption team to take over.
      God bless Nigeria.

  • efada acha

    Jonathan should be smart by now.he should not allow atiku to come and disorganized PDP is same Jonathan idea that brought modu sheriff.

  • henry price

    comrades America plus Europe have for a long time wanted to own a modernly developing Nigeria, plus Atiku plus his American relatives with missing 35 billion US dollars ex-president Jonathan will try to get it for them. Or will they? Very much sincere, Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.

  • aye

    To continue providing responses to each other without recourse to the theme is a sheer out of point deliberation. If any of us is a politician, it is then such will understand what influences the attitude of a politician most. Politicians only consider the only chance or advantage they could use to actualise their aspiration. They barely consider who could merit this most or that but their capability to outwit their rivals. Principle is almost least of what they mind consider. In as much as this Republic in Nigeria is concerned, no politician can say he/she is better off, in terms of consistency and political integrity as everyone is only preoccupied with the possibility of winning a mark or recalling with the winning team, no matter however it is achieved, be it killing one’s mother.

  • Smt Jal
    • yukkmouff

      APC, Sai Dotard!!!!

  • Bright Ezeh

    I smelled corruption from all corner , Please Referendum all the way

  • MLK

    Buhari is in deep shit having cast aside Tinubu. Worse still Saraki is more likely to support Atiku. Buhari has in his camp only people with no wide political base. Oyegun, Fashola, Amechi,Okorocha, Ngige. Even his wife may not vote for him.

    • KWOY

      So, it is accepted Osinbajo is out of the equation! And hence, you see why it is not Buhari straight!

  • MLK

    Ko si iyato ninu omo iya aja. Buhari straight.

    • KWOY

      That’s what I said. You have to chose between the two evils…. OSINBAJO OFF!

      • MLK

        No southerner can be interested for now. GEJ just finished six years

        • KWOY

          That is the excuse of a weak fellow who goes to saying he had wanted to take his bath when water was poured on him! And probably you know what Dele Momodu & Tinubu don’t know!

  • Suleiman Alatise

    Too little too late.

  • Netanyahu

    I don’t know what Atiku is waiting for. He is a million times a better human than this skeleton that is interested in how many more Nigerians he will drag to their early grave as he struggles with his terminal illhealth. I voted and campaigned for him in 2015 and it is one the mistakes of my life. At least Atiku is not a radicalized muslim jihadist, tribal bigot. I can relate with him, not the agama lizard, out to suck more innocent blood. Atiku all the way to 2019. I will donate to your campaign.

    • share Idea

      Atiku is not perfect just like every human and he never pretends to one. Hence, I will go for Atiku any time and any day if presented with choice of Buhari and Atiku

  • KWOY

    Atiku Abubakar is, from allegations very corrupt & possibly a sponsor of Boko Haram. But he is 2 Million times better than Buhari. The curse on the Yorubas is that they must choose between the two evils! IT IS THEIR CURSE!

    • Where are you left with that?,just asking why you people refuse to see with your two eyes,hate have eaten deep into your sorry souls,’awon were’.

      • Zico

        Abi o.

    • benedict chindi

      Why not stop with the childish insults!!! How does insulting anyone help you make your point?

      • KWOY

        I guess you don’t see their own – from columns to commentaries?!

    • abraham ayinde

      Why this hate is so deep? We never slice your throat as done by your old friends in the sixties neither did we use knife to remove foetus as done gleefully by your allies. It is friendship that has gone sower. Direct your hatred towards them. Through killings, they help you control your population, otherwise that small portion of land God gave would not have accommodate you. We provided opportunities for you to prosper yet you repay us bad for good. You will dance the dance of the serpent for long. You talk of nerves. Do you have nerves? What have you been able to do when your old friends move the killing fields from up north to your backyard in the form of herdsmen killing. Nothing you did except weeping and weeping. Leave us a line. We are not your problems

  • E.Udah

    Just that Atiku is an Oscillator.
    If he saw tomorrow, he would have remained in PDP and helped to build it, regardless.
    Tinubu was consistent AD, AC and then ACN, that’s why he’s listened to in SW.
    Fayose is trying to be politically consistent too, love him or hate him. Tomorrow, he will have his breakthroughs.
    Why can’t our politicians be ideologically consistent.

    • Sustain Transformation

      Unfortunately staying put in a nomenclature party is not same as staying put in a ideological party. Nigeria has no ideological party but only acronyms. For now, blame no one for oscillating. The only ideology is “looting” and it is common to all acronyms. Sorry

  • Political Affey

    Despite the huge impediments before him, Atiku is determined to forge ahead with his ambition. Nigerians really have no choice in the present circumstance. He has observed that in a fair contest, there is no one out there.
    Atiku is using any available medium to tell Buhari to go. He is aware of the obstacle Buhari constitutes to his ambition. More than anything else, this is the reality and Atiku knows it. The Buhari mountain he has to climb to power is very high. Atiku needs to work with APC leaders more, sharing his vision with them. Perhaps, that will convince Buhari of the need to rethink his position.
    Whether Atiku is able to launch out successfully depends on the APC machine. APC may not be your perfect party, but the PDP still have credibility issues to resolve with a section of the electorate.

    • Raymondian

      …………Atiku needs to work with APC leaders more, sharing his vision with them.
      Perhaps, that will convince Buhari of the need to rethink his position.

      You have said it all. Just that Atiku knows that many forces in APC are not willing to embrace him to that point. They see him as a spoiled kid. Probable he should have embraced Buhari’s regime from the beginning with his ideas as a member of his party who wants Nigeria to move forward as you said.

    • forestgee

      PDP credibility issue is now with APC! Look at APC now and the number of corrupt former PDP members that defected to APC. How many APC Governors are former PDP members? The problem of Nigeria today is not PDP but APC…they cannot manage anything well.

    • Tola

      Then Atiku too need to let us know his insight into the economy. The sloganeering about restructuring and recession is not enough. We have huge distortions in our economy. Tax rev to GDP is paltry 6%. The emphasis on improving tax revenue, agric and infrastructure is good but the government is slow. This nostalgia for N10k rice is dangerous and stupid. Comparing imported consumer item in a $130/bbl oil economy with attempt at self reliant in a $50/bbl period is insane. We may be back to an express route to Venezuela.

      • papred06

        Nigerian politicians don’t speak about the economy. They deliberately dodge the subject and wait until the last minute and then promise free roads, schools, free food, free air conditioning, free perfume, free air, free clothes, free medical treatment, free sunlight, free cars, etc etc……..

        That attitude will NEVER EVER change!!!!!

    • Milito

      Political affey (sounds more like ‘ affi ‘ in Yoruba meaning ‘albino’). Your submission indicates that you may be an’albino’ in the Nigerian political environment. Please note that No Nigerian politician ever lives with any iota of principle – no , not even the current president or Tinubu whom am not surprised to see Dele Awegbeoba tribalistically defending. For the umpteenth time I will unequivocally state that the only thing common and constant for politicians in Nigerian context is their interest. So forget your unnecessary fret over the probability of Atiku and even so many others crossing over or back to PDP ( aka ‘kpi ndi kpi’ according to Late Sage Bola Ige).

      Let me also remind you that no party or administration can use credibility or anti corruption as a political capital or even liability again for their campaign as Nigerians have come to know better ( no thanks to APC under Buhari due to his propensity to shield all the corruption allegations on party or administration members and also their inability to effectively and successfully prosecute any indicted opposition person beyond press propaganda).

      Beyond these, an analysis using political algebra indicates that the north will favor a new president from their region in 2019 as that will give them a guaranteed additional 8 years on the saddle as against 4 for Buhari. This permutation is also fortified by the increased call for division or restructuring under Buhari regime which has been unprecedented in the history of Nigeria ( no thanks again to PMB’s indiscretion on handling the issues that bind the country together). Except APC presents another northerner, then the coast is quite clear for PDP to come back especially if they field an Atiku or Sule Lamido of which Atiku has more political goodwill across the divide .

      Time to analyze politics beyond the lens and compass of party , tribe or religion. What we need is purely a generational shift that is totally independent of the influence and afflictions of these old brigades but unfortunately we are not ready neither are the masses ready to embrace them. Our numerous comments here clearly shows this myopia. This is why I am for restructuring anytime , any day !!!

      • jaka Nasiril

        I completely agrees with your last paragraph on the paradigm shift needed to move this nation forward in the absence of a restructured federation. Your submission is very apt and should be built upon.

      • Political Affey

        My ideological persuasion is Afenifere. (Affey) Good life for all. But I have nothing to do with the Yoruba group.
        As far as I’m concerned, Atiku stands on a shaky ground. Buhari can fully recover before 2019.
        Atiku will find it difficult to attack Buhari at the campaign rallies even if he joined the PDP.

        • Milito

          You will be amazed that Buhari will not run – his running is to the detriment of the north! This is especially given the fact that PDP has zoned the presidency also to the north.

          The only reason PDP failed in 2015 was because they fielded GEJ who was a southerner and the north were already wearied of power not returning back to them after the intriguing exit of yardua . Tinubu as usual was simply used as an ally to achieve that goal but the situation is different now and you can even see how they have treated him post election.

          Buhari is not Atiku’s headache but other probable contestants from the north such as Lamido, Kwankwaso, El Rufai etc….

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    A politician without principles and who changes from one party to the other with every new election cycle is not a politician worth trusting. From PDP to AC to PDP to APC. At what stage do parties start to give these politicians a very wide berth.

    • benedict chindi

      Mr. Dele, please don’t deceive the public.

      No Nigerian political party has any discernible, identifiable or unique political guiding principles.

      To most knowledgeable observers they are just vehicles with which to attain power. If you’re still in doubt please ask yourself what political principles bind Rotimi Amaechi, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, Bukola Saraki, Rochas Okorocha and Mohammadu Buhari.

      Its a game of political musical chairs; nothing more, nothing less.

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        Rotimi Amaechi was hounded out of PDP by GEJ. He did not leave the PDP because he was seeking a vehicle for solely personal advancement. Rotimi did not stand for elective office in the primary for APC. Tinubu has not stood for elective office of any party since his tenure as governor ended in 2007. Buhari has set up new parties and has moved his supporters from ANPP to CPC. I will not put him in the same bracket as Atiku. Okoracha is Atiku’s soul mate. He has moved parties as mnany times as Atiku and used each as a vehicle to advance his electoral goals by standing for elections.

        I disagree with your position. Atiku has made much stock on internal democracy yet (if this article is to be believed) wants unhindered access to the presidential slot.

        • benedict chindi

          Oga you said Atiku lacked political principles, and I told you no Nigerian political party has any identifiable principles.

          Being hounded out of PDP by Jonathan is not a political principle, and you do know (at least I hope you do) that Bola Tinubu’s polical career since 2007 is a perfect illustration that in the Nigerian context elective office and political power mean very different things – you may see Lamidu Adedibu, Sola Saraki and Chris Uba for further reference.

          Thank you.

          • Anusa peter Ogar

            Not all are politically schooled to understand the dysfunctionality​ inherent in the Nigerian political arena, you are most current with your submissions and any contrary thinking is inherently wrong.

        • Sustain Transformation

          Revising history is a sin. Atiku is planning to run for presidency and has not run yet. Tinubu eyed the presidency prior to and during the merger in 2014. He succumbed to superior forces. After that, he attempted the Veepee slot, again, he was shot down mid-air. Why are u willfully revising history?

          • yukkmouff

            Because he’s full of bullshit and his mantra is predominantly bollocks!

        • Angry Niaja

          God bless you for this in depth analysis. Atiku is so desperate to become president, Nigeria does not need this “men loving” individual, we could as a nation do a lot better, and anything to do with Jonathan again, would be a curse on Nigeria.

          • Stephen

            So the Jonathan that allowed himself to be defrauded for peace to reign is now a curse but Buhari who was prepared to kill is the Angel.

          • Angry Niaja

            How may I ask was Jonathan defrauded

          • Stephen


          • Toby

            Buhari wasn’t desperate?

          • imagine_2012

            Buhari was so desperate that he even cried. We all thought he had anything to offer.

          • MOG

            Buhari was do desperate that he cried openly after losing in 2014 and was mum when his followers murdered youth Corp members because of his defeat. I know you are aware of this.

          • Tony Oshea

            Atiku desperate? Try someone else who contested four (4) times and was written-off as perpetually unelectable.

          • Netanyahu

            Angry naija, cursed afonja. Atiku is passionate not desperate. Correct your miserable self.

        • MDG2020

          Hypocrisy, falsehood, treachery, deceit, barefaced lying by rationalisation, cowardice, hatred, and perpetual servitude is ingrained in your DNA. Your type have no place in genuine national discourse or commentary.
          Pleaaaase PISS OFF!
          To hell with you and whatever warped ideology antikwarrapson you and your dying boss stand for.

          • lord vuga

            U go soon burst vein ooo!! This stacatto is totally uncalled for. Abi you are responding to another post?

        • MOG

          Atiku was hounded out of pdp by Obj in 2006. He left for the same reason amaechi left Pdp in 2014. He is being hounded today in apc, according to him. If disagreement among members is what leads to being hounded, then every politician who left his party in Nigeria for another has good reason. They are all victims, if you get me.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            Atiku was hounded out of PDP in 2007 but was not hounded out of AC in 2011 or PDP in 2015. The man has been jumping to and from parties merely to obtain a vehicle through which to run for president. There is something both offensive and dangerous about such a person.

          • Cheta God

            SW political viewpoint. Atiku has a more national outlook than Busari, Tinubu etc

          • Atiku. A. Fans Club

            Dele just forget the argument, you’ve lost it, you can’t prove nothing. Atiku likely will have it this time, majority Nigerians are willing to test him. Buhari have been tested and he’s failed woefully such that the US says the honey moon with is government is over against non integrity. Political Parties in Nigeria are vehicle to get to power, simple. It now depends on what you’ll use that power to do, and it looks Atiku have policies up his sleeves Nigerians would want to check him out.

          • Netanyahu

            That is not your business. Atiku does not represent clowns like you. You may wish to die for your buhari this time around, that is your cup of tea.

          • Amass a

            Of course yes. Many were made to leave by the power that be. It is only when you are inside that you will understand the wickedness carried out to some members. Most of our politicians are devil incarnate.

          • Mitchelll

            Not Most but all. Wicked is one of the criteria to be a politician in Nigeria.

        • Buhari in search of power moved from anpp to cpc to APC. In fact, if pdp had offered a platform, he would have seized it.

        • Cheta God

          You are not dispassionate in this.

        • Anonymous

          And what ca u say of a president who sgruggles to say the full meaning of APC? cannot mention the APC manifestos? Cross carpetted to APC? Is he an exemption? Or is Tinubu an exception if he collects monies from the ruling party and sways elecrions in their direction and has moved from AD, ACN to APC, je was fortunate that the time was ripe, the evironment fipe and he finaly had a northern candidate wit popularoty and mass appeal, if not he would srill be playing his politicla games, Who are the APC? Who is APC? Tell me, is it Bunari, Sraki, Tinubu etc are they in cohesion? Ensync? They are strange bed fellows and u know it, if PDP or anupyother party manages to come back to power those same people cursing PDP will go back saying they were deceived, it is the swm old game of politics, no permanent friends or positions, only permanent interests and political prostitution is practised by most. And if u say otherwise then show me anyone in APC who,has a political post but wanst a member fo a former or still exisiting political party?

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            Buhari was formerly a member of APP and CPC respectively (both of which voluntarily merged into APC).

          • Anonymous

            Yes, at least PDP stands for something even if it is corruption and has been in existence since before 1999, what does APC stand for? What is the essence of APC with sgrandge bed fellows apwho are not in tandem or cohesion but are fighting for individual interests

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            what did the goverments of OBJ (which stood for fiscal discipline , reduction in the size of government , privitization) have in common with Yar Adua (which stood for greater govt presence, less innovation and a more conservative approach to governance) or GEJ’s governemtn (which stood for massive spending, debt accumulation, government spending and corruption?

          • Anonymous

            All these past presidents had their own different ideologies and approaches but they had hither to always been PDP.

      • OkonOnonokpono

        Only their belly bind them together. Unprincipled politicians will always lead to blind allay. What you get on the devil’s back you will always spend it under the devil’s belly. This is what Atiku will give Nigeria. Can we not stop recycling?

        • Tony Oshea

          NO! If people didn’t stop recycling the grand patron of herdsmen in 2015, then nobody in PDP will stop Atiku come 2019.

    • KWOY

      It is the curse of Yorubas to chose between Buhari & Atiku!….. Every other politician changes party; it should be no special sin for Atiku! Damn the thought if you are hopinng for Osinbajo. Osinbajo will NEVER be president!

      • Milito

        While I hate to say this , the fact remains that Atiku will pull more votes in the north than BUhari given the ills of the cabal around him and the fear of secession/ further ethnic agitation . Even if the Yorubas vote en mass for BUhari , the south south and south east votes with a Balkanized north will still give Atiku victory. On the military front where the military oligarchy determines who rules, Atiku is sure to have the backing of IBB, Abdusalam, Danjuma etc over Buhari mainly because of his health and the fact they no longer have the guilt of removing him from power after the initial ouster in 1984. The only likely opposition here will be OBJ but that will be 3 against 1.

        • Dele Awogbeoba

          Deceive yourself. Atiku has zero following in the North. He ran for election in 2007 and 2011 and was beaten to third place in both elections. Atiku only won in Lagos in 2007 and did not win any state in 2011. He will only win 5 states of the SE and 5 states of the SS and may be Adamawa if he is lucky.

          • Milito

            May God give us the grace to see 2019 and beyond and we will come back to this article. Have a great day.

        • abraham ayinde

          Will yoruba vote enmass for Buhari in 2019? What gave you the wrong impression? Even in the last election, Jonathan still won 44% of votes in the west. The west has never voted enmass for a northerner. In fact I forsee the east going back to their old friends in 2019. Watch it. You saw how their Governors were competing to maim Kanu to satisfy the mullah.

          • austin

            The next elections would be the North vs the North.
            No choices really.

          • Milito

            Sorry my brother I was only following the argument put forward by Dele and other co-travelers of regional politics who always boast that with the Yorubas, Buhari will certainly win irrespective of the alignment of other regions. Thanks for proving otherwise even with some stats . I will not be surprised if they don’t even give up to 20% this time .

            Like Austin stated below , the race is gonna be an all north affairs. So we see if Yorubas will vote for an excessive tribal Buhari who have even sidelined Tinubu or an Atiku who is more pan Nigerian and may run with probably a Fayose or possibly another intellectual from Yoruba land.

    • KWOY

      Perish the thought if you are thinking about OSINBAJO! curse is that they must Chose between Buhari & Atiku!

    • Netanyahu

      Yoro pig. When two members of PDP cross-carpeted to the APC on the floor of the House of Reps just last week, I did not hear you idiot describe them as politicians without principles. Go hug a live transformer. Cow dung.

      • KWOY

        Don’t mind him. In 2014 when Atiku crossed over to APC he was not called a politician without principle. He was called a progressive then.

      • Peter Ajewole

        We can agree and disagree based on personal convictions without name calling. Grow up

    • Donald

      Delete, how many political parties did Buhari belonged to before becoming president in 2015?

    • Donald

      Dele, how many political parties did your Saint Buhari belonged to before winning 2015 election?

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        ANPP and once ANPP split into ANPP and CPC (CPC). Buhari is not MY saint. He is not my automatic enemy either.

    • Danfulani

      Unprincipled indeed. The earlier he realise that he is being courted because of his money the better for him.

      • MOG

        As he was courted by apc in 2014. What has changed now?

    • MOG

      You are correct, my brother. Unfortunately , our current president did the same. he jumped from party to party and Nigerians called him a saint, so I wonder whether this will matter for Atiku.

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        Buhari set up his own party after ANPP sold him out during the litigation phase. The CPC was his own creation. APC was a party made up of a number of parties one of which was the CPC. Buhari is a much different animal from the non principled Atiku.

        • MOG

          It does make a difference, whether it was party one founded or that founded by others by the way they were both looking for platform to actualize their deep seated ambition. Buhari is different from Atiku in this sense, by the way there is a difference btw six and half dozen; half glass full and half glass empty. We can defend this logic with all in us as lovers of our president.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            ANPP split into two dude. CPC was where majority of the people of ANPP went to. They did not go to the PDP or AC. The ANPP party was factionalized. It was an ideological split. Atiku went from PDP for 8 years to AC for 3 years back to PDP for 3 years then to APC for the last two years. There is something truly odious about such a person. Atiku has changed parties for every single election cycle.

            Buhari was in CPC in 2007, 2011 and his CPC merged with other parties to form APC in 2014. There is stability of purposes with Buhari.

    • Tinubu kept morphing from ad to acn to APC. Merging with retrogressive cpc was the ultimate lack of principles.

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        Almost all members of AD left to AC. The AD shell was left for Afenifere. AC changed its name to ACN which later merged with CPC and ANPP. Not the same I am afraid.

        • That is even more convoluted and opportunistic for the watering of the selfish ambitions of a few.

    • Judith

      BUT that is the norm in Nigerian Politics. The question is , will he deliver on election promises?

    • Cheta God

      He is not alone.

    • Ralph

      Atiku is just bored. Needs to waste ill gotten wealth every 4 years.

    • Netanyahu

      That is your miserable opinion, that does not count. This is an election that throws up several parties and candidates. Vote for your choice and shut up your ewedu mouth. I will vote for a thousand Atiku’s than this illiterate skeleton again that knows nothing outside quran and his awusa/foolani boko haram people.

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        Did you vote for him the first time?

  • sirOscie

    Political alignment and realignment is necessary for a country like ours that has been divided along ethnic and religious lines by selfish politicians that has embarrassed nepotism to the detriment of the welfare of fellow citizens.
    Anyway forward is a good way for me, Anyway that will see Nigerians live better is equally a good way for me.
    We tried Buhari but his health failed him and the result is everywhere for us to see I believe its time to give another a chance the Former Vice President (Atiku Abubakar)preferably.

    • Philip Onyemauche Mbonu

      Not only Buhari’s health, Buhari had no plans and was not ready for the job. He only wanted to be president for the sake of it. His actions has not convinced me that he means well for the unity of Nigeria which he sings as not negotiable. Having tried many times for the position and failed one would think that he would have laid down plans to move the nation forward, but he didn’t. Nigerian presidency needs some one who has a well articulated plans to take Nigeria to a desired level.

  • Yusuf Dahiru

    Atiku and Jonathan, a combination of two of the heavy weight corruption personified people!

    Buhari 2019 is a reality!

    • Victor

      But when the same Atiku was supporting and sponsoring Buhari….he was not corrupt then……Tell your Buhari to prove he is actually fighting corruption and not the opposition by coming out clean/clear with the findings of the VP’s panel against the suspended SSG…….Also the latest NNPC/Kachukwu/Baru scandal…….”Buhari 2019 is a reality!” only in your mind…….

    • Nkem Okike

      This your corruption tag used to hoodwink Nigerians will never work this time around. Nigerians have become much wiser.

    • yukkmouff

      Better a crook they know than a thief who claims to have integrity. I think the 15 million mumus (if you include the underage voters, cows, rams and goats) who elected the dullard have come to realise he is nothing blockhead (with nothing tangible to offer) who isn’t fit to be a class monitor – let alone local council chairman!

    • Elenugboro

      The same Atiku allegedly gave your 2019 candidate an estimated 2million dollars for his 2015 election campaign, proceeds of corruption no doubt using your own judgement. So who is the thief now the person who stole or the person who enjoyed out of it.

      • Lucky

        Lets leave politicians to politics…lets make money now so we can influence things later. that as it may, agriculture is the in thing now. We have very arable farmland for sale in Koba Pe, along Sagamu-Abeokuta expressway and Ido, Ibadan suitable for large scale farming of crops like Cassava, Yam, Maize, Cocoa, Cocoyam, Sorghum, Mellon, Soyabeans, Okra, Peppers etc.
        What is more, by buying from us you can access loan from N500, 000 upward to run the farm because we have a running partnership with Central Bank of Nigeria…..
        Not only that, we can also help you manage the farm at very minimal charges, if you happen to be a very busy executive, which makes your location a thing of no concern…
        There are individuals who are in places like Abuja, Lagos and even outside the country who are already keying into this….Hurry now! while stock last….
        We are currently running a promo on both farmlands. you have the unique opportunity of acquiring an acre of land in each farmland for as low as N600,000 …Hurry now, Contact me on 0907 3119 762

        • austin

          Advert? Ok.
          But what have you done about herdsmen? Any partnership with Miyetti Allah?

    • musa aliero

      Where is our $25billiion that saint baba buhari and dr baru stole? Buhari is corruption and hypocrisy personified perfectly.

  • xto

    I they laugh! I advise Atiku to just take a rest instead of jumping from one party to another. We are men for God’s sake and have to be firm with decisions.

  • Enyi

    This one Na no shaking, Buhari will do a second term!

    • Yusuf Dahiru

      Enyi Wallahi no shaking Sai baba all the way!

    • Victor

      Una go give am second term for una mind…….

    • Nkem Okike

      I rather deal with a more knowledgeable and detrabalized Atiku.

  • Admonisher

    Corruption Coalition Incorporated.

  • 2017 N.C.S.A.U.C.T.I.O.N

    Nigeria Custom 2017 Vehicle Auction and Replacement form is on. Contact Officer: Mary Afolabi 09031606209 for details.

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    Before emphasis on the man liked by both northerners and southerners, don’t you think proper to consider his last outing in the APC Presidential primaries?

    • musa aliero

      That was in the past! That doesn’t matter in politics because a day is like a month in politics as things change fast. If buhari had considered his last outing in 2011 when Jonathan beat him by almost 10million votes, he wouldn’t have contested in 2015 ai. But things change. Atiku2019

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        We all knew how Buhari was defeated in 2003, 2007 and 2011. Many of the culprits to the manipulations later confessed and some now part of the remorseful Buhari supporters.

        By the way, the awakened Nigerians electorates no longer trust their fate to mere politicking as we are likely to witness in 2019. Many of the yesterday’s politicians will not find the election hurdles so easy come 2019.

        One cannot be part of the 1999 to 2014 bastardization and still expect himself remain politically popular in 2019 with all the evidences now before Nigerian electorates.

        • musa aliero

          What about the 2015 to date bastardization? What about the hypocrisy of this government in fighting a one sided anti corruption war? What if destroying our economy making dollar close to N500 to $1? This administration has borrowed more than all administrations combined from 1999 till date with nothing to show for it. In 2019 APC will be surprised mark my words. Ni dan kebbi kuma we supported baba buhari amma bai iya komai ba ashe sai yaudara. Muna nan jiranshi. Guguwa ta kare!

          • imagine_2012

            Are you pro-Atiku and why?

          • Musa M. Dantsoho

            My, brother I am not in the podium for propaganda, misinformation or wild allegations. You don’t expect me to accept your claim of fighting a one sided anti corruption without pointing at instance. Neither would you expect me to believe dollar exchange rate rose to N500 per $1 because of leadership inability to handle the economy.

            If these were campaign materials prepared against 2019, the strategy is dead on arrival. Patriotic electorates are conscious of the comatose economy this administration inherited and they know those behind its bastardization. It was only by God’s help and leadership patriotism the nation is surviving it.

  • ’70

    Poor Atiku, darting from pillar to post & in the end he will eventually fail…