Secession not Solution to Problems Bedevilling Igbos, Says Alhaji

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)

By Mohammed Aminu in Sokoto

A former Minister of Finance and Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Alhaji Abubakar Alhaji, has cautioned the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) against overheating the polity, saying secession is not the solution to the problems bedevilling the South-east region.

He also opposed those clamouring for the restructuring of the country, insisting that Nigeria only requires a purposeful and competent leader irrespective of tribe and religion to take the country to the next level.

Speaking during a chat with THISDAY at his residence in Sokoto Tuesday, the elder statesman charged the agitators to sheathe their swords and give peace a chance, stressing that their activities have created tension in the South-east region.

He maintained that Nigerians should remain as one, adding that the break-up of the country is not the solution to the problems affecting the South-east region.

“I don’t believe secession is the answer to our problems. We should remain united as one country. Sometimes I wake up and weep for Nigeria. Buhari said late Odumegwu Ojukwu visited him in Daura and told him that he is for one Nigeria not Biafra. And that those clamouring for secession are on their own,” he said.

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  • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

    Yea, I totally agree with Alhaji Abubakar that dismemberment of Nigeria may not be solution to Igbo problems but somesort of restructuring that will eradicate extreme marginalistion of the Igbo as has occurred in appointment of service chiefs, recent promotions and other MDAs to give the Igbo a sense of belonging in Nigeria will placate and reduce agitatins

    • omnia1

      Prof, you are wrong, (like many Igbo intellectuals) in thinking that there is an alternative to Biafra. I support Biafra because I AM CERTAIN Nigeria will not be restructured; the Fulani-led cabal are smart devils and will never allow a true federation to emerge.

      Losing the current structure of Nigeria is a MUCH worse option for the cabal than Biafrexit. It is people who fail to understand this that put their hope in “restructuring”.

      A sine qua non of true federalism is the right to self-determination through referendum for the federating units. If the cabal allows this, it would amount to Biafrexit on a platter of gold because Igbos will activate that clause and majority will vote to leave Nigeria.

      The cabal have three ONLY three options:

      1/ Maintain the current structure with all their unfair “advantages” (their preference)
      2/ Allow Biafrexit and have a new nation in which Muslims and the Northern cabal have an overwhelming majority (their second best option)
      3/ Allow restructuring and therefore lose their unfair advantages AND STILL LOSE BIAFRA as a consequence of the restructuring. (their nightmare)

      Within the next few months the cabal will manipulate events in Nigeria so that eventually anyone who speaks of “restructuring Nigeria” would be branded a “hate-speaker”.

      We must either get Biafra or be willing to live as quiet slaves in a Fulani-manipulated police state.

      • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

        My dear OMNIA 1, you pontificate on something you do not understand and it is above you. Most likely you are a youth and reason artificially and unrealistic as one living abroad from your Biafrexit language. Igbo youths should listen and be consulting from their elders ho for sure have wisdom and understand issues involved better. We saw the civil and knew implications of hat you are call for, that it may not be the best for our people, that going by the nature of our republican nature that we need to live other more soft and diplomatic people like the Yorubas/Hausa-Fulanis to help moderate us, that it is near an impossible task for the Igbos surrounded by their quasi- Igbos or minority tribes from(SS/MIDDLEBELT/NE/SW) ho because of our unrully, overbearing and snobish disposition may prefer to remain in Nigeria than secede with the Igbo. Sinscerely speaking, Igbos(Ohanaeze of our people) contribute to our marginalization via our greed(oke ochicho), overbearing nature(onyekaibu) or ho is your father(onyebunnagi) or much more rude behaviour of our peo[le that make other tribes detest us. It is high time we begin to moderate and change our behaviour so that other tribes ould like to relate ith us. As a mater of fact, I have lived ith and among the goog people of northern and estern Nigeria to learn that they are seetif you understand them. Same goes for other minority tribes ithout exception. If you master and understand the working of Nigeria, bet you me, you ill kno that all tribes of Nigeria including the Igbos are good people though e are the most difficult of all due to our nature. Pls get in touch to me via or +2348037876614 for deeper discussion, I like your concern.

        • omnia1

          PART I:

          Thank you very much for taking out time to reply. It is a mark of your love for the greatly misunderstood Igbo people (your people). I want us to have an open debate rather than a private one for the benefit of the reading public.

          There was no really no need to make assumptions about my age and place of domicile. And you were wrong about both. Also, with all due respect, you have stated several fallacies about Igbos. The trauma of the Civil War has so affected the Igbo psyche that we are now creating unfounded negative ideas about ourselves.

          First, you state that Igbos need more diplomatic peoples like Hausa and Yoruba to manage them. This is because you assume that it is diplomacy or tact or being “soft” that gives the others the influence they have in Nigeria, but you are totally wrong, Sir.

          There are two MAJOR reasons for the domination of Nigeria by the Hausa-Fulani(+/- Yoro) Cabal. These are:

          1. The strategic decision of Britain to impose the Hausa-Fulani (whom they considered more ‘dumb’, ‘docile’ and ‘desultory’) on Nigeria and use them as allies in post-Independence exploitation of Nigeria’s resources (The British rigged everything including the census, election and political structure – this plot is revealed with graphic details in the confessional memoire of one of the ring leaders of the plot – Harold Wilson. I urge you to read this memoire, if you are yet to do so)

          2. The ruthlessness of the Fulani-led Cabal in maintaining their hold on power. If Igbos are not willing to kill, rape and pillage the innocent, practice unrepentant tribal bigotry, subdue the common will of the majority, pervert justice, apply vicious divide-and-rule tactics, rig the constitution, falsify the census, witch-hunt and persecute opponents, suppress dissent and engage in all the other wicked and inhuman ills which are the hallmarks of the Cabal, we cannot beat them. It does not matter how united or diplomatic we are.

          Igboland has been a de facto occupied territory since the end of the Civil War.

          Before that, the economy of the Eastern Region was rated by the world bank in 1964 as the fastest growing economy in the third world. The Eastern Region had the first industrial development plan in all of Africa, with all eastern cities having industrial zones. The Eastern Region had the largest market in West Africa and the first indigenous bank (ACB) to have a continental focus.

          Not only that, at that time Igbo leadership also led much of Africa. That was why the very first request Nelson Mandela made (to the BBC) few minutes after his release from Robben Island in 1990 was “I would like to see Fidel Castro of Cuba, Brother Gaddafi of Libya and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the Zik of Africa” Zik was a chief mentor to ANC and Nelson Mandela. Zik-led Igbo mentorship was also critical in the making of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Nwalimu Nyerere of Tanzania, Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia etc.

          How can you say that an ethnic group that led Africa cannot lead themselves? There is a well-known tendency whereby victims of rape and other forms violence blame themselves, and admire their violators (I believe it is called Stockholm Syndrome). Igbos have been violated for so long that many Igbos have now begun to put themselves down and admire their oppressors.

        • omnia1

          PART II

          Igbo cultural and administrative genius is a historical reality.

          The Igbos and Igboid peoples were totally unique as the ONLY black African ethnicity to have invented their own ancient alphabet known as NSIBIDI. The very existence of this alphabet, without any Latin or Arabic antecedent, is an inescapable rebuke to all those who claim that Africa has no history, no writing and no civilization. Historians will tell you that one sure sign of advancement in the history of any people is the existence of their own alphabet. Nsibidi was used to keep records of court proceedings and events, to write stories (novels), keep accounts and send communication between people etc. Nsibidi is unprecedented in Black Africa. (Mind you, Ethiopia also had an indigenous alphabet, but I am referring to Igbos as being unique in sub-Saharan Africa).The Yorubas NEVER developed their own way of writing and the Hausa-Fulani only latched on to Arabic.
          (Historians do not know exactly which Igbo / Igboid people originated Nsibidi but most favour the Uguakima, Ebe or Uyanga tribes of the Igbo people or Ejagham people of northern Cross River.)

          Igbo genius arrived at principles of governance some of which are only just being recognized as universally valid. I will give only 7 examples:

          1. Igbos had arrived at a democratic world view long before most of the western world did. Universal male suffrage was taken for granted in Igbo society long before it was introduced in nations like Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Russia etc

          2. The Igbos had invented the constitutional monarchy before Europeans ever thought of the idea. All other major Nigerian tribes had absolute monarchs, but the Igbo ‘Obi’ was a father-figure who was a benevolent rallying point for the aspirations of the entire community. The Igbo people expressed a strong anti-monarchy sentiment – Ezebụilo – which literally means, a king is an enemy. Igbo genius knew intuitively what harm the uncontrolled power of kings could do. Igbo communities had Obi or Okpala who were constitutional leaders, because their power was exercised in-council. Nri constitutional monarchy (Eze Nri) was the model for most Igbo communities. Another renowned constitutional monarchy was Eze Aro of Arochukwu. Onitsha and Agbor had absolute monarchy, but it was not an aboriginal Igbo institution. (See Elizabeth Allo Isichei – 1976: A History of the Igbo People, St. Martin’s)

          3. Igbos had arrived at the idea of the absolute sanctity of human life centuries before the modern campaign to abolish the death sentence. Culturally the Igbos did not have a death sentence, even for murder. Life is believed to come from God. Therefore, the shedding of blood under any circumstance is an abomination (alu). Even those in times of war are expected to undergo the ceremony of ritual cleansing (ikwo aka ochu). There is no provision for the public or private execution. Read the well-researched ”CRIME AND PUNISHMENT IN IGBO CUSTOMARY LAW” by Ikenga Oraegbunam. The PDF is online.
          NOTE: The other African nation that had no death penalty was Abyssinia (another Hebraic people like Igbos) – read ”Death Penalty in Africa” by Muyoboke Karimunda.

          4. Igbo genius had invented a way of check-mating would-be aristocrats long before the British invented a ceremonial House of Lords. Igbos constructed all kinds of arrangements to whittle down the menace of those with the will to power, because such people are plentiful in all ethnic groups. So the Igbo created all kinds of costly titles. Aspirants to titles, in the end, became impoverished in the process and end up with very little. So they begin again, and when they die, they have a lot of prestige but very little power.

          5. Igbos genius had arrived at trial by jury long before the white man practised it; yes, before it was incorporated into the iconic British legal system. Igbo trial by jury was an apparently unique event in sub-Saharan Africa prior to European colonialism. Igbo genius created traditional courts based on the age grade system (from which village arbitrators were selected) and the Igbo presbyterium (body of elders).

          6. In many respects Igbo jurisprudence was superior to highly developed European legal systems. For example, whereas European jurisprudence emphasizes the protection of individuals and their rights, Igbo justice aims at the good of the entire community. Whereas under the Western legal system, penalties are often imposed on offenders without direct compensation of the victim, the Igbo legal system operates on the premise that justice cannot be achieved until the victim is compensated for damages suffered. Also, whereas in Western jurisprudence, only the offender is prosecuted and punished, the Igbo acknowledge the need to blame both parties publicly for their contribution to the offense. Western justice often punished the offender and exhausted the victim; Igbo justice involved restitution for the victim and reintegration for the offender. (Ref: F. U. Okafor, Igbo Philosophy of Law, Fourth Dimension, 1992 and W.O’ Donnell, Religion and Morality among the Igbo, London, 1931)

          7. Igbo genius rejected the almost universal tendency of large nations to build empires through wars of conquest. Instead, Igbos built an EMPIRE OF LOVE, with their neighbours willingly and increasingly becoming Igboid linguistically, culturally and domestically; in fact one neighbouring ethnic group became proudly known as Ibibio, which means ‘little Igbo’.

          Igbo cultural ethos had developed to a degree where it rested on a balanced four-legged tripod (quadrapod) – EGALITARIANISM, ENTERPRISE, EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE. These ethos (and not oil) are the true wealth of the Igbos. With them the Igbos are totally unbeatable. You see, as far as the Igbos are concerned, nothing compares. THE IGBO NATION IS A POTENTIAL DYNAMITE. It is Nigeria that is holding Igbos back.

        • omnia1

          PART III.

          Igbos have four ethos – EGALITARIANISM, ENTERPRISE, EQUITY, AND EXCELLENCE (cf Ahiara Declaration). What people call “Igbo supremacist ideas” is actually a fight for survival. If Igbos remain in Nigeria for one more generation, these ethos will be lost FOREVER. If we gain autonomy or independence, we can rebuild these dying ethos and become a light for all of Africa.

          NOT: It is not only Igbos that have very noble ethos.

          Fulani-Hausas have the great F Ethos
          1. Fidelity
          2. Faithfulness
          3. Fate (belief in “fate”) &
          4. Faith (Islamic culture)

          Igbos (‘Eboes’) have the E Ethos
          1. Egalitarianism
          2. Enterprise
          3. Equity &
          4. Excellence

          The Yorubas (O’Dua) have the D Ethos
          1. Diplomacy
          2. Discretion
          3. Duty (‘Dedication to Duty to avoid Disgrace’)

          Each of these ethos can build great nations, but when jumbled together they clash. In unitary Nigeria with its command structure these ethos have clashed and will eventually become totally adulterated. Allow regional autonomy and these ethos could be recovered and become the basis for societal regeneration. Each nationality will become the best they can be, but I have NO DOUBT that Igbos will be the best of all.

        • omnia1

          PART III

          I will now throw a LITTLE light (highly summarized) on on each of the 4 great Igbo ethos, starting with EGALITARIANISM.

          Unlike Yorubas and Hausa-Fulani, Igbos are divinely gifted in MANAGING DIVERSITY. You may compare how the Yorubas treated Western minorities to how Igbos treated Eastern minorities.
          As long as the Western Region lasted, a non-Yoruba was NEVER allowed to be the Governor or Head of Govt or Premier or Deputy Leader or Head of House of Chiefs or Mayor in Ibadan. (The non-Yorubas in Western Region were the Itsekiri, Edo, Ishan, Urhobo, Isoko, Western Igbo, etc)

          The Igbos were so egalitarian that they allowed non-Igbos to occupy most of these positions FIRST. Eyo Ita was the very first Head of Govt of Eastern region at the same time when Adaka Boro was elected the first SUG President of UNN (the only University in the Region); Alhaji Umaru Altine (who arrived Enugu as a Fulani cattle rearer!) was first Mayor of Enugu; the Obong of Uyo was first leader of the Eastern house of chiefs and Margaret Ekpo was the first woman to be elected into the Eastern House of Chiefs and also the leader of the NCNC women’s wing; The first Governor of the Eastern Region was a so-called Wawa man; Phillip Effiong was Ojukwu’s deputy, and all the Provinces in Biafra had governors from the indigenous people.

          The first Eastern industrial estates were sited in PH and Calabar (not in present SE); the first Eastern university was sited in Nsukka – one of the Northern-most parts of Eastern Region with its other campus in Calabar (now University of Calabar); the only cattle ranch created by Eastern Region was sited in Obudu.

          In contrast, Awo’s govt sited EVERY MAJOR institution in the core Yoruba areas. The Sardauna also sited every major institution in the core North.

          Ndiigbo treated the Eastern minorities so well, that Gowon and the British were sure that if a plebiscite were conducted in Eastern minority areas, less than 1/3 of the minorities would vote against Biafra. So, Gowon rejected all calls made by Ojukwu for plebiscite in the Eastern minority areas.

          That is why the kind of massive riots in the Northern Region (such as the brutally suppressed Tiv riots of 1960 and 1964) and in the Western Region (nick-named ‘Wild Wild West’) NEVER took place in the Eastern Region.

          Igbo egalitarian ethos was also clearly manifest at the national level, where the three main ethnic groups were associated with three political platforms, viz:
          The National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons [NCNC] was formed in 1944 by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Herbert Macaulay. Macaulay was its first president, while Zik was its first secretary. Zik became its 2nd president and Dr. M.I. Okpara, its 3rd president. Note that the name ‘NCNC’ has 3 inclusive words – ‘National’, ‘Nigeria’ and ‘Cameroons’.

          Not to be outdone, the very next year (1945), Awo founded a political party – Egbé Ọmọ Odùduwà (what a name!). In 1951 the Egbé became the Action Group (AG). AG’s stated objective was to mobilize the Yorùbá into one political umbrella. Note that Awo avoided using the word ‘National’ and ‘Nigeria’ even though AG pretended to be a national party.

          Four years later (1949), Ahmadu Bello founded the Northern People’s Congress (NPC). The NPC was supposed to be a national party, yet it resisted all persuasion to change its name from Northern to Nigerian People’s Congress, even for the sake of appearances. It refused right up to the end of the First Republic.

          Igbos have found it totally impossible to learn unprincipled group selfishness; therefore Igbos CANNOT survive in Nigeria; in fact if Igbos remain in Nigeria as presently constituted they will eventually become totally destroyed as an ethnic nationality.

        • omnia1

          PART IV

          Let me throw a LITTLE light on another of these Igbo ethos – ENTERPRISE

          Nigeria forces the Igbo to say “I am not so good” so he will not be hated, but when you step out of Nigeria, in the absence of “quota system” and “federal character” the gap becomes manifest.
          To illustrate this, take a critical look at the two nations with the largest Nigerian community (UK and USA). The gap between Igbos and Yorubas (the largest population of Nigerians in both countries) is mind-boggling.

          Worldwide, about $600 billion is sent by migrants to relatives in their home countries annually. Nigeria is the sixth highest recipient country of remittances globally, and the highest in Africa. MOST of this remittance (about $20 billion pa, higher than Nigeria’s oil revenue) comes from Igbos. For example, in USA Igbos are not only the most successful Nigerians, but the most successful immigrant black community. In fact, an American author (Amy Chua) wrote a well-researched book to try and explain this ‘Igbo phenomenon’. IGBOS ARE THE MOST EDUCATED ETHNIC GROUP IN USA. Igbos make up less than 1% of USA black population, yet in 2013 nearly one-quarter of the black students at Harvard Business School were Igbo; over a fourth have a graduate degree, as compared with only about 11% of whites. Biafran share in the global remittance could quickly triple the entire Nigerian budget if the Igbo diaspora were harnessed properly outside Nigeria!

          IN SHARP CONTRAST, Yorubas constitute the highest number of Nigerian convicts in American prisons. Go to the federal prisons in Atlanta, Chicago, New York (Rikers Island), California, Houston, Dallas, Maryland, etc and you will see huge communities of Yoruba inmates.

          In Britain, Chuka Umunna, Helen Grant, Chi Onwurah and Kate Ofunne Osamor were the very first 4 Nigerian MPs. ALL four are Igbos; and one could become the Labour party leader. Meanwhile Yorubas are historically more entrenched in the UK society. There are only two Nigerian Queen’s Counsel (QC) in the UK; both of them are Igbos. Meanwhile generations of Yoruba lawyers were called to the bar in the UK before the Igbos. Etc, etc.

          IN SHARP CONTRAST and on the other side of the law, there are over 1280 people of Yoruba descent in British jails today, some for the most heinous of crimes. Source – Her Majesty’s Prison Survey on Overcrowding in British jails- report published in 2010.

          Inside Nigeria itself the achievement gap starts right from childhood. For example in the Federal exams into secondary schools the Eastern States outperform all others. That is why Anambra, Abia and Imo States have the highest cut off points. Yet in spite of that the Igbo States produce the highest number of entries into schools like Kings and Queens College.

          NOTE: Amy Chua’s best-selling and celebrated book is titled ”The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America”; Prof, I advise you to read this book. You can read a summary of the book in Wikipedia. Most of the USA educational stats about Igbos are in the book. IT IS INDEED CURIOUS THAT A FOREIGNER IS WRITING A BOOK TO EXPLAIN IGBO SUPERLATIVE SUCCESS, WHILE IGBOS ARE SHOUTING “NO, IGBOS ARE NO DIFFERENT; WE ARE LIKE ANYONE ELSE OR WORSE”.

        • omnia1

          PART V
          Let me throw a LITTLE light on another Igbo ethos – EQUITY

          The Igbo man has a very acute sense of equity (Egbe belu, ugo belu).

          I will give an illustration.

          Before the Nigerian Civil War, there was the massacre of 30,000 Igbo civilians in Northern Nigeria. Their bodies arrived Igboland in big trucks and also by train. The northerners even visited maternity wards of hospitals, where they raped the pregnant women, ripped them apart and as they bled to death, killed their unborn babies before their dying eyes. One woman was forced to kill her only first son with her own hands because she was told that if she did not do so, her house would be set on fire and all her family would perish in the flames.

          There must be very few people that would have done what Igbos did when thousands of bodies started arriving Igboland. The Igbos put the the Non-Igbo (including the Northerners) under protective custody and ensured their safe passage out of Biafra!

          Let me give one more illustration.

          ALL the governorship aspirants murdered before election in Nigeria are Yorubas – Chief Dele Arojo of Ogun State, Engr. Funsho Williams of Lagos State, Otunba Dipo Dina of Ogun State, Dr. Deji Daramola of Ekiti State, and possibly the recent Senator Isiaka Adeleke of Osun State ! (Some believe Kogi’s Prince Abubakar Audu was also murdered; if so, a major beneficiary of his death would have been his Yoruboid running mate – James Faleke!)

          Why are such high-profile political murders uncommon among Igbos? IT IS BECAUSE OF THE EQUITY ETHOS. When Igbos oppose you, they argue, shout, and tell you how they feel to your face and at the end you shake hands as brothers and go home. That kind of equity and transparency has no place in Nigerian politics.

          The Igbo man simply does not share the same world view with the two-faced unprincipled hedonistic Yoruba politician or the murderous ‘born-to-rule’ Islamo-fascist Hausa-Fulani politician, so trying to beat them at their gain is a futile effort.

          That is precisely the reason for the quest for self-determination. The typical Igbo who is not an efulefu is not cut out for the ethos of Nigerian politics. Nigeria will eventually destroy the Igbo nation, unless we leave the nation completely or at least gain substantial regional autonomy.

        • omnia1

          PART VI

          Let me throw a LITTLE light on another Igbo ethos – EXCELLENCE

          The greatest product known to man is human capital. Nigeria is depending on oil because of untapped human resources. In Biafra, the human resource potential of Igbos will take wings.

          I will give just three brief examples.

          Between June 2015 and July 2016, Nigeria received $3.4b in oil and gas revenue while Disneyland (just one entertainment company in USA) made $13.8b in the same period (four times). Nollywood alone can feed every single person in Biafra.

          The global football industry is now worth about $25 billion pa (eight times what Nigeria receives from oil pa). Did you notice that 9 out of the 13 players in the Eagles Lineup that defeated Cameroon in World Cup Qualifiers are Biafrans? No, it is not accidental, it is because of the IGBO ETHOS OF EXCELLENCE.

          The global book industry was worth over $110 billion in 2016. Chinua Achebe’s books alone outsell any other African or Black writer SINCE THE WORLD BEGAN and has been translated to more languages than any other African or Black writer in human history. Chimamanda has upped the ante by a paradigm shift that sees her not only selling books, but now earning royalties from her collabo with Beyonce in “Flawless”.

          An Igbo is the father of African literature – Olaudah Equiano (the first published black African writer). Chinua Achebe, is considered the father of MODERN African Literature. In poetry no other African ranks as high as Christopher Okigbo, winner of so many coveted poetry prizes over Soyinka in the 1960s. Soyinka’s emergence occurred only after Okigbo died.

          Amongst the women, Flora Nwapa was the first African woman author to be published in the English language; and is known as “the mother of modern African literature” In fact on 13 January 2017 Google created a Doodle on her posthumous birthday (the first ‘Nigerian’ to be so honoured). After Flora Nwapa, Buchi Emecheta is the most important Nigerian female novelist; followed by Ifeoma Okoye. All three are Igbos.

          But there is also Adaora Ulasi – first Nigerian (male or female) to write detective fiction in English; Prof. Nwazuluwa Sofola (aka ′Zulu Sofola) – first published female Nigerian playwright and dramatist; apart from globally celebrated newcomers like Chika Unigwe. So an Igbo is the ‘Father of African literature’ and another Igbo is the ‘Mother of African literature’. This is not an ‘Igbo supremacy’ theory. It is the fact.

          I could make the same illustration from any field of human endeavour.

          The Word Bank for example has not lacked an Igbo Vice President for decades. Today there are two Igbo Vice Presidents in the World Bank (the Treasurer and the General Counsel). No other Nigerian ethnic group has ever had a VP in the WB. The African Developent Bank (the African equivalent of the World Bank) has had only three CEOs since its inception; two are Igbos. It is not accidental, it is because of the IGBO ETHOS OF EXCELLENCE.

          For the records, Igboland is also sitting on vast but un-utilized natural resources. By zooNigeria’s law no state govt can harness its own natural resource. All land and everything in it belongs to FGN. That’s why zoo’s Anambra state which is home to Nigeria’s largest gas reserves is poor; that’s why zoo’s Enugu State which sits on the largest coal deposit in Africa is poor; that’s why zoo’s Imo and Abia States which have been oil producing for decades are getting poorer every year. However, even if you removed all these natural resources the Igbo human capital excellence is enough to make Biafra the world’s greatest black nation.

          The Igbo excellence is the Gordian knot of the Nigerian establishment – they do not know how to handle it.

          You see, Nigeria’s problem is NOT bad leadership, bad constitution, poor economy, corruption, etc.
          The problem with Nigeria can be summarized in 4 simple sentences:
          I: Unless a society runs a merit-based system, all sectors deteriorate.
          II: Nigeria tried merit before and ended up with Igbos leading EVERY sector (economy, education, military, science, transport, trade etc).
          III: Nigeria refuses to go back to merit because of ‘risk’ of Igbo domination.
          IV: Nigeria cannot improve, because it cannot run a merit-based society.

          Igbo people (the engine of Nigeria’s advancement), are stifled by an Islam-motivated cabal which prefers power to meritocracy. Igbo ostracisation is the main reason for Nigeria’s irreversible backwardness.

          Nigeria is in a catch-22. Institute merit and Igbos inevitably become the top dogs. Deny merit and Nigeria goes to the dogs.

          The only way forward is Igbo autonomy or independence. Otherwise neither Igbos nor Nigerians can make much progress. The only other way is to attempt to destroy the Igbos totally (like Hitler’s final Jewish solution). This second option has been tried (through the Civil War) but failed!.

        • omnia1

          PART VII


          The simple unvarnished truth is often offensive: As long as the toxic ‘marriage’ of Biafra-Nigeria endures neither Nigeria nor Biafra will experience any sustained progress.

          Consider the former Singapore-Malaysia toxic ‘marriage’.
          Before August 9, 1965, the Singaporeans were seen as an irritation in Malaysia. Then Singapore was one of the 14 states of Malaysia. Singaporeans were viewed as greedy (oke ochicho), overbearing in nature (“onye-ka-i-bu?”) or “who-is-your-father?” (“onye-bu-nna-gi?”), rudeness, stubbornness, domineering spirit and having a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX. While the United Malays National Organisation wanted affirmative action or “quota system” for the Malays, the People’s Action Party of the Singaporeans insisted that the best thing for the country was a merit-based policy on all issues, so as to bring out the best in the nation and create a spirit of excellence.

          This constant disagreement and tension resulted in race riots. It got to a point where the Malays could take it no more. So on August 9, 1965 they convened the parliament, with no Singaporean parliamentarian present. At that sitting, the legislators voted unanimously (126 – 0) to expel Singapore from Malaysia (Intrestingly, the Arewa Coalition has now done same to Igbos by their Arewa House “quit notice” of June 6, 2017!).

          When the Singaporeans heard that they had been expelled from the nation, at first they were devastated. But they took their fate in their hands and started building a new nation. And, indeed, by applying merit and the pursuit of excellence, Singaporeans built a country that moved from the Third World to First World in one generation, overtaking Malaysia in every aspect of life. [The average life expectancy of a Singaporean today is 30 years higher than a Nigerian. Just by relocating from Nigeria to Singapore a person adds 30 years to his life span. Nigeria is at the bottom of most indices of national development and Singapore is at the top.]

          Interestingly, despite this sad way of parting, Malaysia and Singapore have remained good neighbours. In spite of the success that the latter has recorded, it has not made Malaysia not to record its own success.
          There are many similarities between the story of Singapore / Malaysia and Igbo / Nigeria. Nigeria is holding the Igbos down and in so doing also holding Nigeria itself down. The Igbos are seen as arrogant, noisy, greedy, over-ambitious, to mention but a few. Nigerians see them as irritants.

          Like Singaporeans, Igbos want competitiveness in every sector, which will lead to the best being selected.

          Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was the late founding premier of Singapore; Dr. Goh Keng Swee, the architect of Singapore’s economic breakthrough, and Mr. Sinnathamby Rajaratnam, Singapore’s national philosopher par excellence. These men would not have succeeded without the break from Malaysia.


          Why has Singapore’s success endured whereas the Igbos are currently a failed people within a failed nation. It is because whereas Singapore became rid of a toxic twinning (Malaysia-Singapore), Igbos have remained yoked in the toxic twinning of Biafra-Nigeria.

          I repeat myself again: if you came back to Igboland 5 years post-Biafrexit you would find the same transformation that took place in Singapore. Biafra will convince the whole world that Africans and Blacks can excel.

          Nigeria as presently constituted is a failed State, entrapping the Igbos – Africa’s most enterprising ethnic group. Neither Nigeria nor Igboland will make progress until the toxic twinning of Biafra-Nigeria comes to an end. No amount of twisted logic can change that fact.

        • omnia1

          PART VIII




          Nigeria is like forcing USA, Saudi Arabia and Iran to become one nation. It will NEVER work.

          During the 20th century a number of troubled nations dissolved themselves to avoid continuing ethnic conflict: Norway, Singapore, the Slovak and Czech Republics, former Soviet states etc. Norway-Sweden dissolved in 1905; Singapore-Malaysia dissolved in 1961; Czechoslovakia dissolved in 1992. All these unions were FAR MORE SUCCESSFUL than Nigeria, BUT TO SAVE LIVES, the parties decided to go their separate ways.

          Among the wastage of lives to retain troubled national unions, Nigeria’s is the most catastrophic: Biafra cost 3 million lives (in contrast Chechnya has cost 200,000 lives; Yugoslavia, 260,000; Kashmir, 60,000; Sri Lanka, 70,000 and so on). You cannot be so heartless to justify such human sacrifice (which continues to this day)?

          Nigeria must dissolve like the toxic marriages of Bangledish-Pakistan; Indonesia-Timor; Singapore-Malasia; UK-Ireland; Eritrea-Ethiopia and so many others (even Egypt and Sudan used to be one country; today 3 countries have emerged from that one country).

          Nigeria is the ONLY British colony of its size that has not been divided for a better outcome. UK that created Nigeria has divided (into Britain and Ireland) and is preparing to divide again twice (externally via Brexit and internally via the second Scottish referendum).

          We (and that includes Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu) should not be so uncharitable as to want future generation to grow up in this messy and deadly contraption you call a nation!

          What is the proportion of the Taiwanese population that have sustained the struggle for an independent Taiwan from China? Only 60%. Remember the Taiwanese share identical ethnicity, religion, language and culture with China; yet they want independence.

          What is the proportion of the Scottish that have sustained the dream of an independent Scotland from UK? Less than 50% (that is why the Scottish nationalists lost the first referendum). Also remember that the Scots share identical ethnicity, religion, language and culture with England; yet they want independence (Notice that Scots Nationalists are not pacified by the already implemented devolution of powers – the same devolution of powers that the Fulani will not countenance in Nigeria).




        • omnia1

          PART IX
          Please reflect on this article which I wrote two months ago. After, I posted it, Femi Fani-Kayode published it in the Vanguard Newspaper of Apr 12, 2017.


          “The disruptive power of the Hausa-Fulani cabal is a structural reality and will only get worse, no matter where the President of Nigeria comes from. It is a seven-fold yoke which we must break for the sake of our children.
          1. THE POLITICAL YOKE: Globally, out of the 16 Federal Republics in the world, Nigeria is the only federation where land mass is used as primary criteria for creating federating units.

          NO Southern leader (civilian or military) has ever had the guts to create any federating unit; all the federating units have been created by Northern military adventurers. 20 federating units were created from only one region (North), while 17 federating units were created from 3 regions (East, West and Midwest).

          Competent leaders are easily filtered off by the rigged political structure. At every election, the evil and corrupt Northern cabal needs only a few Southern collaborators to impose any presidential candidate upon the two foremost political parties, only for the electorate to formalize one of the candidates with votes. That’s why Nigeria has been having such mediocre leaders as President, in a country awash with extremely capable presidential materials. This also explains why since 1960 no Southerner has ever led Nigeria except by accident.

          The FIRST coming of ALL 3 Southern leaders – Aguiyi-Ironsi in 1966, Obasanjo in 1976 and Goodluck Jonathan in 2010 – followed the death of Northern incumbents! The fourth and only other Southern leader was Ernest Shonekan and his coming followed the forced “stepping aside” of a northern Head of State in 1993. He lasted for 3 months after which he was toppled and replaced by another northern military Head of State. For 2019 the presidential contest is being set for Atiku vs Buhari- two Fulani representatives of the Cabal.

          2. THE ECONOMIC YOKE: Nigeria is the only oil-producing country where oil wells are allocated to individuals. The Hausa-Fulani cabal deliberately marginalized the indigenes of the Niger Delta in the allocation. Most of the oil blocks are allocated EITHER TO THE NORTHERNERS OR TO THEIR SOUTHERN FRONTS/ALLIES. The names of these oil block allotees are in the public domain.

          3. THE RELIGIOUS YOKE: No other faith is mentioned in the Nigerian Constitution, except Islam. For instance, in the 1999 Constitution, Christ, Christians and Christianity are not mentioned even once; whereas Islamic signposts are strewn all over the Constitution – Sharia is mentioned 73 times, Grand Khadi 54 times, Islam 28 times , Muslims 10 times, etc.. That Constitution was written SOLELY by one Muslim Fulani Jihadist named Prof. Auwalu Yadudu (Special Adviser to Abacha on Constitutional Matters). While the 1979 Constitution emphasized Nigeria’s secularity, the 1999 Constitution of Yadudu is a de facto Islamic Constitution, and the Cabal ensured that Yadudu was there to fight that position at 2014 National Political Conference.

          Subsequently, during Obasanjo’s govt, the same Northern cabal formally adopted Islam as the State Religion in the core Northern States. Obasanjo refused to even discuss the issue, except to state that it would ‘fizzle out’. He knew fully well that it would not ‘fizzle out’ but was afraid of confronting the cabal.

          Christians are banned BY LAW from buying land to build churches in many parts of the core north.

          ALL the units under the Education Ministry are headed by northern Muslims and the Minister of Education himself is a Muslim. Attempts are being made to remove Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) from the curriculum and make Arabic Studies compulsory.

          Sheik Othman Dan Fodio, the father of the Fulani Caliphate and the first Mahdi of Nigeria once said, “Allah has bestowed on me and my people the historic duty to spread the holy faith of the Prophet throughout the Caliphate and convert these pagans. If they refuse to accept Allah and his Prophet we will wash the earth, the forests, the mountains, the rivers and the streams with their pagan blood. Ours is a holy and righteous calling. We are doing the work of Allah”
          The motto of the Nigerian Army is “Victory is from Almighty Allah alone!”NASRUNMINALLAH [Nasruminallah Wa Fathun Qareeb (Quran 61:13= Surah Saaf verse 13). This was Othman Dan Fodio’s motto & battle cry

          4. THE CULTURAL YOKE: The Sultanate forms a major pillar of the Hausa-Fulani cabal. As permanent President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) the Sultan is the permanent leader of all Muslims in Nigeria (whether they are Northerners or Southerners). As the Permanent Chairman of National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria (NCTRN) the Sultan is the permanent leader of all traditional rulers in all 36 States of Nigeria & Abuja. By the way, the current Sultan was the Brigadier-General Commanding 241 Recce Battalion Kaduna.

          Many public policies are determined only with the tacit approval of the Sultanate of Sokoto and the Emirates. For instance, when the Gender Bill was introduced in the National Assembly, the Sultan ‘killed’ the Bill simply by criticizing it publicly. Even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (the world’s most revered monarch) would never criticize Parliament publicly, because that would be an abuse of royal privilege.

          5. THE ADMINISTRATIVE YOKE: Nigeria is the only African country that built a new capital from scratch (using resources from the oppressed, deprived and degraded Niger Delta/South East ). The Cabal claimed that the location of Lagos by the ocean was a security risk, but this was just an excuse to Northernize national public service.

          A careful look at the map of Africa shows that only 2 nations have central capitals. The most common location for African capitals is at the coast. London (United Kingdom) is situated at the edge of England on the River Thames. Washington DC (USA) is located along the Potomac River on the East Coast of USA. Paris (France) is located at the edge of France in the north-bending arc of the river Seine.

          When Lagos was capital the Governors of Lagos State were from East, West and North. Since the Capital moved to Abuja, NO Nigerian leader has ever had the guts to appoint a Southerner as substantive FCT Minister. The FCT Minister must be a Northerner, preferably a Muslim (the current FCT Minister was appointed while he was Executive Secretary of the Hajj Commission; and Executive Secretary of Federal Capital Development Authority FCDA is Engr. Umar Gambo Jibrin)

          6. THE DIPLOMATIC YOKE: Any Christian leader who questions Nigeria’s membership of the two main international Sharia-driven bodies (OIC & D-8) faces the wrath of the Hausa-Fulani Cabal. So far, only Cdr Ebitu Ukiwe has ever had the guts to seriously question Nigeria’s involvement in these Islamic bodies and as a result Ukiwe was summarily dismissed from office.

          At OIC meetings the Muslim countries gang up to support the Muslim side in any global conflict. For example, after the UN indicted the President of Sudan for war crimes, OIC passed a resolution supporting him, in spite of the genocide being perpetrated against the mainly Christian Southern Sudan. Nigeria is a party to all such OIC resolutions.

          7. THE MILITARY/SECURITY YOKE: Nigeria is the only Federation in the world where all MAJOR security agencies are headed by only one section of the Federation and only members of one faith.

          Army – Northern Muslim.
          National Security Advisor – Northern Muslim.
          Minister of Defence – Northern Muslim.
          Minister of Internal Affairs- Northern Muslim.
          Airforce – Northern Muslim.
          Police – Northern Muslim.
          Economic Financial Crimes Commission- Northern Muslim.
          National Civil Defence Corps – Northern Muslim.
          Department of State Security – Northern Muslim.
          Immigration– Northern Muslim.
          Prisons Service– Northern Muslim.
          Federal Road Safety Corps – Northern Muslim.
          Nigerian Customs Service – Northern Muslim.
          Chief of Defence Intelligence – Northern Muslim.
          Director of Military Intelligence – Northern Muslim.
          Fire Service – Northern Muslim.
          National Emergency Management Agency – Northern Muslim. Nigerian Ports Authority- Northern Muslim.

          No southerner has been made substantive Comptroller General of Customs in 30 years. Even with all his braggadocio, Olusegun Obasanjo dared not break the jinx in all this years as Nigeria’s President. Again no southerner has ever been appointed as the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission since the day it was established in 2003. Finally the only southerner that was EVER appointed National Security Advisor was killed after he was unceremoniously removed from office by Goodluck Jonathan after the cabal blackmailed and arm-twisted him and told him that if he wanted peace he must appoint a northerner back to that post.

          NO Christian commanders (i.e. those that have operational control over troop deployments) in charge of STRATEGIC commands in the Nigerian Army today? How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when ALL the STRATEGIC commands in the Nigerian Army are in the hands of Muslims?

          The above multi-faceted enslavement to the Hausa-Fulani Cabal is not an accident. Read the book by Harold Wilson which clearly states how and why the British laid the foundation for the Hausa-Fulani hegemony in Nigeria.

          The principle guiding the Cabal was clearly set forth by the cabal’s patron saint, Sir Ahmadu Bello (second Mahdi of Nigeria) who said to the media:

          “The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory and NEVER ALLOW THEM TO RULE OVER US and NEVER ALLOW THEM TO HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN FUTURE.” – (The Parrot Newspaper, October 12, 1960).
          Freedom from the Cabal is NOT about “North versus South”. In fact, the greatest victims of the Northern cabal are the Northern masses themselves. The struggle entails “Northern Cabal versus All of Lovers of Freedom”.

          Nigeria is structurally unworkable and MUST EITHER BE RESTRUCTURED OR BROKEN. The Hausa-Fulani cabal will resist this with their blood, but there is no other way out of the enslavement for us and our children. We cannot continue ‘suffering and smiling’ in this un-restructured zoo called Nigeria.

          The words of Harriet Tubman are relevant here. She said, ‘I freed a thousand slaves: I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves’ “.

        • omnia1


          Even if we disagree on anything, let us at least agree on the right of Igbos to self-determination through a referendum. A referendum will also provide a psychological closure to the Civil War. If Igbos decide to remain in Nigeria, future generations of Igbos will be proudly Nigerian. Otherwise a thousand years from now Igbos will still believe that they are in Nigeria by force.

          If Igbos vote to leave Nigeria, there will be peace. If Igbos attain independence today the Nigeria and Biafra would probably become close allies in future (like UK and the Republic of Ireland today). All the bitterness of the civil war will be forgotten, even if gradually.

          Had it been that China or Japan were annexed to other nations after WW11, the reconciliation between them and the West would have been impossible. Similarly, as long as the future of the Igbos is tied to the apron strings of the same ethnic groups which conspired to kill 3 million Biafrans, Igbos and these ethnic groups CAN NEVER live in peace. If we do not tell ourselves the truth today our children will live with the consequences of our thoughtless denial.

          Do you understand, Sir?


  • Lawrenece Ifo

    Alhaji,you are not Igbo and therefore,cannot stay at the cozy of your ‘born to rule’zone to tell Igbos what they should seek for, whereas they have a right to self-determine what they want.
    If the Igbos tell you that you don’t need either a Sultan or emirs but a governors with vision,will you say that Igbos think that they know more than everybody?
    But a beneficiary of quota will turn around to assume that he can now advice their adjudged superior on how they should self-determine their future….funny.

  • D-À-N-G-Ô-T-E C-È-M-É-N-T

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  • KWOY

    A satanist, you are then the one to tell us what is best for us?

  • Jon West

    So what is the solution, Alhaji? A meeting between the Dullard from Daura and Kanu perhaps , and a communique immediately after by the living and not this lying against the dead.

    • papred06

      Staying in Nigeria!


        The man said secession is not the solution and restructuring neither! Flee from this man. He is one of those who believe the north must rule, the resources of the south should be used to feed the north. While they remain masters.