Don’t Grant Frivolous Orders on IPOB, Ohanaeze Tells Courts


By Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The top Igbo organisation, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has warned courts in Nigeria not to allow themselves be used to undermine democratic process by granting frivolous orders against the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB).

Ohanaeze said in a statement issued on Monday night and signed by the President General, Chief Nnia Nwodo, that it has credible intelligence that the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Alhaji Abubakar Malami, has secretly approached courts to obtain an order to designate IPOB as a terrorist group.

The Ohanaeze boss said that such move is not only illegal but aimed at furthering the harassment and intimidation of Igbo youths who have been pursuing their constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human rights.

He said Ohanaeze has despatched letters to courts to be wary of such spurious moves as it is capable of aggravating the frayed nerves and disrupting the genuine moves Ohanaeze and critical Igbo leaders are making to bring peace and concord in the land.

  • Paulocaesar

    Thanks ohanaeze, though you had not been alive to your duties in the past, you must wake up now!… as must all Nigerians. Southerners are always complaining; northerners this!, northerners that!… but we have a set of laws.
    If a northerner is president, we accord him his due honors as such, but if he violates the constitution of Nigeria, we sue!… the courts are obliged to issue an injunction to check executive excesses and if they fail and igbos lives are list as a result, then those who have been wronged can bring the world’s attention as they pursue recourse.
    This is what Ipob is attempting to do in a Nigeria full of sycophants but they must not relent!

    Igbos leaders must return to serving their constituents and cannot suppress their masses forever by being FOR SALE!

    Finally they must recognize common cause with their neighbors who may have a different set of interests which only intersect where injustice reigns in the land so it can be fought together, or apart if no allies exist, are too blinded by jealousy or hate or competitiveness or simply lack the courage of their convictions to do right.

  • benedict chindi

    How does writing to the courts help? I think it is meaningless really.

    The AGF should file his application (if the government so pleases), in line with the law and show cause; the courts will grant fair hearing (they generally do) to the accused or anyone seeking to be joined as respondent. IPOB should hire a good lawyer and meet the FG in court.

    Ohanaeze should remember that it represents the interests of all Igbos and not just IPOB; so it’s credibility should be most valued. It should fight for justice for IPOB, where it sees injustice being meted to it, and call-out all arbitrariness in the application of justice in the country – and they are many. It should continue to expose the hypocrisy, injustice and lies of the Buhari government; but It should however be careful not to stake its reputation and credibility on what IPOB has or has not done. In the popular Igbo proverb, “the monkey says she can only fully vouch for the child it is still pregnant with, cause the one on her back may have stolen something while she (the mother monkey) was not watching.

    Again I’m not saying sell them down the river – we all share the sense of injustice in the Nigerian system; but most of us neither agree with the IPOB’s ultimate goal nor their rhetoric; Nigeria is a big market with many customers; we are the most invested in its unity – both in blood and means, and fighting and insulting your customers is never good for business.

    This country can be better than it is. We need it restructured (along regional lines) and we need the electoral laws reformed (so money is taken out of political office), so we can get the right leadership to inspire our young people to repair the damage done to this beautiful country by successive governments – especially the divider in chief in situ.

    • Ify Onabu

      I agree.

      • omnia1

        You are wrong. Once a doctor makes the wrong diagnosis; his prescription will also be wrong.

        You see, Nigeria’s problem is NOT bad leadership, bad constitution, poor economy, corruption, failed infrastructure, etc.

        The problem with Nigeria can be summarized in 4 simple sentences:
        I: Unless a society runs a merit-based system, all sectors deteriorate.
        II: Nigeria tried merit before and ended up with Igbos leading EVERY sector (economy, education, military, science, transport, trade etc).
        III: Nigeria refuses to go back to merit because of ‘risk’ of Igbo domination.
        IV: Nigeria cannot improve, because it cannot run a merit-based society.
        Igbo people (the engine of Nigeria’s advancement), are stifled by an Islam-motivated cabal which prefers power to meritocracy. Igbo ostracisation is the main reason for Nigeria’s irreversible backwardness.

        SUMMARY: Nigeria is in a catch-22. Institute merit and Igbos inevitably become the top dogs. Deny merit and Nigeria goes to the dogs.
        SOLUTION: The only way forward is Igbo autonomy or independence. Otherwise neither Igbos nor Nigerians can make much progress. The only other way is to attempt to destroy the Igbos totally (like Hitler’s final Jewish solution). This second option has been tried (through the Civil War) but failed!.

    • omnia1

      Biafra sovereignty will open up the entire world to the Igbos. There is a China town in Lagos. Are the Chinese Nigerians? Once Biafra is achieved Igbos will begin to acquire contiguous industrial estates all over the world in places where they will be respected and not treated with disdain as in zooNigeria.

      The choice facing the Igbo is ONLY two:
      1/ Remain a local but harassed champion in Nigeria
      2/ Achieve Biafra, and have the world as sphere of influence.

      What do you think is a better choice?


      NIGERIA-BIAFRA UNION IS PLAIN UNADULTERATED EVIL. Nigeria is like forcing Turkey, France, Britain and Italy to be one nation. It will not work.
      During the 20th century a number of troubled nations dissolved themselves to avoid continuing ethnic conflict: Norway, Singapore, the Slovak and Czech Republics, former Soviet states etc. Norway-Sweden dissolved in 1905; Singapore-Malaysia dissolved in 1961; Czechoslovakia dissolved in 1992. All these unions were FAR MORE SUCCESSFUL than Nigeria, BUT TO SAVE LIVES, the parties decided to go their separate ways.

      Among the wastage of lives to retain troubled national unions, Nigeria’s is the most catastrophic: Biafra cost 3 million lives (in contrast Chechnya has cost 200,000 lives; Yugoslavia, 260,000; Kashmir, 60,000; Sri Lanka, 70,000 and so on). You cannot be so heartless to justify such human sacrifice (which continues to this day)?

      Nigeria must dissolve like the toxic marriages of Bangledish-Pakistan; Indonesia-Timor; Singapore-Malasia; UK-Ireland; Eritrea-Ethiopia and so many others (even Egypt and Sudan used to be one country; today 3 countries have emerged from that one country).

      Nigeria is the ONLY British colony of its size that has not been divided for a better outcome. UK that created Nigeria has divided (into Britain and Ireland) and is preparing to divide again twice (externally via Brexit and internally via the second Scottish referendum).

      Chindi and your ilk should not be so uncharitable as to want future generation to grow up in this messy and deadly contraption you call a nation!

      • okorie

        Omnia1, I couldn’t agree more. You nailed it. We will continue to shout. The world is beginning to listen. Biafrans please give a shout out to U. S. Attorney, Bruce Fein for his good work, when ever you comment on any platform. All hail Biafra.

      • Okan

        As laudable as this Biafra that you have painted is, the Ijaws want to keep their resources out of the hands of Igbos. Same for the Akwa Ibom and Rivers State. Even the Efiks and Ogoja people who don’t have oil, don’t want to be part of Biafra that has igbos as majority.
        Try and get them on board without calling them fools and coward, then you are on your way to your dream world.

        • omnia1

          You are a Yoruba man, so why are you in a hurry to speak for Biafrans.

          There is an easy solution to the imaginary problem you have created: REFERENDUM. In a referendum, Igbos will choose their future and the Ijaws / Efik / Ibibio / Ogoni etc will choose theirs. If Biafra emerges with only Igbos, it will be a great outcome. If Ijaws and others join, it would still be a great outcome. Head or tail, Biafra would still become the most equitable and egalitarian black nation on earth. Understood?

          • A2k

            As one of those affected, this is my problem with some Biafra agitators like you. @Okan made a very valid and important point, instead of addressing the issue he raised, you attacked him. I want to still take you back to the issue he raised. How do you intend to make your minority neighbours feel comfortable with you in Biafra. At this agitation phase, you have abused and insulted us with all manner of unprintable names, is it at the actualization that you will learn to respect us? I do not have a problem with you getting a Biafra Republic (BR) if what you mean by BR is the land-locked area excluding the present-day Niger Delta (ND). But if by any means you intend to include the ND in the BR, then you can be sure that incase of referendum, the ND will massively vote against it. If you are failing to show respect to others in the agitation, is it at actualization that you will. We, the NDs don’t feel safe or comfortable with you because you will treat us worse than you are complaining in Nigeria. May be the situation will change when the agitators have learnt to be polite and respectful to her neighbours.

        • DaveN

          Being a landlocked sovereignty is at an issue. The laws of the international access to the seas will apply. Access to the Atlantic can be gained through the Imo River via Eleme and Onitsha via the River Niger. So the issue of ethnicities not joining the Igbos do not apply.

          But before you go on a tirade and as a Nigerian of Igbo origin, I’m of the firm belief that today and tomorrow’s agitations are misplaced and can be solved by devolution of powers through restructuring not regionalism.

          There’s absolutely no need for 27 ministries when most don’t serve the entire southern Nigeria (SS/SE/SW). What does Ministry of Agriculture, Mining and Steel development, Water Resources, Lands & Urban development, Tourism, Youth development and Education do for your local government? Nothing. These ministries created to fulfill federal character policy requirements do nothing but create bureaucracy. The Federal Government should devolve power by setting policy, leaving implementation to states and enforcing such policies by counterpart funding and the power of the purse.

    • DaveN

      Except in this case, the AG will file the motion secretly and a ruling may pass in absentia. Fortunately for IPOB, there is a Federal High Court ruling that grants status to IPOB. Therefore any attempted ruling from the secret filing by the AG will have seek to first vacate the ruling of the High Court which will prompt representation and counter motions from IPOB’s lawyer of record.
      On the other hand, the news that Air Force is already deploying planes to the SE is affirmation that the barbarians are at the gates and due process is only a rubber stamp to the plans of the government. Lets see how this plays out.

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    Obstruction of justice is a crime. It is not for Ohaneze to start writing letters to judges when a court case is before them.

  • Sarah

    Ohanaeze, our AGF has made an application to the courts pursuant to our President’s Proclamation. Courts will consider the evidence before them and make a decision.
    As defenders of Ipob Ohanaeze is welcome to appeal the court’s decision.
    Meanwhile no attempt to blackmail the Judiciary shall succeed.

  • 4T2

    WOE to the 5 looting SE Governors and their families!

    May only the TRUTH light our part to Sovereignty IJN.

    [Biafra: FOREVER]

    • Okan

      Are these “looting” governors not Igbos?
      Will state of utopia where no looters are in existence be achieved with the creation of Biafra?

      • A2k

        When dreams end up as dreams. The utopic Biafra Republic will be led by the same characters contributing to Nigeria’s woes. I wonder how easy it will be to ‘change their spots’ just by changing from Nigerians to Biafrans. Remember Leopards don’t change their…

  • Nancy Harvey

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