Atiku: If Given Chance to Rule Nigeria, I’ll Fight Corruption Like Never Before  

Atiku..ready to take on Buhari
•Challenges traducers to prove he’s corrupt or shut up
By Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja
With another electioneering season just a few months away, former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has declared that he would fight corruption like never before if he’s given the opportunity to preside over the affairs of the country.
Atiku, who has never hidden his desire to rule Nigeria and would most contest for the presidency in 2019, also challenged those he described as his “self-righteous political enemies” who have been accusing him of corruption to either prove the corruption allegations against him, or mind the skeletons in their own closets by keeping quiet.
Atiku made the remarks yesterday at a facility tour of the new ultra-modern Yaliam Press Limited in the Jabi area of Abuja.
Atiku’s political adversaries have often accused him of being tainted by corruption, especially after he was associated with an ex-United States congressman, William Jefferson who was tried in that country in 2009 for corruption.
His erstwhile boss, former President Olusegun Obasanjo had also accused him of corruption, particularly during the war of attrition that drove a deep wedge between both men during their second term in office.
Despite the allegations, Atiku has never been charged for corruption by any law enforcement agency in the country and has maintained his innocence.
However, Atiku, in a statement issued by his media office yesterday, challenged anyone with evidence of corruption against him to come forward or keep quiet.
If anything, the former vice-president said he was adequately equipped to fight corruption because of his vast experience in the private and public sectors and would shock everyone because he would fight graft like never before.
Atiku was quoted as saying: “It is sickening to continue to regurgitate allegations of corruption against me by people who have failed to come forward with a single shred of evidence of my misconduct while in office.”
Atiku also said that it was people who have no initiative, personal resourcefulness and ideas about wealth creation that always assume that a man cannot build himself without stealing.
According to him, “People who are bereft of ideas about entrepreneurial spirit always think that everyone else is a thief just like them.”
He added that it was morally offensive for people who despise honest labour to become judges in the court of public opinion.
The Waziri Adamawa explained that though he had not been convicted of corruption by any court in the land or elsewhere, his political enemies have been parading a “fake morality” to fool gullible Nigerians.
“Despite previous desperate efforts to link me with corruption, the William Jefferson trial in the United States ended in 2009 without indicting me or linking me to corrupt activities,” he said.
Atiku, who recalled that he had pasted a reminder at his bed rest during his training as a Customs officer that he (Atiku) would retire from any agency if he had not attained the headship of the place at the age of 40, added that he was only able to attain the position of deputy director of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) before his exit in 1989 to chart a career in business.
While recounting his stint in the civil service, Atiku said he retired from the Customs Service with an untainted record, and if anyone had evidence that he stole a kobo at the Customs Service or during his tenure as vice-president, the accusers should come forward or file a petition against him.
According to him, he did not become Nigeria’s vice-president in 1999 as a pauper because he had been a successful investor throughout his retirement life.
“If Atiku is a thief merely because of his resourcefulness and successful investments, my political enemies should tell Nigerians the sources of their own stupendous wealth,” he added.
He charged the management and staff of Yaliam Press to manifest the values of honesty, hard work and diligence, attributes he said had stood him in good stead during his years as a public servant and entrepreneur.
The former vice-president stressed that he was well equipped to fight corruption because of his vast experience both in the public and private sectors and his ability to build a team capable of accomplishing the task.
“I will shock everyone because I believe that I will fight corruption like never before,” he said.
  • Ken

    We should encourage younger people. Let Pdp bring up Dankwabo; Gombe state governor and Apc bring up Elrufai; Kaduna State Governor. These are young, intellectuals and well exposed.

  • Femi Pedro

    Laughter unlimited.

  • Joy_Rider

    What corruption are you going to fight. You are corruption personified. What are you looking for again in government, you have sold our collective assets to your family, self, friends and cronies. Your laundered millions of dollars in bribes and ill gotten wealth through your wife in the united states, not to talk about the atrocious activities in the Nigerian ports through your company intels off course the Jefferson debacle is still fresh in our minds. The fact that you are now a sacred cow trying to white wash yourself does not in any way vitiate the fact that you are Corruption personified. Corruption cannot fight itself. If you become President we will be the laughing stock of the international community. Keep your hands of our collective national purse

  • lord vuga

    Sure he will “fight” it like never before by scrapping efcc,icpc, returning all recovered loot back to the thieves, by granting amnesty to all crooks …….etc

  • Candidly

    The word corruption used on Atiku is nothing but political blackmail used by political miscreants who are afraid of him.
    Let them tell us who killed Bola IGE first.

  • marcos avelino

    Cowardly Ibos you will get your biyafara but get into the waiting line and be patient. When the tibetans get Tibet from China , or the Kurds get Kurdistan from Iraq , Turkey and Iran , when the Kasmiris get Kashmir from India , when the catalonians get from spain , then the Ibos will get their puny 29,000 sq km land from Nigeria. You may have to wait for eternity. We cant allow your greedy dreamy naive simpletons hoping for a fabled utopia turn this land into liberia or somalia

    • lord vuga

      The igbo elite and educated and exposed ones dont want biafra , only the disillusioned and misguided and frustrated pariahs are deceived by kanu’s illogical , mendacious fables and insults not knowing that they are being used as fodder to cook his dinner.

    • Darcy

      Such hurt. One of our damsels broke your heart? Perhaps one of us stole your wife?

      Eeeyah, sorry ehn.

      • yukkmouff

        Lmao! Methinks he lost his wife to his Igbo landlord. Thereafter, his sorry heart was broken by a lovely south eastern damsel. Either way, you’ve just got to feel sorry for the moron!

  • KennBest

    Atiku, remember Obasanjo still “dey laf o”. I personally feel insulted that you would dare say you of all people want to rule Nigeria. You all think we’re stupid, right?

  • KennBest

    Like you fought corruption when you personally cornered all government holdings at the Bureau of Pubic Enterprise. Thief. You’ll never smell the presidency. I can bet my life on that.

  • uzor120960

    Atiku does not have the credentials to be an effective leader if we want the Nigeria that our children will be proud of. I don’t need to go into his history of activities because he is noted to have been involved in corruption though not convicted. If he is honest to himself and Nigerians, can he disclose his source of wealth.

    • American Abroad

      I disagree, Mr Atiku actually has strong leadership credentials.
      Indeed, I suspect he might even be an effective, if terminally corrupt, leader. We should be honest in our assessment, so we do not conflate attributes. My denunciation of Mr Atiku is not, and cannot be allowed to be personal.
      Mr Atiku is an urbane, enlightened, progressive, cosmopolitan, detribalized, open-minded and literate (unlike you-know-whom) gentleman, but he is disqualified simply because he is uber-corrupt. As a country, we can do a lot better than that.

      • Olugbenga

        I agree with you on your sound assessment of Atiku’s attributes as a leader, I must however state that the tag of corruption on Atiku is more of perception than reality.
        As powerful as Obasanjo was, he would have been more than happy to jail Atiku if he had strong enough evidences ( unless of course Atiku also had one on him).
        I’m glad for once the man is coming out to challenge those that call him corrupt to go beyond name calling and prove their case ( it is simply make or break this time around for Atiku).
        I’m rather worried about his age though.

        • Jon West

          Atiku’s corruption is reality. I can attest to that, having worked in the oil and gas industry. He is a serial thief like Obasanjo, Babangida, Abulsalam , Abiola and Abacha. However , unlike these other kleptomaniacs, he actually is quite progressive in the true sense of the word, although belonging to the most retrogressive and reactionary ethnicity on earth, the Fulbe of the Guinean Futa Jallon region. He would have made a better President than any of the other fools that have afflicted the Nigerian Presidency since 1970. However, he is a serial thief.

          • Toby

            Atiku versus Buhari… I’ll vote Atiku.. The zoo’s leadership should not begin and end in “corruption” each time. Jesus is not coming down to lead this jungle. Atiku will make a far better leader than the “certificateless sick Duara Dullard”.
            But let’s understand the game Atiku is playing now… to practically distract and ground the Dullard and his boys for the rest of their tenure. Going to be a messy fight to watch. I’m loving this.

          • Dan

            “Affirmati Non Neganti Incumbit Probatio” . No be to dey make mouth behind computer keyboard and mouse forming internet warrior. Bring your facts and figures and prove your case. You can’t call somebody a thief based on hearsay and rumours.

          • American Abroad

            Sir: in our legal system, absence of proof (in this case, of felonious conduct, by said Mr Atiku) cannot in any way be construed to mean proof of absence (i.e. proof of innocence). Even though Mr Atiku is constitutionally entitled to a presumption of innocence until he has been formally convicted in a court of law, not merely in the court of public opinion, that cannot equally be conflated as proof of innocence. The Nigerian judicial system is corrupt, inefficient and lacking in sophistication, making it very likely that felons with any means would assuredly escape the limited arms of Nigerian justice: witness the unfortunate case of Mr Ibori, amongst so many others in both high and low places. Were Mr Atiku willing to prove his innocence, at least for alleged crimes committed within the US jurisdiction (for which same offense Congressman Jefferson is still serving time in jail, even as we speak), I would invite him at any time, at my own expense, to Washington DC, or perhaps, his own homestead in Potomac, Maryland. If he is adjudged innocent by a jury of his peers, I’d be the very first to congratulate him, then campaign vigorously on his behalf. Fair?
            Listen to the FBI wiretap on Jefferson, declaiming the character of Mr Atiku: Res Gestae, my friend, Res Gestae.

  • FrNinja

    So when gabriele volpi of intels brought you the head of apapa customs as a shareholder that was not corruption? Was that not like an armed robber paying the md of a bank to give him security contract? Did you not use undue influence to get INTELS a monopoly on oil and gas loading? What an entrepreneur you are.

  • Segun Adeleke

    Atiku should just accept the challenge thrown at him by both Nasir elrufai and Obasanjo by traveling to American and come back. Once he comes back freely, this negative perception of him on corruption will disappear immediately. Failure to do this, Atiku should accept his current fate and keep quite. It can be recalled that Atiku has been battling this corruption image since 2004/2005 (over 10 years) and it has refused to disappear despite the efforts of Garba Shehu then. I think Atiku should help himself by doing this other this media propaganda which is not yielding the desired result.

    Interestingly, both Obasanjo and Atkiu stands indicted in the massive halliburton corruption scandal!

  • MUkintu

    For Gods sake go and rule your fellow Hausa/Fulanis. You don’t have the discipline and maturity to preside over southern Nigeria. Bloody fools.

  • lukeabu

    Pls stop talking about fighting corruption. What we have is worst than corruption. A system without equity and justice that thrives on nepotism and religious bigotry is worst than corruption.

  • BankyMons

    Turkey and Christmas srping to mind! Shameless!!! Return the loots you made from the state for a start and we might listen to you Mr A Abubakar.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Well said Waziri, time has come to put the record straight as all these names calling will not help the situation.

  • Milito

    Quite interesting how we are focusing on people and not the issues that matters most . I have no qualms on Atiku’s corruption reputation because in reality, he is yet to be convicted beyond the press or political sentiments. He is also not different from his numerous accusers or traducers. So I will not give a hoot about what his accusers say because they equally lack the moral justification to do so.

    Secondly I am surprised that despite our history, we keep harping on anti corruption as the sole criteria to elect a leader not after the horrendous experience received from the present leader who rode on that to ascend to power. Anti corruption tendency is good to have but not sufficient to lead a nation to the promised land. What happens to intellectualism, agility, equity, inclusiveness especially in a highly multicultural and multi ethnic society like us ?

    My bit on Atiku and all the politicians and even the politics of Nigeria is that we completely need a new order. I want a fresh head devoid of the idiosyncrasies of the old people who brought us to this mess. If none comes out , then we are left with these crooks.

  • ychukwuka

    officially, you are 70! what will you offer again? Using Nigeria money for medical trips abroad? Nigeria is yet to come out from the 72 year old man (officially but not the true age) as at the time of election now 74years hoisted on it by the powers-that-be. The stick does not hit the eye two times almost at the same spot. Nigerian state is not for the Fulanis alone.

  • ben

    The only thing northerners contribute to the economy of nigeria is DEATH.
    after 100 years of their leadership what we get is illitrate northern police,army,customs’narvy’herdsmen’ no electricty’no roads and no food.

    War there are looking for war they will get. We are not cowards like the OBJ brothers who eat their shit out of fear and cowardice.

    We will never be in the same country with these animals. NEVER.

    The jews has no deallings with the gentles.

  • ben

    Shut up, muslims lie like muhammed’ your other name is corruption what are you talking about?

  • William Norris

    Atiku is a homosexual.

    • Jon West

      He has 40 children, how come?

      • William Norris

        Societal pressure.

        Ask anyone who knows Atiku well, he’s gay.

        • Dan

          And what’s your evidence ? You don’t expect any rational human being to just believe what you said because William Norris said so ?!

    • Chichi Girl

      Really sir! And that affects him how? Homophobe much?

      • William Norris

        I’m not a homophobe at all. Nigeria has laws that basically outlaw homosexual conduct. So it would be….improper….to elect a known homosexual as President.

        You still haven’t changed your photo. Why?

        • Chichi Girl

          Am against “change”. Lol

  • OkonOnonokpono

    You had the opportunity to fight corruption as VP. Why didn’t you do it?

  • Emmyoung


  • vic


  • vic





  • Jon West

    Atiku, you are not worse than the Ota Ape and even the Certificateless One in the area of corruption. However , your Corruption credentials are impeccable (Ha!!, Ha!!), so we cannot , in all good conscience, elect you to the Presidency. Additionally , you have more than 40 children (a veritable incentive for corruption), and you wear a pace maker to regulate your heart beat and need Dr Ndukwe to follow you about everywhere to monitor you.
    Please we are tired of dying Fulani Presidents imposed on us by a cynical system, with the intent of causing constant mayhem in the polity. Please go back to your role as the Chairman of Intels and American University in Yolanda. The Presidency is not the only avenue for contributing to national development. No more Dead Fulani Presidents Walking. No more!!!

    • remm ieet

      A majestic submission. Well done

    • Patrick Otobo

      where have you been John West??? Nice to see back online.

      • Jon West

        Look and ye shall see. Seek and ye shall find. Jon West never went anywhere. Can’t afford to. There is work to do in order to close the Lugardian Zoo.

        • yukkmouff

          Lol @ “Lugardian Zoo”!

    • The Trib3sman

      We cannot continue to tag Atiku as corrupt because Obasanjo said so.

  • remm ieet

    If given the chance, Atiku will restructure the country, fight corruption, stop economic mismanagement and democracy will truly flourish under him. These are promises offered by old politicians. Nothing is new.

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  • xto

    Is this a joke? How can one fight himself? “I dey laugh”. Let this man just forget about being President. Let him not waste OUR money.

  • Taiwo Umolu

    Atiku can call himself what he wants but public perception in my opinion is against him. How he will come from third in the last APC primaries to be number one and then win the Presidency. That would be more than miracle. Anyway, it is evident he will not run under APC as has been speculated for long. Now even without Buhari saying he would stand, he has thrown his hat in the ring. My take is that we shall see a massive redecamping back to PDP beginning with Saraki and Dogara to clinch the Presidency. But let them not under estimate the General. Ol soldier no dey die like that oh!

    • Jon West

      Yes, you are quite right. Ol soldier no de die like that O. However, nature will take care of Old Soldier. That is the beauty of nature.

  • sirOscie

    I believe that an Atiku Presidency can never be as bad as the Ota and Bourdilon sanctioned Buhari Presidency.
    Those who use Obasanjo as a yardstick as what Nigeria deserves are the biggest hypocrites.
    How can the clown who entered government in 1999 a pauper and left after 8 years suddenly a billionaire have the guts to accuse anyone of corruption?

    • American Abroad

      OK, so Obasanjo is a much bigger (and “badder”) thief. But why must we always go back to brigands, even if on a smaller scale? Why not take our chances on men of integrity? What use is this insane argument on the precedence between lice (Obasanjo) and fleas (Atiku)?

      • sirOscie

        Dont know who is bigger or smaller…But giving a dog a bad name to it her is what I am totally against…Let’s learn to play fair

        • American Abroad

          Sir: Mr Atiku is no dog, and his “bad name” stretches across 3 continents. Most of us would bend over backwards to be fair to him, but he must reciprocally show less reluctance to salvage his own name. Except, of course, if there is nothing to salvage. And, by the way, if you admittedly know so little about him, why are you such an inveterate defender? Pickings off the table?

          • sirOscie


  • Abanj

    Dis Naija politics na comedy show or juju show. First dem show Patience Jonathan on top stage dey promote book about fighting corruption, then Atiku now tak say na him go fight corruption pass. Custom officer cum billionaire! Oga – Im sure deep down you know you are not fooling anybody!

    • Sam

      What he means to say is that, it takes a bigger thief to catch other thieves.

    • Nkem Okike

      Abanj/Sam, if U have any shred of evidence to convict Atiku of any corruption allegation, your come forward with it. many innocent Nigerians have been convicted via the media. the sooner we stopped this nonsense the better for every body.

      • American Abroad

        I think Mr Atiku may have already convicted himself.
        Why would he allow weeds and feral animals overrun his stately residence on the banks of the lordly Potomac River, right here in these United States? If that is not an admissio proter non usum, I do not know what is. He sure does act guilty for a supposedly innocent man. Perhaps, he should ponder the wise counsel of the eponymously named Edward Counsel: “Guilt is oftentimes the strongest witness against itself”.
        Indeed, were I to be personally acquainted with Mr Atiku, I’d lend him a useful little book by Aristotle, called Nicomachean Ethics. He could read a lot worse.

        • Jon West

          “First ascertain the function of man, and then proceed to analyze life in the sense of activity” – Nicomachean Ethics. Do you really think, Atiku, a Customs Officer in Nigeria ,will make any sense of the foregoing extract? There is no mention of money here.

    • Toby

      You should blow the whistle with your evidence; at least you are protected and you may get some % from the government or please be silent.

  • Mexy

    Are we Cursed in this Country? Atiku Again Hell No.

    • Nkem Okike

      What is wrong about Atiku, spill it out.

  • Angry Niaja

    We have heard all this before, PMB Mr integrity is and has not been able to fight corruption so Mr Atiku who is Mr corruption himself, wants to, I begi. Who is fooling who, These bunch of geriatrics have nothing whatsoever to offer Nigeria, they are ALL part of the problem, sadly the young ones are no better, Dimeji Bankole comes to mind. Nigeria is in dire need of a complete overhaul, but where shall we find honest and upright people with intergrity to move the country forward?

    • Jon West

      We don’t need “honest and upright” people to move the country forward. We need urbane, very intelligent, educated and energetic people to move the country forward. Brazil, South Korea, USA, China ,for example ,are ruled by very some corrupt people, as can be seen from their own scandals; however they are making tremendous progress , Thank You.
      It is this obsession with a religious concept of honesty and uprightness that has killed us here. Please give me some Man Fearing people. I am now tired and afraid of the God Fearing.

      • Edon B.

        Oga Jon West, in all honesty to your objective position in respect of the exact nature of the type of person that fits the role of your president, I’m afraid, that kaduna ‘buharist’ may be desirable.

        • Jon West

          No, I know the midget personally. He fails on all counts – he is neither urbane, intelligent nor energetic. He is perhaps educated but is an Islamic Fundamentalist; he has several wives and children. I, for one, can never vote for a man with more than one wife, whether christian or Moslem. Boy, even the illiterate Dullard from Daura has only one wife!!!

          • Edon B.

            Fine, we will never make any changes to degrading national cohesion and effectiveness again. While we will be making serious use of our limited information resources in this novel endeavour, we crave your knowledge and experience as well. Thanks for your insightful analysis towards nation building.

      • Olisa

        Their is no such thing as “religious concept of honesty and uprightness”. Honesty and uprightness have a universal quality: they belong to the category of objective morality, therefore do not lend themselves to relativistic interpretations.

  • Prince innocent Anaele

    I am highly disappointed and ashamed that the person of Atiku will open his mouth to talk of fighting corruption or coming back to rule this country. Nigerians are not fools, how can a corrupt person think of fighting corruption or better tell us you’r looking for a way to cover your past ills and that of your likes.

  • tdjakesNG

    LWKMD Nigeria Ntoooor.Atiku abeg no make me die ooh.Just keep to your programs they rae sound.But the truth is that those shouting that Atiku is corrupt are 10 times worse.FACT.If not how do you transform from N10,000 in 1999 to a billionaire in 2007,when you are a public servant/President.
    But if Buhari can be called a Democrat and elected,then Atiku carry dey go.Ojare.You no be thief at all.

  • Anonymous

    Start by returning any monies u may have gotten through shady means, i remember the Abuja stadium contract which was built with an amount that could build 5 stadiums, not to mention numerous others.

    • Nkem Okike

      Mr Anonymous, who was the President?

      • Bobby T

        Mr Nkem,

        Ask Atiku when last did he travel to America and why is he affraid of travelling to America?

      • Anonymous