APC to Submit Restructuring Framework to FG, Says Oyegun

R-L National Chairman of APC, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, President Muhammadu Buhari and a national leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu at a meeting...shall they work together in colective interest
By Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja 
The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Chief John Odigie-Oyegun has said that the leadership of the party will forward the recommendations of its committee on restructuring to the federal government for implementation.
The ruling party had set up a nine-man committee headed by the governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai to review the demands of Nigerians for the restructuring of the country and to provide a framework that will guide its implementation.
Oyegun who spoke at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference that took place in Jalingo, Taraba State at the weekend said: “APC has responded to agitations for structural reforms of the country’s political architecture and to structure the debate for the benefit of the sustained unity, peace and progress of the country by constituting a broad-based committee to provide a framework that will guide the process.”
According to Oyegun, APC had constituted the broad-based committee with the Kaduna State governor as chairman to review the reports of all past constitutional conferences, the APC constitution, manifesto and campaign promises of the party to distil the position of the APC as regard to Nigeria’s federalism.
He said the recommendations of the committee will be reviewed by the party organs and a framework for implementation of the report will be presented to the government.
“As a governing party, the vision for our country is clear and it is to steer it to peace, progress and the restoration of hope for a better tomorrow for all our people.
“The APC is committed to working hard to achieve this vision by building and consolidating on the successes so far achieved while striving for accelerated growth and development.
“The recommendations of the committee will be reviewed by the party organs and a framework for the implementation of the accepted report will be presented to the government,” he said.
Speaking on the criticism of the APC-led administration, Oyegun said despite the daunting challenges, President Muhammadu Buhari has performed creditably.
Oyegun told the bishops that the APC-led administration has delivered on key aspects of its promises to Nigerians.
“I am happy to confirm to your Lordships that while there is much work to be done, the President Buhari-led APC administration has been able to achieve a lot in its over two years of stewardship,” he said.
The statement issued yesterday by the publicity unit of the APC said Oyegun also used the opportunity to meet with the party’s stakeholders in Taraba State to assess the leadership and the general running of the party in the state.
Oyegun said during the 2015 campaign, APC had focused on three core areas, namely, the fight against corruption, stabilising the economy and restoration of peace and security in the country.
He recounted that the achievements of the administration included the fight against the insurgency, tackling corruption, and revamping of the economy through the implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) and stringent monitoring of expenditure.
“Your Lordships, the state of the nation is strong. The difficult conditions in which the APC administration took over have been stabilised and the country is headed in the right direction. 
“The weak economy is being diversified through an aggressive focus on agriculture, development of solid minerals, the creative industry, and other viable sectors.
“Today, the Buhari administration is transforming the nation’s economy from being oil-dependent and consumer-based to a multi-sector and production-based economy. 
“The economy is currently being directed on the path of inclusive growth in which the weaker elements of the society are not left behind but supported through social safety nets.
“The political space is liberal and individuals and groups are able to freely express their opinions without repression.  National peace and security challenges are being tackled assiduously and the future of the country is bright,” he said.

    Until Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba, Igbo politicians, the cabal and their counterparts from Niger delta and other parts of the country redirect and diversify their greed, corrupt and deadly tendencies and acts to secure a new economic measure for the country, proper restructuring based on true fiscal federalism and self determination on Regional platform will not happen.

    They will continue playing politics and lying about change and restructuring from current unlawful military unitary system that favors the above groups who are still not satisfied because the wealth and development is not properly channeled to benefit the common man, to another wazobia’s unitary, parasitic and corrupt, violent system, which jonathan’s 2014 conference they dominated recommends.

    Implying jonathan’s conference protects the status quo and shall cause no justice, equality and peace as the largely nonviable states shall be intact and more may be created for the wazobians who already have about 23 mostly sick states which can not create budget without sharing oil money. It is no longer news that jonathan’s conference was a last minute attempt to save his battered political career having lost favor from the people.

    Indeed restructuring based on regional government is possible. It is of course the best and only formula which has worked for nigeria, an entity unlawfully and illegally, criminally created and forced on mostly unwilling people who had no opportunity, right to discuss whether to form a new country and destroy their precolonial ethnic nations, which were independent and organized.

    Surely, regional system that will dissolve current mostly parasitic states drinking south-south oil communities’ wealth, polluting and killing them when they complain and demand justice is possible, but the oppressors stealing oil communities’ wealth must be serious, change their greed and be ready for true fiscal federalism that brings self-determination to wit internal self government alongside an incorporated center different from the evil empire and vampire called federal government that controls and stealing everything then killing as it wishes today.


    restructuring along regional lines is very possible. it is the only best option left for nigeria. this system or model is the only one that has worked in the country even though at that time before unwarranted independence the 3 regions of north, west and east or hausa-fulanis and yorubas, igbos further colonized if not enslaved those they called minorities instead of creating them states or allowing them form their region as well. it should be acknowledged that rogue britain unlawfully and criminally, illegally imposed the nation on mostly diverse or different and unwilling peoples who had no chance and choice to discuss and choose whether to be part of a new country that will dissolve their precolonial freedom and independence.

    consequently and considering the same oppressive measures perpetrated by same neocolonialists, the wazobians above, going back to the regional system is the ultimate now that more regions can be created from current geopolitical regions. this is assuming apc and
    nigerians, especially the president and presidency, national assembly
    and cabal are honest and serious. of course, the national assembly has shown it is not
    interested by its recent action.

    meanwhile, except those from hausa-fulani, yoruba
    or igbo who already have about 23 states in total and might have new states
    recommended to add to their mostly nonviable states, which solely depend
    on oil, jonathan’s 2014 conference is not the proper foundation or
    model. it stays or protects the current laziness and dependency on oil, thus will continue and protect greed, corruption and violence. meaning jonathan’s conference which came as a last minute effort to try restore his credibility and electability will protect the status quo.

    the conference recommendations said nothing about
    resource generation by the states and contribution to the center. implying it avoided the issue of resource generation, ownership and control. it also did not contain true fiscal federalism, though claimed it provide
    for true federalism. there can not be true federalism without fiscal
    federalism to wit resource generation and control or management.

    now, it should be noted that the local governments or states are not to be seen as the issues. the
    new regions, say 6 or 8 of them or as could be agreed will recreate states
    according to their respective viability and not the current situation
    where more than 90 percent of the states are not viable so can not
    create annual budget nor pay monthly salaries thus depend parasitically
    and violently on sharing oil money every month.

    talking and writing, government promising heaven and earth or lying in some cases will not resolve the injustice and marginalization issues. to actually take holistic approach by taking risks and tackling this issue boldly despite the inconvenience or pains it may cause some will solve the problem ones and for all. it will reposition the country from an unlawful and illegal military unitary system based on force and criminality to a decentralized and inclusive, competitive yet collaborative and innovative, growth-based country with diversified economy.

    doing the above on a regional platform will conduce to peace and stability, happiness, security and strength. evidently regional government is
    the only measure per nigeria’s situation that will bring government and
    development to the people since the center will no longer control
    everything as currently done with abysmal failure. and true fiscal
    federalism alongside internal self determination will come with regional
    system. one ethnic group will no longer have about 12, 6 or 5 states as
    Hausa-fulani, yoruba and igbo, respectively have except they or their
    region can afford them with the money they generate.

    lastly, no country or
    people can succeed and grow by sharing money from one region to all
    others (about 28 out of 36 states depending solely on oil money) beyond
    complains and few politicians and their families and friends,
    girlfriends and boyfriends or concubines becoming rich or semi-rich due
    to corruption. therefore regionalism and true fiscal federalism, self
    determination that implies loose yet reasonable and incorporated center is the only true
    answer for nigeria else the tension will not stop until the nation blows

  • princegab

    Thos is good news.

  • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

    This is a step in right direction. The agenda has to include findings and recommendations of GEJ’s national conference. APC has to work very hard to sustain truth, carry all tribes and tongues along devoid of impunity posture of PDP, intensify fight against corruption that is fighting back, recruit right technocrats and academics into his economic team and continue in effective diversification of the econmy into agriculture, solid minerals and industries,etc. Well done!

    • Kenny Dee

      im sure by the time we see what the likes of el-rufia have done , the south will cry … watch and see

      • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

        Don’t understand! Cry for joy or pains?

  • Chuma Anierobi

    The constitution of a country is not a party affair. The 1963 constitution worked very well for us because it was written well. It is there and all we need is to bring it back and use it.
    The feudal lords must be tackled seriously for a better result. for us all.

    • Admonisher

      It was working well but it mysteriously caused corruption and internal crises in western region, middle belt and led to the first (stupid) coup in Nigeria. The coup led to military regime, a bloody civil war and more military regimes

      What is it about our education that makes people open their mouths without thinking or not compose themselves well before posting?.

      If you are truly educated you will admit that ’63 constitution was also a big FAILURE

      Yhe 1963 constitution failed the same way everything has failed – it is not words written on paper that is the constitution. It is hearts, minds and integrity of the operators.

      • Investor

        The 1963 Constitution worked relatively well. The corruption and crises at the Centre and Western Nigeria didn’t stop development in the Regions. And what instigated the crisis in the West anyway? Was it not the same people that are still bent on dominating everyone else?

        Nothing created by man could be perfect. But on a scale, 1963 Constitution was by miles better than what we practice now.

        The 1999 Constitution is designed to hold the entire country down to the level of those who do not expect a lot from life.

        The damn thing should be scrapped forthwith.

      • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

        Brother , pls always be more civil while commenting on national issues!

    • Prof. Sebastian O. Uremadu

      But it was Gen. Ironsi who jettisoned it in 1967. We cannot revert back to 3 or4 regions now, moreover, number of local govts have grown, we now have era of big government, it would be better we adopt and implement findings and recommendations of GEJ’s national conference. It is more novel and innovative in the times. We just have to restucture along that line!

  • lukeabu

    John Oyegun is just a puppet in the hands of northern elements. What a shame! The same people clamouring for restructuring when outside the corridors of power have not started speaking grammar!

  • ricky ifo

    It is quite unfortunate that some politician’s in Nigeria especially from the southern part can change like chameleon when they ascend to a high position.Why we should ask are their turning facts upside down.Are their life under threat that they are afraid to speak the truth?why are people like this Oyegun,Adams Oshiomole and others shaking and sweating to lie to Nigerian’s.Are there no men of honor and principle from the southern part of Nigeria in APC to tell Buhari and his Hausa/Fulani to in the name of God to allow Nigeria to progress and prosper by restructuring to 1960/63 constitution.Why are they condescending so low,that their are willing selling their birthright.

  • C3kwe

    Any restructuring committee lead by El rufai is a joke and not worth the paper it was written on.

    • Apataganga

      Don’t worry, your lordship, the Ayattolah Nnamdi Kanu of secession himself would soon be called upon to lead the APC party committee on restructuring…..

  • Ade Whenu

    This so called Oyegun, should stop deluding himself believing the current administration is performing. Performing at what?

    You have a President who is technically incompetent due to his failing health. He has spent more time travelling abroad for medical treatment, than addressing the extreme hardship Nigerians are facing.

    It is no wonder people are agitating and rightly so. Buhari is also demonstrating he is a self centred, untrustworthy and hypocritical leader. It was not long ago he was making noise about those squandering our foreign reserve on foreign fee and medical care. Yet the not performing untrustworthy President, did a complete uturn and did the opposite. A case of do what I say and not what I do.

    Buhari do not deserve to be in office for a day longer and is only an individual who does not have the interest of the country at heart that will say otherwise.( Shame on Tinubu and co for still supporting this incompetent man)

    The honourable thing for Buhari to do is to resign and attend to his compromised health. Of course, not at the expense of Nigerians.

    So to conclude, Buhari is not performing, he has failed woefully!