First Northern Female Aeronautic Engineer Bags First Class in UK

Ms. Hauwa Umar Usman

Senator Iroegbu in Abuja

Senator Iroegbu in Abuja

A Nigerian student of northern extraction, Ms. Hauwa Umar Usman has bagged a First Class (Honours) degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Brighton in United Kingdom (UK).

Hauwa Usman is the first Northern lady to have studied Aeronautical Engineering, making her among the very few females in Nigeria to study such a discipline. Reports from an online medium, Global Sentinel, revealed that she was among the few to have bagged First Class in the history of the school and the first Nigerian female to achieve such feat.

Hauwa is the daughter of a respected former Nigerian Army Chief of Transport and Logistics, Maj-Gen. Umar T. Usman (rtd.).

The elated father said “Hauwa has made us proud and she truly deserves to be celebrated.”

Hauwa was born in Kano. She attended Crescent International School in Kano from primary to junior secondary; she spent most of her childhood in Kano, at the age of 14 her family moved to Abuja, where she completed her secondary school education from year 10 to year 12 at Lead British International School, after which she moved to England for further education.

Her education in England began at the EF Language school in Cambridge, where she studied Engineering for her University foundation preparation year 2012-2013. Hauwa was accepted to study Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Brighton in 2013. She is the third daughter of Maj-Gen UT Usman (rtd).

Hauwa said her curiosity for an aircraft’s ability to remain airborne, flight control systems and related aviation safety issues in the country led her to choose Aeronautical engineering.

She shared her story, saying: “My choice to study Aeronautical Engineering was one out of curiosity for aircrafts at a young age. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into due to how challenging and demanding the male dominated course could be.

“My father has been very supportive since day one of my academic journey. He had always taught me to be patient, learn from my mistakes and always do my best, because ‘my best is enough.”

“Despite the odds, I was determined that I would not let myself down and most especially my father. Because, I knew he had sacrificed so much to make sure I have the best education.

“During my studies in England, I experienced some challenges, which a British friend noticed were signs of dyslexia and suggested that I take a dyslexia test. I had never heard of dyslexia ever in my life. I contacted the dyslexia team at the University and they were very helpful in explaining the disability and I was told that even the smartest scientist like Albert Einstein had this disability.” According to Hauwa, dyslexia is a “specific learning difficulty” that can cause certain problems with the ability used for learning, such as reading, writing, understanding a task etc. She however, stressed that her intelligence was not affected as she undertook the stages of assessment for dyslexia “and it was discovered that I had a certain level of learning difficulty. The most important thing at that stage in my life was how to manage and develop a strategic way to understand where my difficulties affected me more”.

She further said: “While studying, I had my ups and downs and at the edge of wanting to give up, I always remembered my father’s words ‘it’s a challenge studying Aeronautical and yet you have come this far and I am so proud of you’. My mother had taught me to never lose hope in anything I do and that my hard work won’t go in vain and Allah’s mercy will always be with me.”

She stressed that her “success in Aeronautical Engineering has been through hard work, stepping out of my comfort zone, understanding strategic ways to manage my learning difficulties, having a positive mind set and most importantly the encouragement from my family and friends during my most challenging times, allowed me to be amongst the very few with a first class degree in Aeronautical Engineering”.

Hauwa had some words of advice for young Nigerians, saying: “Verily with hardship comes ease” Quran (94:6) “The need to diagnose dyslexia in individuals especially at a younger age by both parents and teaching staff members in Nigeria needs to be emphasised more.”

She urged that “no child should be hit or beaten because they do not understand a task”.

  • Peter

    Congratulations my beautiful lady. But remember no job for aeronautical engineers in Nigeria except for govt service. Unless you will take a job as aircraft maintainance
    lady. But I advice u remain in Europe for practical knowledge. If not you may end up with govt ncaa and that won’t give you the practicals u love and need because the way civil service is structured you will at the point of entry giving a higher level that will place you on supervisory role instead of exposing you to much needed real time practical experience. Unless you will want to be an administrator which may negate your passion for aerodynamics. God bless us

  • musa aliyu

    I won’t congratulate u. But remind your father of his complicity in killing education in Nigeria, being an elite, yet training u in choice school abroad, while your peers are allowed to roam the streets, left at the mercy of ASUU(for those’privileged’) while others are left to face BH.

    • Lanre

      Haba, Aliyu! The girl deserves to be congratulated even if her father is adjudged a villain and complicit in the rot of our educational system. Don’t hang the girl, whose achievement is commendable, for the sin of her father.

  • nwaurualla

    Kudos Girl. It is no mean feat.

  • Abanj

    There are other ladies from the North who have studied Aeronautical engineering!!

  • emeka1000

    Congratulation my sister. Im.happy for you and you have done the country proud. Engineering is by not fit a work out course, much more coming out with first class. It will ginger a lots of the northern girls ‘ll encourage many more.hopefully you can secure a good job and contribute your own quote to humanity. Keep it up.
    Meeks from Canada

  • AyoJon


  • Jon West

    Big deal in the second decade of the 21st century. However , congratulations are in order, especially for the daughter of a jackboot in military fatigues. Hope he does not force you to marry his 70 year old friend. Ha!! Ha!!

    • bigdaddy

      You will always find something negative to say Oga Jon the hater. What you failed to appreciate was that she belongs to a select few in the history of the school to bag a first class in her field. Must you try to take the shine off her success by your innuendo?

      • Jon West

        I am not taking the shine off her success. I am an engineer and appreciate her achievement. However, we should stop all this stupid hype about the first this and the first that , especially in the second decade of the twenty first century. I am also writing from experience. Hauwa will likely up with an old man , who will stifle her career. This is the truth about these Sahelian rag Heads .Pity, really!!

        • Romla

          I believe we should first congratulate her for the achievement.I do agree that with me personally,I am not for publicizing such achievements,but if the family does once again I say well done.
          I want to add that one of the advantages of restructuring is that since she is the first female her region may decide to appoint her aviation minister immediately or in the future.

        • bigdaddy

          You claim to have spent a significant part of your life in the north but i really doubt that. Your hate speeches against northerners and your inaccurate generalizations about a heteregenous group of people with different cultures, practices and beliefs actually expose your ignorance about us. Only people with your mindset and the unwary take you seriously.

          I remember a certain Bianca marrying a certain Ojukwu, a friend and age mate of her father. So get off your high horse since it also happens in your “superior race”. Academic excellence is celebrated everywhere even in the industrialized world. And yes even in the second decade of the 21st century ( remember the first female Asian American Nasa astronaut?)

          You better repent your evil ways and stop spewing nonsense about and espousing hatred against people you know nothing about.

          • Peter

            na waa for u bigdaddy ! How do you know that Jon west you are replying is Ibo.anyway, Congrats to hauwa

          • bigdaddy

            1. Well i take him at his words. He has never claimed any other tribe except Igbo.
            2. And as a doctor, i get the feeling the guy has PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) which occurred secondary to his having experienced the civil war as he has severally claimed. One cannot develop that disorder without going through a horrifying emotional and physical experience.
            3. Trust me the guy is a true full blooded Igbo man.

  • Egie Joseph Odiase

    She is not the first. I know at least 4.

  • Samuel Okezie

    Congratulations to a hardworking girl, the Northern elite should encourage and emphasise good Education, good Education and Yes Western Education.

  • Congratulations, Miss.

  • Reason-ability

    Congratulations dear. God bless you.