Cairo Ojougboh: We’re Still Members of PDP


By Sylvester Idowu in Warri

Former Deputy National Vice Chairman of the defunct Senator Ali Modu Sheriff faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, yesterday said they were still members of the party irrespective of the Supreme Court judgement.

Speaking twith journalists in Warri, Delta State, shortly after a meeting with members who were loyal to the former chairman of the party, Ojouigbo said they are still awaiting the receipt of the Supreme Court judgement for their lawyers to study and advised them appropriately.

But for now, he said they were still members of the party and would be ready to work for the success of PDP in future elections.

“We are PDP members and faithful ones. We are awaiting the written judgment as well as the advice of our lawyers. For now, we are still PDP members,” he said.

Ojouigbo charged members in the state to return to their local government areas and wards and strengthen the party more while awaiting directive from the former executive of the party.

The the state factional Chairman of PDP, Hon. Austin Ogbabunor, urged the former leadership of the party to note the peculiar situation of the party in the state and how to integrate them into the party.

He warned that if the party in the state, led by the Governor Ifeanyi Okowa failed to absorb them, then they would think of another option.

“If the state PDP wants to work alone, then we will let them be and think of another option,” he said.


  • Ohajianha Ozichukwu

    Yes, they are still members of the PDP but they have to demonstrate some level of remorse, exhibit a good degree of responsibility and commit themselves to genuine desire to ensure the success of the party. Like the Chairman openly remarked after the judgment, the part’s umbrella is big enough to accommodate all interested members. But certainly the leadership must, as a matter of caution, guide against mulls in the party. The victory has been earned through crucible in the whole court processes. So no responsible political will in the present PDP will be fooled anymore. Both Nwike and Fayoshe have openly stated this.

  • Nwade Chudi

    Cairo and his co- travellers have reached the end of crooked political road. They don’t know what to tell their defeated foot soldiers. So they must say something. Their lawyers are studying the judgment maybe to Appeal to God because that is the only option they have. They should seek amnesty and return back to the PDP family with repentent heart.

  • Ify Onabu

    Strange indeed! What manner of deception is going on? The Supreme Court has ruled on the matter. What are you studying the judgement for? There are no further options of appeal, except to God. Dr. Cairo Ojougboh should instruct his lawyers to stop wasting their time studying the judgement. Instead, he should join hands with his colleagues to salvage Nigeria from the brutality and lies of the APC administration.