Onu, Adewole Visit Traditional Healer Who Healed Prostrate Cancer Patient, Seek Residues

Ogbonnaya Onu
Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Ogbonnaya Onu

By Adedayo Akinwale in Lokoja

To have a breakthrough in some terminal diseases that have defiled medical solutions, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu and his Ministry of Health counterpart, Prof. Isaac Adewole, yesterday visited a traditional medicine  practitioner, Pa Adai Giwa, in Okene, Kogi State, who healed a man of nine-year prostrate cancer, seeking residues.

Onu, while speaking on the purpose of his visit, said the government was  interested in what the 90-year-old man  was doing, saying  he would be in a position to help many Nigerians.

 According to him, “We  want a situation where he can transfer his knowledge to his children and he can also let our natural medicine development agency to know about these herbs,  so that we will do more research, and from it, we will be able to identify the active ingredients and use that to create jobs for Nigerians.

“It will help save lives and improve quality of life. It is wonderful that the secrets embedded in the herbs and roots in our forest can now come out to solve problems that the world thought could not be solved and this will help the world know that Nigeria is truly a great nation. When all the investigations are done, this will be a major contribution to knowledge, and we believe healthcare delivery will benefit a lot.”  

Onu promised that government would   meet the challenges that Giwa has complained about, including building a four-bedroom bungalow for him, and also give him a car to make his work easier.

The minister explained that gesture was being made to encourage other Nigerians know that they should release the secrets that could help cure diseases so that it can be worked on by working with the ministry of health, and also call pharmaceutical companies to develop them into drugs.

Onu noted: “The gesture we are making here is not just for him but for people like him who have kept these secrets and make them know that it is better to make the secrets available to research institutes so it can be utilised for ourselves and the rest of the world.

“We cannot be a great nation when we depend on other people to solve all our problem, we need to make contributions to the world to make foreigners know that Nigerians are very intelligent and as a nation, see knowledge as something important.”

The minister, however, promised that whoever makes his work available, after the necessary research might have been carried the patent would be written in a way that the originator of the idea would have certain percentage after it might have been commercialised 

On his part, Adewole said there was no conflict between orthodox medicine and  science, adding that  they can collaborate to ensure effective health care delivery, provided the orthodox methods have been subjected to scientific research.  

  • Sarah

    Prostate cancer is multi-billion dollar industry globally. This 90yr old man has struck gold and should go for an agreement with FGN. However his children should get him a lawyer to ensure his rights as inventor are protected.
    It is always better to have X% of something than 100% of zero.

  • Investor

    Prof Adewole and Dr Onu, why wasn’t this kind of support extended to the lecturer at the University of Agriculture Umudike who claimed to have invented a cure for AIDS? Why was his claim dismissed with a wave of the hand with no effort made to subject his claims to scientific verification?

    If the claim is valid, wouldn’t it also represent a positive contribution from Nigeria to the world and improve lives and create jobs in Nigeria?

    I am just wondering what investigations criteria the government used do assess and determine that the claims of the herbal medicine practitioner is valid while the professor’s isn’t.

    This is the sort of inconsistency that those calling for secession often cite as justification for their stance.

    • Kenny

      Dear Investor: To answer your question, HIV/AIDS is a big global industry. There are lots of politics there – all the international aid and donor agencies are really not looking for cure, but the focus is on managing the epidemic. This is different for prostrate cancer. I am sure you have not heard of big donors here and there doing prostrate cancer. But for HIV/AIDS, it is a murky water!

  • Wahab Faluse

    To ensure his patent is taken care of at every stage,he should sign a pre contract with the government even before any discussion commences

  • The Rt. or Lft. Hon NinjaK

    Govt will build bungalow & give him car???
    Kai – if that old man “gork” am, and these rogues get hold of his formulas/patents, he should say bye bye to all he has built in his life over the years.