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Govt Tasked on Uniformity of Standard in Nigerian Schools

Govt Tasked on Uniformity of Standard in Nigerian Schools

Okon Bassey in Uyo
The federal and state governments as well as other relevant stakeholders in Nigeria’s educational sector have been urged to work towards ensuring uniformity of standards in the running of public and private schools in the country.

The Executive Director of Christian Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (CAPPS-NIGERIA), Dr. Alpha Justice who made the call in a statement, noted that most schools in the country do not adhere strictly to government-approved curriculum and adopt the same admission requirements for pupils/students.

He observed that public and private schools have separate standards for employment of teaching staff, adding that the most affected are private schools which engage the services of non-professional teachers with lower qualifications.

According to him, “schools in the country do not use the same instructional materials and even insist on the same moral and administrative standards, a situation which has badly affected the educational system.

“These irregularities, according to our research findings, have contributed immensely to the dwindling quality of education in the country, resulting in poor performance of pupils/students in examinations, examination malpractices, certificate forgery and social vices in our schools.

“CAPPS-NIGERIA as the foremost association of concerned Nigerian Christian leaders, education stakeholders, administrators and proprietors of Christian schools, who are driven by passion for academic and moral excellence, with the aim of propagating the kingdom of God through quality and functional education, desires that the educational system in the country be made one.”

Justice called on all tiers of government, educational stakeholders, Christian leaders, curriculum planners, administrators of Christian mission schools, parents and well-meaning Nigerians to team up with the organisation to work for the unity and upgrade in the academic and moral standards of schools in the country.

He said his organisation is working assiduously to ensure that schools in the country become the focal point for academic and moral excellence as well as serve as reformatory centres which stimulates love and care in the nation’s teaching and learning processes.

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